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Bye bye weekend

March 15, 2010

This weekend went by so super fast. there was so much going on – I kind of like that and don’t like it at the same time, if you know what I mean?


But anyway, I have some exciting news to share with everyone – Elle Decor is doing a double page spread on Wolves, I think it’s going to be in the next issue. How cool? They came to shoot us on Saturday morning. I’m so excited about it. I think i’m going to buy like 9 copies when it comes out hee.


Went to watch Desmond on Saturday night. They played at a 21st in Alberton. Wow. The kids went super friggin crazy. It was so awesome. I just stood behind Desmond and watched everyone sing along to every song,  I also witnessed a girl flash the boys so they would play another song, funny thing was none of them saw it, just me hahah and I didn’t sing anything for her. Shame.


Then on Sunday I went on a giant, long assed grocery shop for Wolves, and to reward myself for all the running around, I bought this jersey, which I will one day wear on my 540 foot yacht that I plan on buying. I want this thing to be so ridiculously big that P. Diddy will make a little pee pee when he sees it sail by and then everyone will laugh and call him P. Peepee for the rest of his living days. Hells yes. (thanks Mr Price x x x x)

*bye bye nice weekend x

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knock knock. who’s there? Miss Moss.

March 12, 2010


today i went to the post office to cash in a slip i got in the mail. this is what was posted to me by my awesome friend Miss Moss. she sent it as a surprise and good luck gift for Wolves. they are so very very pretty lady, thank you so much. when you come visit expect to eat a lindt tart off of one of these suckers using only your hands and front teeth x x

go check out diana’s blog. it rules some serious blog face.

ps: love the postcard a lot and i’m super glad you bubble wrapped the crap out of these lovelies hahhaa. nice.

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where i live.

September 7, 2009


i took these 2 polaroids of my block of flats. the battery in the film pack was obviously dying, so both pictures stuttered when they came out. i quite like them.


What a lovely and nice afternoon.

May 23, 2009


Today I went to town with Shane, Doug, Cath and Will. We walked around looking like real tourists. We went in into a few shops where I found this awesome plastic tablecloth, I also got an old  faded 36 piece kids puzzle of some deer in a forrest, which I want to frame. It’s so rad how the sun has faded it, but under where the “36 piece puzzle” sticker used to be it’s still it’s original colour. I also got a ‘ID photo taking lady’ to take a picture of shane and I. She didn’t really understand why i wanted both of us in my ID picture, but eventually she got it hee. Then we all went for lunch and sat in the sun and then I bought a mini chocolate cake with ganache icing (holy moley wow) from La Patisserie in Illovo, which i’m busy getting stuck into right now. The end. Shoo

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