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Peppermint Crisp Mousse Cake

June 14, 2017


One of my all time favourite thing is a Peppermint Crisp Tart, this dessert drives me nuts in the best way possible. If I ever see it on a menu it will be my go-to dessert because I love everything about it. You know how people say ‘Well if you love it so much why don’t you marry it?!’ Well, I would marry it if that was a thing and if Shane didn’t mind sharing me with something that’s sole purpose is to make my dessert compartment the happiest compartment in the world!

A little while back I came across a recipe for a Peppermint Crisp Mousse Cake on a cool blog called The Kate Tin and I thought to myself – Break out the crystal because I’m getting married again, right after I bake this sucker and explain to Shane that I will now and forever be known as Mrs. Angie Peppermint Crisp Mousse Cake.

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June 11, 2017



When we were kids we used to love ‘camping’ in the TV room. We’d build a fort out of the couches, the cushions, bedsheets, and everything and anything that would hold all those elements in place. It was so much fun to lie under our makeshift tent and watch TV or play games. I’m actually really looking forward to building these with Nina James and Rex one day because I know I’m going to be as amped as them and they make it perfectly alright for a 30-something-year-old adult to have a makeshift tent up in their living room!

Now that I have self-confessed my love for indoor ‘couch tents’ I’ll get to the real point of this post, which is to introduce you guys this local label that I discovered called Krokenoster who make the most amazing sleeping bags I have ever seen, perfect for any tent, real or temporary.

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MySchool and Better SA

June 8, 2017


Something I have really been wanting to do more of this year and just, in general, is volunteer more of my time towards anywhere really that needs a couple of helping hands. The thing that bugs me about myself is that I often think about how I would like to get more involved but then I never take it further than a thought because time gets away from me, or I just don’t put enough effort into finding out where I can actually go to help, which is not great on my part!

And that is why I was so amped to discover that MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has partnered up with Johannesburg-based non-profit organisation (NPO) Better SA and their very innovative and super awesome hop-on hop-off mini-bus volunteer service, which literally arranges everything for you. Get this, all you have to do is go online and book your spot on one of their buses which will be waiting at various pre-determined pick spots around Johannesburg every single Saturday. The service is free of charge and co-ordinated from start to finish so that all you have to do is pitch up and make the most of the time you have available! How cool is that?

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Travel & Restaurants

La Boqueria Parktown North

June 1, 2017


I love all kinds of food so when a new joint opens up in my neighbourhood and it boasts a pretty interesting and diverse menu, which was derived from the owners favourite food markets from around the world, then I’m more than happy to mosey on over and give it a try.

La Boqueria Parktown North has just recently opened its doors on 3rd Ave (a few shops down from The Foundry) and this beautifully designed restaurant is not only an atmospheric pleasure, but it makes some pretty decent food too! The space is huge, surrounded by massive windows, hanging plants, beautiful antiques, considered brick a brack and a bar made entirely from orange post boxes, which was one of my favourite parts. I have this thing with restaurants that I visit, I like looking around and thinking about what I would have designed differently, how I would have filled the space if it was up to me and to be honest I wouldn’t change a thing in La Boqueria, I love the way it looks and feels and would totally steal their macrame plant collection if I could!

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My Recipes

Marvellous Treats

May 22, 2017


I’m a huge fan of chocolate, it’s one of my favourite things because it always makes me feel so happy. I think about it every day and I more or less have it every day, it’s like one of my best friends who never says a word to me but is always the most fun to be around hehe. Oh man, now I feel like a chocolate, please excuse me while I go get one from my cupboard.

And I’m back…ok so as I was saying I love chocolate and I love baking with it because I think anything chocolate flavoured is a winner and no one ever says ‘Oh chocolate cake, no thanks!’ The other day I tried a new Cadbury Marvellous Creation flavour, their Popcorn Jelly Cola slab which flipping blew my mind. Only once before have I tried a chocolate with popcorn in it and I became an instant fan, but this one not only has popcorn in it but a hint of cola and then these amazing jelly popping bits and pieces. I think I may have just introduced you to your new favourite treat! Let me know if you’ve tried one already.

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Hey Jude

May 17, 2017

Hey jude

A while back I was watching an episode of Modern Family and it in Mitchel gets a voucher for a service that literally does anything for you when you don’t have the time or the inclination to do it yourself. I was literally watching this and thinking, man that is so awesome I wish we had something similar here…. Well, guess what?! We do!

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