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Old-new cabinet

November 18, 2013


I have been looking for a pigeon-hole cabinet for our dining room, I haven’t really come across any in a while, so when I saw this guy the other day in Newlands I decided that I would strap it to the roof of Shane’s car and bring it home. Apparently it came from an old government office. It wasn’t exactly the one I was picturing for our house, but I still liked it a lot.

I have only just started filling it up with stuff, but I’m amped that I finally have a nice spot for all my chain animals and horse heads and the wood goes so nicely against our light pink walls.

Thanks Rog for coming shopping with me, I love you my little housewife.

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Plate collection

November 5, 2013


We have been collecting plates for a little while now, lately we’ve tried to find one every time we go somewhere on holiday, that doesn’t always work out because what we want is quite specific, but every now and then we stumble across something cool, like the dog comes from Japan and the McBess meat plate comes from Paris. ¬†Anyway we unpacked all the ones we have so far, which we are getting ready to hang, when I see them altogether, they make me very happy.

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Found some goodies

August 15, 2013


Got myself some leopard print kicks the other day from Cotton On, they also had American flag ones that I thought were pretty cool. I wore them for the first time the other day and I was squeaking all over the place because the rubber underneath is still so new, I was like a 5 year old dragging my feet around on purpose so I could make noise, it was quite fun. I also got myself some fun socks at the same time. I think they all go with these shoes perfectly.

I also found these beautiful little green coffee cups from Country Road, they had them in yellow too. I bought them so I can make pudding in them and they’re going to looks so sweet in our new kitchen.

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New house stuff that I want.

July 18, 2013


Looking at things for the house is one of my most favourite things to do on the internet. There is so much cool crap out there, some of the sites don’t deliver to South Africa, but some do, still just cool to look at and get inspired by. Here is a list of things I would snap up in an instant for our new house.

All links are below the respective photo.

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ANTIQUES, ceramics, home stuff

Japan – View from the top – part 2

July 3, 2013

Here are a few more things I bought back from Japan, I packed all this stuff in a tog bag that Shane lovingly carried them from airport to airport, flight to flight so they would arrive home in one piece, I’m happy to report nothing broke.





Bought this hand painted plate from a sweet little shop in Shibuya. They had so many cool things, but they were all pretty pricy, so I couldn’t go too overboard. I bought this little guy to compliment the big ceramic dog I dragged home from Sweden a few years ago.




These are little ceramic lantern type things. They came with battery operated tea candles that flicker, so when you have them on at night they look like little warm houses on the hill. I had to stop myself from buying the other 4 houses in this set.


This is my new cat shaped flour jar. Love.


My new salt jar. Another love.


A plate from Disney Land with Pooh Bear’s face on it.


I bought these cool scientific beakers to use as vases.


Got some sweet little tin teacups, wish the shop had more of these, but I got the last 2.


This last thing is a toothbrush holder that I got from Muji. Another store you can go ape sh*t in, it is full of so many awesome storage/stationary/cool type things.

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Shopping with me eyes.

May 9, 2013

I went snooping around Urban Outfitters last night and I picked out all the things I would like to have delivered to me in a nice giant present box. We have Topshop and Zara and now we NEED Urban Outfitters and H&M. Not sure who Mr. Big Bucks is that brings stores like this here, but I wish they would ship these 2 over.

Anyway I went on a virtual shop last night, I would of ordered a bunch of these things but the problem is you get slammed with import taxes when they arrive here. I ordered something off Urban Outfitters a few months ago and even though it arrived in good time, I landed up paying nearly R800 in taxes, so whatever you order make sure you really really really want it.

I really really want all these things.