Cool spaces: The Good Luck Club.

So we are officially open. Open for lunch, open for dinner, open for cocktails, open for good times. The Good Luck Club is up and running and although it all still feels like a bit of a blur, it’s such a cool feeling to see it all shiny and new with it’s doors wide open (We actually opened Wolves almost at exactly the same time 2 years ago – March seems to be the month for us).

Two nights ago we had drinks and tasters with some friends. It was so very cool to see the shop all done up and full of people and everything ran smoothly, which was such a relief. I’m not going to lie I’m feeling a bit tired, Shane and I have been running around non-stop for the last few days, but it has definitely been worth it!

My favourite part of this whole thing has been taste testing the menu (I love food so much I would marry it if it wasn’t illegal/slash impossible) and designing the wallpaper with Shane. Yip I finally got my cats, sure they can’t breath or walk around and I can’t squeeze the bejeezers out if them, but who cares, they’re still mine. All mine. So have a look around and tell me what you think of the place – there are still 1 or 2 things that we still have to do, but we are almost there.

Hey, if you are in the area, the area being No 3. Corlett Drive, Illovo, come have a bite to eat and if you see me, please come say hello. We are open every day for lunch and supper. Closed sunday nights and Monday (the whole day). Awesome.

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08. March 2012 by angie
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Comments (35)

  1. Looks so awesome – do I phone for a booking for tomorrow?

  2. Congratulations on the gorgeous restaurant. It looks awesome

    What are your trading hours and do you take bookings. Think I should start a book club just so that i have an excuse to come and hang around at The Good Luck Club!

  3. It looks amazing! Well done! Here’s to champagne bubbles and oodles of noodles. (PS – The wallpaper… my heart!)

  4. Wow Angie, it looks A M A Z I N G ! Can’t wait to pop in when I am in your neck of the woods! Love the name too :)

  5. really dig the name! NOODLES :)

  6. Love love LOVE THE CATS!
    Can’t wait till my next visit to Joburg so I can come over for a taster.
    Congratulations you two!

  7. Such a great name :)

  8. Ps – looks awesome would love to try it

  9. So lovely lady! LOVE times moomin the logo

  10. Congrats! See you for lunch

  11. Awesome.
    My face, your place!
    Sunday… dum dum dum

    I am so proud of you, Angie. (and Shane of course.) Like a little mother hen I might add. (Is that weird?)

  12. Hi, the place is looking awesome!! I can’t wait to see it for myself!
    Are you guys taking bookings? And if so – is there a number I can phone?
    Planning to have girls-dinner there next week! :) i’m soooo excited!!!

  13. friend, that wallpaper is amazing and should bring you loads of good karma!

  14. wowie, it looks amazing. well done!

  15. It looks great! Next time I find myself in Jhb I’ll be popping in. x

  16. I am literally going to come to joburg just so I can hug that wallpaper!!
    Looks amazing Ange, well done x

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  18. <3 the name and the typeface! Gorg! Will def be bringing girl's night out to the good luck club sometime soon! Well done.

  19. Congrats to you and Shane. x

  20. Honey! Wowee. This is the ONLY thing for me that makes me want to go back to Joburg. Well done friend! xxxx

  21. congrats, you’ve done an amazing job by the looks of it! i love the logo and the wallpaper, they must be the raddest things in all of joburg for sure!

  22. It looks awesome! Can’t wait to check it out :)

  23. Well done guys! what’s on the menu?

  24. it looks so great! the cat wall is amazing! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the name and logo. i wish i lived nearby, i would be there right now!

  25. you are a sooper star, i can’t believe ive been so busy with my head up my ahole that i missed this. well done and good luck, i hope you guys have so much fun with this.
    also, i will send things this week. sorrrrereeeeeeee for the wait. xxx

  26. I love the wallpaper:) Will definitely be paying you guys a visit when I find myself in joburg again!

  27. Have missed Wolves so much over the past few months. Now I can’t wait to get home to Joburg to not only have awesome cake but now to try some kick-ass noodles aswell!! Congrats guys.

  28. Congrats! Will make a point of coming for dinner soon!

  29. Lovely spot… that wall paper does it for me…

  30. I can’t wait to visit! Gosh! Looks lovely! xxx

  31. CONGRATS on the restaurant Angie!! Looks frikkin AWESOME!!!

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  33. i feel so out of touch, catching up on my blog reading while Olive has a nap.. WOW Angie, your restaurant is so so beautiful am completely in love with your name, logo and that frikken awesome wallpaper!!!! Congrats friend, cant wait to come visit!

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  35. Waow ! I looove it ♥