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And i’m back.

February 8, 2012

I have been in the Cape for the last few days, getting ready for and attending my best friend Gina King’s wedding in Stellenbosch, she got hitched there on a beautiful farm. The wedding was very very pretty and super fun and she looked amazing. I was one of her bridesmaids, Amy (you remember talented Amy?) made my bridesmaids dress for me and she did a damn good job. Thank you Gina King and Beardface for the lovely wedding and for the dancing into the dark night and thank you Amy for the dress and Luke and Jen (Shane’s cousins) for the lodgings and chats till 12:55 in the morning and thank you CT for the good times.

Shane and I spent a few extra days there for fun, we went around to a few places that we had heard about – Jason’s bakery, Clarks, Scared of Mice etc etc I even got to go to the Milnerton Market on Sunday morning. We arrived quite late, but thankfully we still found some super cool stuff – my most favourite find of the day was this food display. Now that’s marketing for you. Yikes.

Bought these hand drawn (you can till see pencil lines) framed psalms, which were hiding under a table amongst some very sad looking frames. I’m glad I rescued them. Found this amazing rabbit shaped outdoor tap. How cool is he?! I couldn’t believe my luck, I have been looking for one for ages and on Sunday he was just sitting there waiting for me. I also found this precious ceramic bunny for my collection. Shame, I think if he was real he would be crapping himself, he’s currently surrounded by about 100 other ceramic animals all staring at him.

We had a very good time in Cape Town, got to hang out with some old friends, got to eat some very nice food and see some very nice places, but I’m happy to be home. Hello Joburg, you’re awesome.