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Old-new cabinet

November 18, 2013


I have been looking for a pigeon-hole cabinet for our dining room, I haven’t really come across any in a while, so when I saw this guy the other day in Newlands I decided that I would strap it to the roof of Shane’s car and bring it home. Apparently it came from an old government office. It wasn’t exactly the one I was picturing for our house, but I still liked it a lot.

I have only just started filling it up with stuff, but I’m amped that I finally have a nice spot for all my chain animals and horse heads and the wood goes so nicely against our light pink walls.

Thanks Rog for coming shopping with me, I love you my little housewife.

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Rings of love.

November 7, 2013



I have had this folder of photos forever and I keep forgetting to post about these absolutely lovely Victorian antique wedding rings. There are always two hands clasped together to symbolise eternal love, but often if you open up the ring it’ll reveal a little heart. These rings are so pretty and such a unique way to tell someone that you will love them forever. Some are rarer than others, but this shop has quite a few for sale if you’re keen.

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Plate collection

November 5, 2013


We have been collecting plates for a little while now, lately we’ve tried to find one every time we go somewhere on holiday, that doesn’t always work out because what we want is quite specific, but every now and then we stumble across something cool, like the dog comes from Japan and the McBess meat plate comes from Paris.  Anyway we unpacked all the ones we have so far, which we are getting ready to hang, when I see them altogether, they make me very happy.

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BOO! Happy Halloween

October 31, 2013

vintage halloween-11

Happy Halloween everyone. Hope you’re all having fun being dressed up today, I’ve been seeing some cool outfits on Instagram this morning.

Yesterday when I was travelling down the rabbit hole of strange pageants I also came across lots of vintage Halloween photos from back in the day. A lot of them are of young children dressed quite simply, in strange-ass masks that literally scare the crap out of me. It feels like back in the day it was more about scaring people on Halloween, rather than trying to show as much skin as possible while still trying to look like a cute bunny (if you know what I mean?).

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The Queen of What Now?

October 30, 2013


 Miss Hotdog Queen

Ok so here and there I have been seeing these bizarre old photos of pageant winners, but not your normal Miss America or Universe etc, no ways! These young ladies are snapping up sought after tiles such as Miss Hotdog Queen, Miss Posture, Miss Outdoor Health Queen (Can anyone explain this one to me?), Miss Sweater Queen, Miss Bobbed-Hair and lets’s not forget Miss Donut – now that’s one I think I would of gunned for back in the day. I find it so funny that such competitions existed and I kind of wish they still did because damn they are too funny.

Anyway like I said I saw a few and then I went on a search for as many ludicrous pageants as I could find, and find I did. So without further a due, I’d like to introduce you all to the winners….

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Old photos

October 8, 2013


Found a flickr site today with some cool old photos on it, they’re in between a bunch of other pics, but it was fun spotting them. Some of them are a bit strange, but that’s why I like them because a lot of the time vintage photos are so prim and proper, these are a bit odd and fun.

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