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Live in Levi’s with Makosha Maja11. September 2014


We-are-awesome and I have started a brand new Levi’s series called ‘Live in Levi’s’ and first up is the lovely Makosha Maja. We gave Maja some Levi’s loot to buy herself some new things and then we asked her some questions about denim and things of that nature.

As part of this series we will also be giving away Levi’s vouchers and all we want to see is your interpretation of the theme ‘Live in Levi’s’ –  just post a picture of yourself on Instagram in any Levi’s item of clothing and then tag myself @miss_luckypony and @weareawesomedotcom and add this #LiveInLevis. We’re making it super easy for you guys to enter and who wouldn’t want some free Levi’s awesomeness? So get posting and good luck.

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GIVEAWAY – Win a Graeme Bettles lamp07. July 2014

The awesome Graeme Bettles Design company from Cape Town mailed me a couple of days ago to tell me that they are sending Shangie one of their amazing ‘Sitting Lamps’ (first lamp below) for her new bedroom, which I’m super excited about. Graeme Bettles is a talented local designer who left his career in advertising to explore his creativity in furniture and product design and who is definitely making some very cool things to lust over. His latest design in his character lamp series is ‘The Shy Lamp’, which I also think is very cool.

But I’ll tell you what’s even cooler, Greame is not only going to send me one lamp, but TWO. One for our home and one for 1 of yours. And not only is it super easy to enter, but we’re randomly choosing the winner in swift time too. Next Tuesday the 15th of July I’ll let you guys know whose taking home either ‘The Shy Lamp’ or a ‘Sitting Lamp’, the choice is all yours.

- His first design, The Sitting Lamp was exhibited at the 2012 Design Indaba and in 2014 took the title in the Décor and Design Category at Samsung’s Inspire Design Awards. The Sitting Lamp is stocked in 7 stores locally, including Weylandts and in London.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. Like Graeme Bettles Design on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

2. Leave me a comment telling me which one of these 2 lamps you would like, either  ‘The Shy Lamp’ or a ‘Sitting Lamp’.

3. If you Tweet/Instagram or blog about this giveaway, I’ll give you extra entries. Just remember to @miss_luckypony and add these #TheSittingLamp #TheShyLamp











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GIVEAWAY: It’s Christmas Bonanza tiiiiimmmme on Lucky Pony #LuckyBonanza05. December 2013

So it is nearly Christmas time, it’s nearly time for all of us (hopefully most of us) to go on holiday and forget about all work related responsibilities and just eat as much food as humanly possible. Well, this is at least what I plan on doing in the the next couple of weeks, for a couple of weeks.

But before I stock up on elasticated waist pants for the holidays, I thought I would host one final bonanza of a giveaway on my blog just to say thanks to all the awesome support that you have shown this Lucky Pony over the years AND to showcase some of my most favourite favourite LOCAL designers, whose stuff I think is beyond awesome and would all be very welcome in my present stash.

I have asked 10 of them to please add to my gift pile for you guys and they’re all onboard, which makes me very happy.  So this giveaway is going to be one I’m hoping none of you will want to miss out on. All the gifts are top quality made from genuine leather, sterling silver, rolled gold, 100% cotton and all natural ingredients. I have also included all the links to the designer’s online stores so that, hopefully I have made Christmas shopping a little easier for some of you this year.

And I’m making it super easy to enter and it’s absolutely open to everyone, local and international, so enter away!

How to enter:

1. Leave me a simple comment telling me who your favourite designer is (comments section is right at the bottom of the post, after the tags).

2. Like Lucky Pony on Facebook – just click here

3. Tweet / facebook / blog about this competition for EXTRA entries (I have had loads of past winners winning this way, so it’s worth the effort). If you do tweet, please tag me @miss_luckypony and use this #LuckyBonanza.

4. If you do tweet / facebook/ blog about it please let me know in your original comment, so that I can give you a few extra entries.

5. Entries close on the 20th of December 2013 at 1pm. I will choose winners later that day. Good luck.

This is how it will work:

I’m going to pick THREE winners and each person will get a #LuckyBonanza gift pack (see below), I’m going to let the 1st winner choose which one they want and then the second place winner can choose their pack and then the 3rd person gets the one that’s left, but all the packs are AMAZING, so I don’t think it’s going to matter which one you get.

And now without further a due I’d like to introduce you to all the designers and their amazing goods, which could be yours!







Link to Dark Horse – This cool little company has all sorts of awesome locally designed and produced leather goods, for men and woman. They’re also a design house, so if you’re looking for very cool original furniture and home ware, they are your guys. Happy shopping.


Link to Jane Sews – Jane Sews only makes super pretty things, nothing more and nothing less. Her clothing is dainty, considered and well crafted and her leather shoe collection is beyond amazing – happy shopping.


Link for Dear Rae – Dear Rae makes jewellery that is so fine and pretty, she has so many pieces that I would kill for. Her collection includes awesome affordable pieces and awesome luxurious ones too (diamonds and all), which I’m trying very hard to stay away from aaaaaa – happy shopping.


Link for Chapel – Chapel backpacks are still one of my most favourite things around. I can’t believe I don’t own one, I have to fix that! Their stuff is locally produced and designed and they have all sorts of canvas and leather bags to choose from – happy shopping.


Link for Lulu & Marula – This is a new kid on the block, I’ve only just been introduced to their products, but damn do I like them. Spoil your face and body a bit and get some of this local amazing skincare range – happy shopping


Link to Skermunkil - Marietjie has been one of my most favourite jewellery designers for years now. Her stuff is fun and pretty and gold and shiny and awesome, I own like 30 of her necklaces ha! – happy shopping


Link to Sergeant Pepper – Sergeant Pepper is probably one of the raddest men’s labels in South Africa at the moment. There stuff is well made and well designed and sometimes I’m a little jealous that there are no girl versions of their clothes – happy shopping


Link to Red Oker – Red Oker is a great initiative that houses a group of highly skilled craftsmen who hand make every bag that comes out of this company. Each one has a label inside it that tells you who made it and when it was completed, how special is that? They have men and woman’s leather bags – happy shopping


Link to Margo Molyneux – Margo makes simple, considered, easy to wear clothes, from dresses to skirts to blouses. Her stuff is light and feminine, produced and designed locally and oh so very very pretty – happy shopping


Link to Black Betty - Black Betty has all sorts of shiny pretty things to choose from, from rings to necklaces to earrings. Kristin’s stuff is fine and very beautiful and every time I wear one of her pieces I feel like such a lady hee. Her stuff ranges from a few hundred rand to a few thousand for her new diamond collection, you have to check it out - happy shopping






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GIVEAWAY: Sanlam Food Wine Design Fair25. October 2013

Ok so it’s Friday and  at the beginning of the week I said I was going to start a cool giveaway today, so here you go. Not only am I giving away 5 sets of double tickets to the Food Wine Design Fair but I also have a R3000 unit trust from Sanlam Investments to give to someone to help them save towards a lifetime dream.

We all have them, I’ve always wanted to dive face first like Scrooge Mc Duck into a massive vault full of kinder eggs, will it ever happen? Damn straight it will! As long as I still have the ability to dive and a mouth as big as mine, I will make this dream come true one day. And hopefully we can help one of your dreams come true too. I also have some great Marvelous Wine hampers to giveaway, this label came about when a chef, a winemaker and an entrepreneur happily collaborated to bring about 3 cool wines called Shazam!, Kaboom! and Ka-Pow!



So maybe you’re wondering how you stand a chance to win one of these 5 cool prizes? This is how:

1. Leave me a short comment telling me what you would one day use your unit trust for, what is the one thing you have been dying to do or go or eat or see.

2. Tweet or blog about this giveaway and I’ll give you another entry into the competition, just make sure you use these 2 tags @miss_luckypony and #FoodWineDesign. Let me know by leaving the link to your tweet or post in your comment.

3. Giveaway ends soooooon, so enter quick. Draw date is 1 November 2013, one week from now.

1st prize: Double tickets to Sanlam Investments FoodWineDesign Fair AND a R3000 unit trust from Sanlam Investments.

4 x runner up prizes: Double tickets to the Fair as well as a hamper of 3 x bottles of wine from newcomers Marvelous Wines.








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Levi’s Curve ID winner02. September 2013

Congratulations Amy Scheepers, you received the most votes in our Levi’s Curve ID competition and have just won yourself a R5000 shopping spree and a R2000 shopping spree for a friend courtesy of Levi’s. We will be closing the Levis’s shop off just for you guys and you’re going to get to shop and sip on champagne till your bags are full. On the night we will be giving one of the 4 winners another R10 000 to spend, so i’m holding thumbs that you get that too.

Thanks so much to everyone who took time out to enter and then to vote for their most favourite photo, the response was amazing and thanks Levi’s for the cool prizes.




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Levi’s Curve ID finalists – get voting26. August 2013

Ok so the time has come, we have picked the Levi’s Curve ID finalists across all four blogs. Each site has picked 5 finalists who now stand a chance to win a private shopping spree/champagne fest in the Levi’s store in Sandton City, where they will also be allowed to bring a friend who will be given their own spending money (in the form of R2000) for the night.

The girl who gets the most votes here will win R5000 to spend (and could win an additional R10 000 on the night) so you all have to do is have a look at the photos then scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the one you like the most. Super easy. And the entrant with the MOST likes wins, so if I was one of these girl’s friends I would strike a deal with them, if you know what I mean.

Voting closes on the 2nd of September.

*I just want to say thanks to everyone who entered, we got some very cool shots!












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