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Made By Jewellery

June 6, 2018


You know when you’re sitting at home on the couch thinking, I wish I could do something that I’ve never done before just so I can try it out and see if it’s something that I like? It’s so cool doing things that are out of your comfort zone, things that challenge your creativity in a way that is so different to what you do in your everyday life.

I love making things with my hands, I always have ever since I was a little kid. In fact, I still have a few pieces of pottery I lovingly carved and moulded for my parents when I was in Primary School, granted I can’t tell what one or two of the items are supposed to be, so I’ll just say that I have an awesome collection of ashtrays and…paperweights. That’s the best part about pottery I guess when in doubt about a piece, it can always just be a paperweight.

A little while ago a couple of my friends, Henriette Botha and Nikki Sherman, who have started their own very pretty jewellery line called Made By started hosting an array of Ring Carving Workshops at various venues in and around Joburg and I thought it would be cool to try my hand at ring making. I thought I wear rings, I like rings and who knows maybe I’ll land up making something that becomes a family heirloom one day.

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Simba Sleep Mattress

May 23, 2018


I love my bed! I love it because I know that no matter what at the end of the day it’s going to be there for me with no complaints, no requests, no long tales about how the guy at the grocery store who took so long to exchange a low-fat milk for full cream. Yes, I know that mattresses can’t talk, all I’m trying to say is that your mattress is kind of like a silent best friend that is always there for you no matter what.

So this post is going to be a bit out of the ordinary for me because it’s all about a brand new mattress brand called Simba Sleep that has been bought into South Africa by Takealot and that comes delivered to your front door literally in a box. Yip, in a full-on box which you then open up, take out and watch unroll, as if like magic into a fully fledged dual spring, memory foam mattress that has a combination of 2,500 conical pocket springs! It was pretty amazing watching this mattress come to life and go from really thin to literally a full on 5-layer sleep-inducing machine.

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Joburg Textured Buttercream Workshop

May 17, 2018


Let’s talk about cakes and how super amazing some people can make them look with some imagination and a skilful flick of a pallet knife or two. Now I have never been one to overdecorate my cakes, but it’s because I’m not 100% sure how to do certain techniques, plus half the time I’ve eaten way too much of the icing and I don’t have enough to go from ‘nicely iced’ to ‘grand extravagancer’. I really need to work on some self-constraint, maybe I’ll make that a 2019 resolution. Maybe.

I always see these beautifully decorated cakes on Instagram and think, I’m sure I can do that if someone just showed me how slash slapped my mouth every time it went anywhere near the icing bowl. A perfect example of the types of cakes I’m talking about are the ones the amazing ladies from Sweet Lion Heart put out. I think if I lived in Cape Town I’d properly stalk them. Goodness me their cakes are always so pretty, they’re like works of art that you can eat with a fork or your hands.

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Clothing swap and good times

May 16, 2018


Quick question, have any of you ever bought something for yourself or your kids and only worn it once or not at all?! I’m 100% guilty of doing this all the time and with my kids, it’s the age-old problem of them growing out of things really quickly. I’m always thinking to myself – Oh no this is way too nice to wear to Kindergarten, but then before I know it it’s two sizes too small and been worn once to a second cousin’s birthday party! When it comes to my stuff I’m also often guilty of buying something that I will convince myself in the shop that I’m going to wear, but then three months later it’s still hanging in my cupboard wishing it could see the light of day one last time. I think half my wardrobe may be made up of pieces like this. Sigh.

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Shine Literacy

April 24, 2018



Quite a while back I wrote a post about an amazing volunteer project where MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet had partnered up with a Johannesburg-based non-profit organisation called (NPO) Better SA and their very innovative and super awesome hop-on hop-off mini-bus volunteer service, which literally arranges everything for you. So, in other words, you jump onto their site volunteer your time and then they will pick you up, drop you off at the place that needs your services and then bring you back again, which means all you have to worry about is arriving at the pick-up point armed with your time that will 100% make a difference to not one but several people’s lives.

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A slice of Illovo

April 20, 2018


Shane and I live in what I think is one of the best buildings in Illovo and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a second unit in our block, which hadn’t been touched for probably the last 40 years! The walls were literally yellow from age and the carpets, which were originally beige (that seemed to be a damn popular colour back in the day) were a now a sad shade of grey, so Shane and I ripped everything out and gave this awesome space a refresh! New kitchen, bathrooms, lights, cupboards and shiny wooden parquet floors. It was a pretty fun project to work on, but now our 140 square meter, two bedroom, two bathroom kid needs a new family. Yip, we’re looking for tenants, so take a cyber look around and if you’re keen to rent our space from us, drop me a mail and we can meet up –

When designing this flat we came across some awesome finishes that I thought I would share with you guys just in case you were also renovating and looking for bits and pieces.

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