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Jane Sews Spring Capsule

October 2, 2014

jane sews

Jane Sews Spring Capsule is now available to buy online, all you have to do is click here, choose, then enter your credit card details and you’re a-for-away. There are such soft, pretty pieces to choose from, when I was going through them now I felt like I should be on holiday somewhere warm and flipping amazing. Holiday soon. Yes please.

Their new line of leather shoes and accessories are also listed online, there are some really beautiful designs, so good luck choosing just one pair/thing.

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Budget Family Recipes // Enjoy Yourself by Desmond & The Tutus

September 29, 2014


Desmond and The Tutus have released yet another promo video for their new album Enjoy Yourself. It’s all about a cooking show called Budget Family Recipes with Chaz Chaddely and it’s flipping funny. If your Monday is feeling like a sandwich with nothing but wet lettuce on it, then click play and have yourself a laugh.

Also please note how flipping convincing the boys are at pulling off the white trash look. Doug’s tissue up his nose kills me.

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The Balletcats 2

September 22, 2014


Since the last time I blogged about The Balletcats they have a new look book out, the photos that make it up are a bit bizarre, but in a good way and once again they have a nice collection of cat tees and sweaters that only someone who loves these 4 legged, tailed creatures of awesome would appreciate.

*Their grey “The entire cat population is my best friend” sweater is still one of my most favourite internet things.

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