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2015 hello and welcome.

January 5, 2015


Happy new year everyone, I’m sure a lot of you are back at work today and ready to start new things, start some things over, forget some things, find new things, learn new things (well you know where I’m going with this thought). I know I am.

I’m happy to be back posting on Lucky Pony, which this year will be 7 years old! Wow even typing that is making me feel a little nostalgic, so much time has passed, so many words and photos and thoughts and they’re all bundled up in this blog of mine, this site that I have loved since the first day I started it.

I guess where I’m getting at with this ‘welcome back’ post is that I’m happy that my blog is still around and I’m really happy that I have a few people that read it. 2014 came with a lot of changes, most of them super exciting and a little scary and now in 2015 I’m amped to start new projects that I’m hoping you guys will support as much as you have supported this little blog of mine.

And speaking of new projects, I thought I would just fill you in on what I have planned:

As you know Shane and I have officially sold Wolves and The Good Luck Club, but we have started a second Good Luck Club in Emmarentia, when it officially opens in January, I will let you guys know. Shane, Craig and I are also working on a second restaurant concept that we are super excited about, we’re in the process of looking for the perfect spot for it, so again I will let you guys know when we are up and running. Yay.


Anna-Belle and I have also started a new blog together called Jobest. If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s a little bit about it. It’s going to be a site that shows you all the awesome places and spaces you can visit and enjoy in Johannesburg as well as the rest of the country (eventually). We are really looking forward to expanding this blog and sending it’s little feelers out as far as they can go. If you want to let us know about any gems that you think we should visit, drop us a mail.


And finally, I’m happy to announce that I have just started my very own mommy blog called Tiny Pony. I’m so happy about this move, I’ve been wanting to set up a space where I can document our times with our beautiful Nina James, as well as photos and posts about awesome children’s clothing labels, toys and stuff, local and international. This little guy is brand new, click here if you would like to check it out, or like it on Facebook, it doesn’t have loads of posts on it yet, but it will very very soon as I’m going to be updating it as often as I can.


Speaking of brand new, below are the polaroids I took for my very first blog post here on Lucky Pony. My friends and I bought these metallic jackets in town for like R40 and bought them home for a photo shoot. The idea was that we take the exact same photo over and over again, but just swap the person out. It kind of worked, as you can see (That was back in the day when I had an abundance of genuine Polaroid film too).

So here is to 2015, hope it’s a flipping awesome year for everyone xxx







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