Before and after sunroom renovation

November 5, 2020

As you, may or may not know we are busy renovating our house so I thought that I would share a few corners of it here so you can have a look at what we’ve been up to. I always like a good before and after so I’m going to start with our ‘once upon a time open-air balcony’, which has now become our enclosed (well, it has sliding windows) sunroom.

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Brown Sugar Apple, Cinnamon and Pecan Nut Cake

October 5, 2020

Say hello to this Brown Sugar Apple, Cinnamon and Pecan Nut Cake that’s so easy to bake you can do it with your eyes closed! This spongy but solid cake is full of sweet, nutty apple flavours and goes down an absolute treat with a cup of coffee.

I swear this is the kind of cake you’ll have two slices of in one sitting. This is not a lie, message me if you make it and managed to only eat ONE slice! I’m going to want to know how you did it 🙂 Oh and if you do bake it, please send me a picture, I always love seeing your cakes.

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baked goods, My Recipes, RECIPES

Bounty Bar Brownies

August 13, 2020

It’s time for another Checkers ‘Naughty and Nice’ instalment! This time around I’m going naughty to the max with these super decadent and gooey Bounty Bar Brownies!

I’m a huge Bounty Bar fan, it’s one of my favourite chocolates, so when Cat and I decided that we were going to make brownies for this round of our series, the first thing I thought about making was a brownie crossed with a Bounty Bar (check out my recipe for a homemade Bounty bar).

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