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Lekkerleesfees Festival


Thank you Pendorings.

October 24, 2011

A few months ago Este and I completed a campaign for Exclusives Books for their Lekkerleesfees Festival. Here are the 3 posters that we came up with and executed, with the help of the awesome team from Injozi (the talented Ross Garrett took our pictures for us). We didn’t have much time or money for this campaign, but we really liked how they came out in the end and apparently so did the Pendoring’s judges. Hee.

So I hear you asking, what is the Pendorings? Well it’s an awards show that celebrates Afrikaans advertising and it was held on Friday night in good old Midrand, where we actually won a gold Pendoring AND some sweet sweet cash money, whohoooo that I have already succesfully spent in my head. So my weekend was pretty cool, how about yours?