Dear phone please don’t ever crack again. I hate not being able to see what everyone is having for breakfast properly.

July 7, 2017


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my phone by mistake because I’m one of the clumsiest people I know! Sometimes I literally just open my hand and let it fall, not on purpose obviously but just because I’m not thinking. Maybe I just have clumsy hands who knows! That’s a thing right?

Last year I dropped and broke the screen on my phone twice in the space of two and half weeks! I was so bummed with myself because not only is it pricey to get your screen replaced but it’s super inconvenient too!

I got an awesome brand spanking new phone a few months ago and as I unwrapped it I thought to myself I need to take care of this puppy because if it cracks I’m going to scream blue murder. The perfectness of it lasted a whole 4 weeks and then 6 months later I dropped and cracked the screen good and proper. I screamed more than blue murder. It bums me out so much when I get a cracked screen, every time I look at it makes me feel like I’m watching a bad 3D movie, it literally hurts my eyes!

I had heard about weFix and how super quick and efficient they are so I decided to try them out. They have a store in Melrose Arch which is right down the road from me, so all I had to do was jump into my car, hand in my phone and 42 minutes the repair was done! It was so awesome.

So if you’re the type of person who can’t be without their phone for more than an hour and who thinks Midrand is like another province then this is the perfect solution. These stores are close and they’re quick, which means you and your phone won’t be apart for long. Ps: What the blazers did we do before we had cellphones? How did we get hold of anyone if we weren’t at home and how in the world did we know what every Dick, Tom, and Harry was having for breakfast or when they were wearing their new coat out?!

I’m working together with weFix to tell you about their walk-in and walk-out service which works exactly like that. You walk in, you drop off your device, you then go for a latte or a double cheeseburger, whatever takes your fancy and then you head on back a little while later to pick it up. The staff are super friendly and helpful and compared to the last place I had to traipse out to get my phone fixed the experience was like day and night.

If you click here you can check out where all the weFix stores are and then you can kiss your ‘almost like new phone’ heellllloooo.

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