Wrap it up all nice and pretty.

To go with the 2 gift idea posts I did last week, I thought I would compile one just on gift wrapping. I’ve been seeing some very sweet and easy ways to spruce up your pressies this Christmas which I thought I would share with you guys.

These are all D.I.Y gift wrapping ideas, some are easier than others to make, depending on if you have 2 left hands or not (ok so that doesn’t have the same impact as the foot analogy, but you know what I’m getting at). So have a look and see what you think… My 2 favourites are the confetti wrapping and the pompoms – they’re just so much fun!


Minimega Design Studio 

Deer packaging 

Handmade holiday wrapping 

Pompom wrapping – This link will lead you to where you can buy this pompom wrapping from, but I think it’s super easy to make by yourself. Glue + pompoms (from any art and crafts store)= amazing.

D.I.Y. Confetti giftwrap

Make your own paper and ornaments

Make your packages more fun just by using washi tape. 

Wrapping on wrapping

Bright paper wreaths

Hand drawn wrapping – amazing

Decor 8 – D.I.Y wrapping

Decor 8 

Hand drawn giftwrap

I also thought I would include these cool D.I.Y. ideas for Christmas crackers and decorations. Would love to have a whole D.I.Y. themed Christmas one year, from the gifts to the wrapping to the tree to the card to the table settings etc etc

*Click on the links below each picture to get the full set of instructions slash templates to make these (all of them are downloadable except for the first one, you’ll have to buy that template).

D.I.Y Christmas decorations

More D.I.Y Christmas decorations

D.I.Y confetti ornaments

 D.I.Y Christmas crackers

Last thing, loved this simple idea for an D.I.Y. advent calendar. You guy pop whatever you want into the envelopes, like chocolates or jelly beans or crispy bacon…mmm….I love crispy bacon.

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  1. Yay! Definitely going to try some of these out.


  2. Awesome gift wrapping ideas!
    I am so in love with the pom pom’s too – such cute silliness.

  3. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thank you for posting these! All so pretty, got my brain working now for xmas wrapping xo

  5. wish i had another week in joburg (before going away), to have time to play with these gift wrapping ideas…so cute

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  8. Oh wow! There is just so much inspiring stuff to look at! What an awesome post. In the spirit of all things xmassy, here’s some of the coolest Xmas Tees around, enjoy :) http://bit.ly/XEPHxl

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