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Some cool new spots to check out on Jobest

December 12, 2014


As you know, Anna-Belle and I have started a new blog called Jobest, which is all about awesome places in and around Johannesburg to go to. The site is going to review all sorts of spots, from restaurants, to hotels, to shops, to resorts to parks, to pools, etc etc

So if you know of any places that you think would be worth our while checking out, even if it’s an underground gold plated volcano (you know how rare those are), then please drop me a mail and let me know about it so that we can get it on Jobest. 

Below are some pictures of 3 places we have just recently blogged about, if you want the full low-down on all of them, just click through to Jobest. Yay.



Want to stuff your faces with some of the best flapjacks around? Did you say yes? Oh good, go to Park Cafe in Parkwood.



 Looking for a rad little spot that sells rad little things for everyone and anyone? That are all locally made, by the way. Then check out Lou Harvey. 



District 6 makes super yummy Cape Malay food and the best milktart in town. If you’re looking for a little places that makes big food, then head on over.


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