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Joburg Textured Buttercream Workshop

May 17, 2018


Let’s talk about cakes and how super amazing some people can make them look with some imagination and a skilful flick of a pallet knife or two. Now I have never been one to overdecorate my cakes, but it’s because I’m not 100% sure how to do certain techniques, plus half the time I’ve eaten way too much of the icing and I don’t have enough to go from ‘nicely iced’ to ‘grand extravagancer’. I really need to work on some self-constraint, maybe I’ll make that a 2019 resolution. Maybe.

I always see these beautifully decorated cakes on Instagram and think, I’m sure I can do that if someone just showed me how slash slapped my mouth every time it went anywhere near the icing bowl. A perfect example of the types of cakes I’m talking about are the ones the amazing ladies from Sweet Lion Heart put out. I think if I lived in Cape Town I’d properly stalk them. Goodness me their cakes are always so pretty, they’re like works of art that you can eat with a fork or your hands.

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The Storer

May 2, 2018


Seeing as it Mother’s Day soon I thought that I would make the month of May ‘Mother’s Month’ so I’m giving away something every week until the end of it, starting with an amazing prize from an even more amazing store! Keep reading to see where I’m going with this…

One of my favourite things ever is walking into a shop and being surrounded by things that make my heart backflip a little, do you know what I mean when I say that?

I’m an absolute sucker for beautiful interior goods and when they have been displayed in a space that makes you want to move in and make it your home, then I know that my credit card and I are in some serious trouble! Guys, I’m not going to lie the second I stepped into the store I’m going to tell you about I had to take a deep breath because there was so much to see and want! It made me so happy and a little sad because I knew that it wasn’t possible to have one of everything.

Situated in the ever charming 44 Stanley is a shop called The Storer, owned, filled and run by one Mrs Lisa Storer whose passion lies in searching for unique and expertly crafted pieces from around the world. Also, a dream job if you ask me! The items she sources are rare and beautiful and she likes nothing more than to share the history of their communities with people who appreciate such exceptional
craftsmanship. In other words, you can walk into her shop, ask her about any piece and she will be able to tell you about it, which is so awesome because it makes you feel like you’re buying something really special rather than just yet another mass produced item created in a factory.

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April 5, 2018


My Peaceful Sleep Adventure Series is slowly coming to an end along with Summer which is so sad, but I have had the best time creating these posts and sharing them with you guys as well as getting to hang out doing cool stuff with my kids and Shane! Before it does come to an end though I’m going to be showing you a couple more awesome activities to do in and around Johannesburg all whilst under the protective force field created by Peaceful Sleep’s extensive Family Care Range.

If you are the type of family that likes being outside under the big beautiful sky surrounded by nature then this next post is just for you because it involves the very scenic and serene Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve and a morning of easy hiking, peanut butter sandwiches and speckled eggs.

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The Cape Milner

January 30, 2018


There are so many lovely little places to stay in Cape Town, sometimes I wish my job was just to visit them all so I could just soak up what they each have to offer slash never have to cook or make my bed ever again! Ha!

Over December Shane and I were in Cape Town for a friend’s wedding and we needed a place to stay near the city centre, somewhere nice but also convenient. I’m a really picky when it comes to accommodation that isn’t my house. I’m not one to rough it, I like pretty things and places that have had a bit of thought put into them and this hotel had both.

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December 19, 2017


It’s round two of my Peaceful Sleep Adventure Series which involves my family and me together with Peaceful Sleep going on a set of adventures whilst under the protective force field created by their extensive Family Care Range (you can check the whole lot out on their brand new site). We’re setting out to show you some cool kid-friendly places and things to do around Joburg with your youngins during the next few months of Summer.

This time I’m going to tell you about a place that has been around for a while but has maybe fallen under everyone’s radar and that is Acrobranch! Shane and I took Nina there for an afternoon of zip-lining, bridge crossing, leopard crawling and more and she had the best time! At first, she was a bit hesitant as she had never done anything like this before but cut to less than 8 minutes later and she was on a mission to manoeuvre all the obstacles by herself! Before we started I gave her and Shane and I a little spritz of Peaceful Sleep spray and then I rubbed some Family Care Insect Repellent Stick on her ankles for good measure and I’d like to report that we came out with zero bites 🙂

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Rosto Sunday lunch

December 1, 2017


If you’re a fan of a good old fashion Sunday pork roast then may I suggest that you pay Rosto in Linden a visit this coming weekend. Not only do they serve some pretty delicious free-range chicken, spit-roasted in front of a wood-burning fire, but they also serve amazing crispy porchetta that is only available every Thursday and Sunday.

I’m such a sucker for a good pork roast and pork crackling is one of my favourite indulgences so when we arrived to have lunch a few Sundays ago I didn’t even bother looking at the rest of the menu, I knew what I was there for and I’m happy to report that I wasn’t disappointed!

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