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Kirsten Tradowsky

December 15, 2014

Kirsten Tradowsky

This is the work of American based artist Kirsten Tradowsky. Her paintings are her way of travelling back in time to another space and time, for inspiration she collects old photos and visits places that are slowly being engulfed by the new world.

I think her work is great, it makes me feel like I’m paging through an old family album made up of memories of a world that has long since been forgotten.

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Emily Jane Long – painter extraordinaire

November 21, 2014

Emily Jane Long10

2 days ago I posted about a piece of art that I had commissioned for Shane for our 6th wedding anniversary. What I didn’t know was that Shane had also secretly commissioned another brilliant local South African artist, Emily Jane Long to create a piece of art for me as a gift. It was so awesome when we both pulled out these 2 flat wrapped gifts and almost immediately we both realised what they were.

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Swain Hoogervorst

August 28, 2014


The other day I went to an art exhibition at the Turbine Hall in town. I saw some really nice pieces of art there and some of them I would of really liked to have taken home with me, especially this one painting of a swimming pool by an artist named Swain Hoogervorst. I really like his work, it reminds me of being a kid and coming home after school for a swim and a white bread and polony sandwich. 

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Paintings by Alex Kanevsky

June 25, 2014

Alex Kanevsky-2

Russian-born Alex Kanevsky is a figurative painter who creates such beautiful pieces out of almost moving paintbrush strokes. He explains his technique best in these few lines –

-People, whom I paint, are never still. They want to move, they are built for motion. It is actually painful for models to be still longer than 20 minutes. I like them, I find them endlessly fascinating, how they are built, the way they grow and shrink over time, how they move, act, express their emotions, etc. So I want to paint them the way they are, and to me they are defined by their motion. A brick is defined by its shape and people are defined by their motion.

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