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Dear Mr. Tretchikoff, welcome to my house.

January 11, 2012

I raided my granny’s house when I was in Zimbabwe. Obviously. I got a few really nice pieces, which she was very happy to give me because I’m her lovely grand daughter hee. I bought home this Tretchikoff print, the frame has seen better days, but I kind of like it all disheveled. My aunt who lives in Springs has a really big one like this in a big gold frame, I drool over it every time I go there and she has promised that one day it will be mine. So pretty.

I also asked if I could take 2 of her wedding photos. Back in the day everyone always looked so composed and classic, I wish our pictures now looked like these.

I have never written about this gran before, this is my dad’s mom and she is one tough cookie, I will say no more ha. My grandfather unfortunately passed away quite a few years ago, he was cool grandfather. My fondest memories of him are the bike rides he used to take us on. I have such an awesome picture of me, my brother and my grandfather on is bike – I must find it and add it to this post.

I love the flowergirls outfits and hats.

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January 10, 2012

In January Shane and I also went to Zimbabwe to see my folks for a few days. Bulawayo is still such a magical place, the buildings and old houses are amazing. When I was a younger and my parents lived here, we used to go pretty much every year on holiday to see family. My parents moved back there a couple of years ago, so it’s nice to be able to spend some time again with locals.

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Zimbabwe I heart you.

April 16, 2009

victoria falls

These are just some of the polaroids I took in Zimbabwe. I loaded a second pack, but I managed to take 2 pictures before the battery in the film decided to die and that was that. I was so sad. but I managed to make some nice instant old memories before that happened. So I was happy again.

1) Victoria falls – awesome. 2) A sign that I nearly got a arrested for shooting because it was at a police road block – wow. 3) Me in a grocery store – stupid face. 4) An orange car in front of some orange petrol pumps. 5) The old Country Club that my parents used to hang out at when they were teenagers – it’s completely rundown now, but I can see how it must of been so awesome back in the day – shame. 6) A broken down bus – I like buses. 7) My dad on the Zambezi river – love you dad. 8. My gran’s house that she still owns and is renting out to someone. the sign next to the front gate still has my grandfather’s name on it – Made me sad. 9) The awesome yellow flowered trees that are everywhere  in Bulawayo – so beautiful. 10) Shane and I on the Zambezi river. 11) An abandoned jungle gym – it must be so lonely. 12) My mom and dad outside the Town Hall where they had their wedding reception 34 years ago –  double wow and awesome.

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One Pink Panther please.

April 15, 2009


This is me outside the Eskimo Hut in Zimbabwe, the place I mentioned in the post below – possible the greatest ice-cream shop on earth. It’s still in the exact same place and it still serves the exact same flavours. Even the manager is exactly the same guy who worked there when I used to go as a kid. I ordered a Pink Panther, which is soft serve ice-cream on a cone coated in crushed pink sweets – the ones that are small and roundish and have a musk flavour. Wow. I wish I was there right now rolling around in a vat of that stuff.

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how much for the beatles in the window?

March 3, 2009

shane and i went to my aunt & uncle’s house in pretoria for lunch on sunday afternoon. we were talking about music and stuff, when my uncle disappeared for a few minutes then returned carrying this blue box of awesome. it’s a Beatles LP box set. all their albums are in there, sealed and pristine. he bought it way back in the 80’s from CNA for a 150 rond. wow. he’s kept them all these years and has never once been tempted to open them. i looked the set up on e-bay. one guy was selling his for $475. double wow.

*my uncle is the one with the sweet facial hair. i love this picture, it was taken at my granny’s house in zimbabwe many many years ago. such cool kids.