GIVEAWAY: Nutribullet Baby Bullet

August 21, 2017

My baby boy who is over seven months old already (insane!!) has started eating solids, which just, by the way, he is really into! When he sees a bowl and spoon coming towards him he literally starts squealing with excitement, it’s so sweet.

We got a Nutribullet Baby Bullet which means I get to make Rex and Nina James all kinds of cool things and the best part is it comes with an array of bits and bobs which makes using it pretty easy and fun! I mean just look at the packaging, isn’t it just too sweet? I love the smiley face design and the retro green and cream colours they’ve used, it’s all just too perfect and the kit comes with the best accessories. There are little happy-faced storage containers which come with their own simple dating system so you know exactly when you’ve made every batch. There also two silicone trays so you can freeze food or make fruit popsicles, which in Summer are going to go down a treat!




I’ve really enjoyed using this nifty machine it makes such awesome smooth purees for Rex and I’ve been using it to make NJ fruity smoothies in the mornings. The combinations are endless and it makes it so quick and easy to whip stuff up from scratch, it makes me feel like Nigella Lawson, well if Nigella Lawson was a super famous chef who was known for making tasty simple food for babies and toddlers. The Baby Bullet is compact but super effective, not mention a great little accessory for any kitchen.




Like I have mentioned I’m really liking my Baby Bullet and I’m super excited to tell you guys that the awesome folk at Nutribullet have given me either another Nutribullet Baby Bullet OR a normal Nutribullet to giveaway to one of you guys, so if you win you get to choose which machine you want! Awesome right?!

I’m choosing a winner this Friday the 25th of August after 5pm, there are a few ways to enter and I always pick my winners randomly so it does pay to enter on all platforms.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Make sure you follow Baby Bullet SA’s Facebook page and Lucky Pony’s Facebook page.
  2. Leave me a comment here just saying hi 🙂
  3. You can also leave a comment and tag a friend on my Instagram feed under my post about my Baby Nutribullet.
  4. You can also leave a comment and tag a friend under my Facebook post about this post.
  5. If I do choose you as a winner I will be checking to see if you follow both the brand and myself on Facebook and Instagram.
  6. Good luck!
FASHION, photography

Nina takes a walk down Country Road

August 17, 2017

Country Road-1

I love taking photos of my Nina James, especially when I get to dress her up in super cute outfits from Country Road. I was invited to shop their new August/September kids range and I came home with some really nice pieces, some of which I wish came in my size, like this floral dress! How sweet?

They currently have some really cool items in store for both girls and boys, in fact, I had a bit of a hard time choosing stuff, but I really loved what I came home with in the end and so did Nina who was particularly taken by this dress, she kept doing twirls in it – she kills me sometimes.

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My Recipes

Deliciously Easy Vegan Brownies 

August 16, 2017


When I think of a brownie I think of a dense, sweet, slightly chewy chocolatey extravagancer that I want to make my best friend. I don’t think about making them with sweet peas and chia seeds, but on my quest to experiment a bit more in the world of Veganism, Nicole and I decided that we had to try making a brownie that would make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

In case you missed my first post about this Vegan series, I’ll just quickly catch you up. My friend Nicole has just become a gluten-free, sugar-free Vegan due to health reasons and so we decided that together we’d explore some recipes and share all the good ones with you guys.

Our first post involved two really delicious and super easy recipes for Beetroot Hummus and Golden Tumeric Hummus if you’d like to try them out just click here. We’ll be sharing a recipe a week for the next little while.

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kiss kiss photography

August 15, 2017

kiss kiss photography

I take a lot of photos of my kids, in fact, I probably have like 100 000 of them stored up on my hard drive, but I literally only have a few really cool photos of myself and them together, which makes me really sad, so when Chloe from Kiss Kiss Photography contacted me and asked if she could come hang out with myself, Nina James and Rex for a morning I was like ‘Yes pllleeeaase!’

I never thought I would enjoy having photos taken of myself at home by someone I literally didn’t know, but Chloe was so warm and friendly and it didn’t feel awkward or strange in any way, it’s like she wasn’t even there and she managed to make a friend out of NJ in under a minute! She knew exactly how to talk to her (first sign that she’s a mom herself) and she knew that pulling out some bubble mixture as a gift would earn her some serious street cred.

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My Recipes

Easy to make beetroot and turmeric hummus

August 10, 2017

beetroot hummus

I’m really excited to introduce a new recipe series to my blog, one I have started with my good friend Nicole who has just recently become vegan, as well as sugar and gluten free due to health reasons. She is having to learn how to enjoy food in a completely different way and because I have only ever made a couple of vegan dishes before, I thought it would be cool to explore this culinary world with someone who has had to quickly learn all about it. We’ll be sharing delicious and easy recipes over the next few weeks, starting from tomorrow 🙂 

This series will be made up of recipes that are all vegan as well as gluten and sugar-free, we have made quite a number of dishes to date and I’m pretty surprised at some of the things one can make using absolutely no products that come from animals, it’s pretty damn cool! Spending some time with Nicole and learning a bit more about this world has been very interesting, but I must be honest up front and say that I won’t be turning vegan anytime soon, I will, however, be making more of an effort to eat less meat and at least once a week create an all veggie dish.

So if you have ever thought about perhaps dabbling a bit in the world of veganism, then stick around for some pretty quick and easy recipes that taste really nice in the traditional sense of the word and some that taste nice in more of an interesting way.

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Travel & Restaurants

Ono eatery

August 3, 2017

So once again a brand new cool little restaurant has opened up in Illovo and this time it’s not even down the road from me, it’s literally across it and it serves the most delicious poke and breakfast bowls and shakes! Ono Eatery has just opened its doors and behind them, you will find the cutest little restaurant complete with wooden swing chairs in the window and a pretty banana leaf canopy made out of white metal that hangs over an olive green banquette.

I follow quite a few foodie Instagrammers, like Morning_Temptations (follower her, she’s amazing) who make the most awesome looking breakfast bowls and I always think to myself – Damn if only I lived in that person’s spare room, or under their bed so I can just pop into the kitchen in the morning after they have made and photographed their creation for the day and be like ‘Hey dude, I’ll eat that for you if you don’t want it’.

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