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Leah Goren you make pretty things that make me very happy

August 30, 2013


Leah Goren, is a young lass who I have blogged about before. She has just recently bought out some new designs that are too lovely. Leah hand paints most of her patterns that she uses, she’s famous for her cat head design, which is damn cool, but I’m happy to see some new shapes in there too.

Checked out her site and shop last night and thought I would show you what she’s been up to. How sweet is the bird dress and ceramic cat plate? WANT.

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Leah Goren, will you be my friend? I will make you jam sandwiches whenever you want.

December 8, 2011


All these flipping beautiful pieces are made by one Miss Leah Goren. She illustrates all her own patterns and then makes beautiful things out of them. I absolutely love her scarves and headbands and the cat dress is beyond awesome. Best part about her, she takes custom orders, so if you like something but want it in another print, she’ll do it for you. You can order stuff off her Etsy store.

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