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aunt anjie’s se lekker peppermint poeding

March 2, 2009

tonight we went to my friend doug’s house warming party. i made peppermint crisp pudding for dessert. it was nice. it was pepperminty. it was the first time i’ve ever made it and it’s by far the easiest thing ever to make. wow. in fact it takes longer to eat it.


250ml cream. one tin caramel treat. one packet tennis biscuits. as many peppermint crisps as you like. i like many. then what you do is beat the cream until thick( taste a little), add the caramel treat (taste a little), mix a little more with a electric beater (taste a little), then with a wooden spoon stir in the crushed up tennis biscuits (taste a little) and peppermint crisp bars (taste a little). pop in the fridge (taste a little) until you’re ready to serve. then be prepared to flippin eat ugly. nice.

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  • cath March 3, 2009 at 10:40 am

    I like the super fast poeding eating monster. You wouldn’t want to meet it in a dark alley. Particularly if you were covered in peppermint crisp and condensed milk…