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It’s nearly my birthday.12. June 2012

It’s nearly my birthday and I would very much like it if someone and it can be anyone really, threw me a surprise birthday party that looked like this.

Now this is one shindig I wish I was sugar overloading in the middle of – it’s so pretty. Emilie Griottes (from the post below) helped with the catering for this event and My Little Day took care of the decorations. To. Much. Prettiness.


I would also like this cookie ferris wheel. A thanks yous.

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Good enough to eat, but nicer to look at.12. June 2012

These super cool pantone tarts by Emilie Griottes who runs a food blog called Griottes. I think if I was talented enough to create things this beautiful I would A) never want to eat them and B) cry like a child whose just seen Barney ‘take’ his head off  when I inevitably do.

Images found via Plenty of Colour

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