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Do not open

October 31, 2014


Do Not Open is the personal project of Erik Marinovich, a letterer and designer based in San Francisco. He designs and hand draws these beautiful envelopes and then carefully packages them and sends them off to their owners. Imagine getting this envelope in your mailbox. Wow. If you have $250 lying around then one of these amazings could be yours. Yes please.

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12 x 30 Project – an Exhibition by Catherine Green

September 24, 2014


My talented friend Catherine Green is exhibiting at Wolves for the next few weeks, her show is starting on Friday at 6pm and she has sent a whole lot of framed and unframed, all original ink drawings from Cape Town for this exhibition.

I did a post a while back on Cath’s work and so I’m so excited to see it up close and personal. There are so many cool pieces and they’re not your run of the mill drawings, the content is out of the ordinary and really interesting and definitely worth a look and a buy.

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Evie Cahir part 2

September 23, 2014


I recently went to look at Evie Cahir’s site again. I did a post on her incredible illustrations last year and I was blown away by the sheer volume of good work that she had up on her site, there were a lot of pieces that I thought were really interesting and eery and I spent a long time going through her stuff.

When I went to go have a look a second time around, I was once again surprised by the sheer volume and the awesomeness of her drawings, which are like bizarre little snippets into her life.

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