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Florence + Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse

August 7, 2015


My incredibly talented friends Danielle Bischoff, Rob van Vuuren and Lauren Fowler have recently released a very beautifully written and illustrated book called Florence + Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse. Dani was in Johannesburg a couple of weeks back and dropped off a copy for Nina James and I was so excited to get my paws onto it because I absolutely love Lauren Fowler’s illustrative style and Dani and Rob are such a fun couple that I knew the story would be awesome, which it was.

It’s a sweet rhyming tale of two honey badgers named Florence and Watson who go around singing and telling stories and the one they tell in this book is all about a Sugarbush Mouse named Petal who saves her village in a very special way. It’s such a lovely written and beautifully drawn book and it’s 100% South African which makes it’s 100% even more awesome. If you’re wanting a copy for your little one, or even yourself you can click here and order one. I highly recommend you do.

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Alida Ryder – Simple & Delicious

November 8, 2012

Yesterday I was looking around CNA while Shane was busy buying envelopes (exciting I know), anyway I came across this new cookbook by a local blogger named Alida Ryder, I met her once at a get together and she is really nice and by the looks of this book, really talented too. The recipes inside are beautifully photograhed and thought out too. they’re not fussy and complicated and they all sound delicious. I haven’t cooked anything out if it yet, but I will and I’m sure I will be sharing the results with you guys.

Alida runs a really successful and awesome blog called Simply Delicious and now she has made a book about it, this book- So I just wanted to give her a virtual high-5  and say go local blogs go!

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Billy Monk

October 31, 2012

The other day I received a mail about the Hilbrow book (another amazing book) that I own, the person contacting me wanted to find out where they could get their hands on one and in the process landed up telling me about another super interesting South African photography book about a bouncer/photographer called Billy Monk. I looked the book up and then ordered it immediately.

In the late 60’s Billy worked as a nightclub bouncer for the notorious Catacombs club in the dock area of Cape Town where he started taking pictures of people for extra money. He took photos of all types, society girls, gangsters, pimps, prostitutes and sailors. And the pictures are amazing, they make you feel like you have a 2-way mirror into a era and world that is forever lost in his pictures.

– Using a Pentax camera with 35mm focal-length lens, Billy Monk photographed the nightclub revellers and sold the prints to his subjects. His close and long friendships with many of the people in the images allowed him to photograph them with extraordinary intimacy in all their states of joy and sadness. His images of nightlife seem carefree and far away from the scars and segregation of apartheid that fractured this society in the daylight.

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Books for my pudding compartment

October 23, 2012

I love baking, I love cooking too, but baking is my most favourite thing to do. I love it when a recipe comes together and I make something that looks as good as it tastes, which is not always the case, sometimes the things I try to make belly flop like no someones business and then I never touch the recipe again, but when I stumble on a winner I make sure I have it written down and saved.

I went online and ordered a few new baking books for myself. I tried to research them a bit before I pushed ‘add to cart ‘, but I think I may have been a bit more successful on some more than others.

So if you are looking for some nice books to keep your pudding compartment happy take a look at these.

1. Vintage Cakes

This is so far the book I’m enjoying the most, I have made 3 things out of it and all of them have come out really nicely. I just wish it had more pictures because I like to see what things are meant to look like, but it doesn’t. But it’s still a really cool book full of things that make you wish you could sleep face down in a cake every night. I would definitely recommend buying it.



2. The Back in The Day Cookbook

This is a sweet little book, it has good old fashioned recipes in it and it covers sweet and savoury. There are pies and cakes and biscuits and puddings and cobblers and it’s laid out nicely too. I would be scared to visit this bakery in real life in fear that I would never want to leave, it’s vintage and beautiful. This book also gets a thumbs up.


3. More from Magnolia

I also bought More from Magnolia, which is a book with recipes from a very famous bakery in America called Magnolia. This was the most disappointing visually. There are absolutely no pictures which really doesn’t inspire me to tackle any of the recipes inside. And they all seem so old fashion, but not in a good way. I haven’t even baked one thing from this book, which sucks because I could be completely wrong about it.

Do any of you own it and have a different opinion on it?


4. Loveless Cafe

The last book I bought was the Loveless Cafe, which is full of simple southern pies, puddings, cakes and cobblers from Nashville. This book is full of short and sweet recipes that don’t scare you when you are reading through them because they seem totally doable. The stuff is old fashioned, but it all looks so delicious. I’m happy with this one too and I think i’m going to enjoy it as much as the first and second one on this list.


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Hello Pretty & welcome.

September 7, 2012

This morning I am very excited to introduce to you one of my new and very first sponsors. Everyone say hello to the guys from Hello Pretty, which is an amazing local online store that specifically sells all things designed and made in South Africa. I’m very excited about this site because there are designers stuff that I recognise and then there are things that I have never seen before and there is still more to come. It feels like you can scroll on forever on and never stop seeing nice things.

I asked them a few questions so that I and in turn you could get to know them a bit better and I have pulled a bunch of cool things off their site to show you. They sell the most beautiful products form bow ties to chocolate to wallpaper to ceramics to jewlery to art to furniture to watercoloured pendants, you name something pretty and they probably have it. So without further adue here they are….

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19 July 2012 – Birthday times.

July 19, 2012

 Today is my birthday. I love birthdays, I really really do. It’s one day where you get to feel special in your own little way whether people know it’s your birthday or not. And it’s the only time that it’s acceptable to eat your own birthday cake with your own face, with absolutly no hands and NO one is allowed to say a thing. Which is how I decided to roll on my second birthday, I love the kid next to me, he’s like “what cha doin?”

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