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6 months and 1 week…

May 8, 2014


So I’m 6 months and 1 week into my pregnancy, yesterday I went to see my doctor for another scan and he was happy with everything that he saw. Our little Shangie weighs 887 grams and she was busy scratching her ear when we were checking her out for the first time. I know it’s only a blurred black and white figure on the screen, but to me she is just so damn cute. If I see a hand or a foot or her scratch her ear I feel like I’m looking at the most amazing thing in the world.

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Some Pinterest stuff

April 11, 2013

Some cool stuff I found on floating around Pinterest today. They’re all so nice. Sigh.



Bikini from Anthropologie


Matt Purcell – awesome packaging


APOM Villa Kula Shirt –  thanks Leigh Face for this one


Lamps from Apparatu and Mashallah


Yellow shoes from Topshop


Pendleton Throw


Pocket bag


Vampire ring


Field bag


Pleat box lamp


Grey bra from Need Supply Co.


Ceramic life saver- just for fun

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Anatomy Design

December 5, 2012

A new interiors shop called Anatomy Design has just opened up in 44 Stanley and I went to go check it out. It’s a cozy space that is full of very sweet things to buy from ceramic pieces to art to designer furniture to cushions to some super cool lamps, amongst other things. I definitely think it’s worth a visit if you are looking for some nice stuff for your house or a gift for someone for Christmas, I mean who wouldn’t want a plate with a pigeon on it?! Love those.

- Craftsmanship, simplicity and the use of materials in their natural form has become a trademark for products designed and made by Anatomy Design. They are also stockists the unique and curious brands, such as Number Nineteen and Josephine Road.