Zosienka and Rosie, you 2 make very pretty things.

Zosienka and Rosie Illustration is the creative venture of two unique London based illustrators. Their work is highly versatile and has been featured over an array of stationary, textiles and ceramics. Zosienka & Rosie have an intricate and playful style and a penchant for curious creatures.

I’m alwasy looking for pretty things to sell in Wolves and i’m so happy to have Zosienka and Rosie’s stuff up for sale. I bought these awesome screen printed tea towels, which are almost too beautiful to use. There are only 7 walrus/ship, 7 dog and 3 rabbit towels available – they are R180 each.

We also received some awesome limited edition prints. The one below was originally sold on T-shirts during the Bat For Lashes “Two Suns” tour. *I bought 5 “wolf howl” prints, 3 have sold already – they are R180 each.

There is also 2 prints available of “Mrs & Owl” – R180

Also bought these hand cut and hand painted clay hearts – R95 each.

If anyone is interested in anything and can’t get to the shop, just drop me a mail and I will try help you out xx



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16. November 2011 by angie
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Comments (6)

  1. Wow Lady… Love the new site. Nice, nice, nice, nice.
    Thanks for all the nice stuff.

  2. Hi angie. I would love the wolf print if you still have left please. Can I make an eft?
    How cai get it from you? I can always pay cash as well. Elzanne

  3. Yes, me too! I want a Mrs & Owl please. Can I also make an EFT? Quick! Before someone snaps them up!

  4. Hello there Elzanne,

    I have one left. So it is all yours if you want it :)
    Let me know and I will send through banking details.

    Lize, one of the Owl prints is all yours too, if you want it.


  5. Your site is a feast today! Only one ‘Mrs & Owl’ left? Would definitely buy one right now if there is one available.

  6. Hi there,
    Do you still have some of the Rabbit tea towels left?
    I would soo love one!