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Paper Paintings by Geoff Mcfetridge04. June 2014

Saw a couple of paintings by LA based artist Geoff Mcfetridge on Pinterest today and went on a search for more. This guy is super talented and has done a lot of amazing work for loads of different shows, galleries and clients. I really like this series of his called ‘Paper Paintings by Geoff Mcfetridge’

- LA-based artist Geoff Mcfetridge works across a great variety of media including graphic design, illustration and animation for clients such as OK GO, spike jonze, the new york times, the walker art center and NIKE among others.
















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Kiekies – No. 4 – Wolfeyebrows28. May 2014

I haven’t posted one of these in a while, so today I thought I would introduce you all to my friend Cath who goes by the name Wolfeyebrows on Instagram. She is a talented illustrator who lives and works in Cape Town and lately she has been flooding (in the best way) her Instagram feed with monthly illustrative projects, which are just too awesome. Each month she chooses a different theme and then she draws a picture a day. Below I have included some of my favourite illustrations from her so far.

She also takes pretty photos and they are scattered in and amongst her drawings, so she’s definitely worth following. I asked Cath some questions about this project, see the answers below, after the pictures.

The last Kiekies post I put up - Kiekies – No. 3 – Sol-Sol-Street

And if you’re keen to follow me, here is my link miss_luckypony























1. How long have you been on Instagram? Approximately 3 years.

3. Could you live without it? Yes, but I’d rather not. It’s a wonderful distraction.

4. You have started a monthly illustrative project on Instagram, what made you think about using that as a platform to host it? The project has a sense of immediacy – drawing everyday for 30 consecutive days around a given theme and then repeating the process. So, it made sense for me to use a platform like Instagram that is instant and immediate. I also wanted an audience to prevent me from abandoning the project. Nothing like peer pressure to keep you going!

5. How long do you see the project going on for and what is your plan for all the amazing drawings at the end of it? The project is set to continue for the rest of the year and then I’ll reevaluate. I do like the habit of drawing everyday, so I may create a new incarnation of the project to keep that going. I’m not sure what to do with the drawings – I didn’t really think about it at the start of the process, it was more a way for me to get back into illustration. There has been a very positive response to project, the crest and patron saint series in particular, so I may include some of them in a future exhibition. The other more personal drawings, like the daily diary and clothing portraits, lend themselves to more intimate kinds of presentation – I was thinking a zine but I may just keep them for myself. Some people have contacted me to buy prints, which I didn’t expect, so I’ll be looking into converting the original illustrations into prints soon for those with a smaller budget. The project has also sparked some commissioned illustration work that I am really enjoying and would like to grow in the future.

6. How do you come up with the themes for each month? The themes are largely informed by my interests and background. I majored in History of Art and English literature at University, both subjects are inspirational goldmines. For example, the patron saint series allowed me to draw from the religious iconography I had studied in History of Art and Sociology. I’m an academic at heart, so this project allows me to express that visually.

7. Who are some of your most favourite instagramers? This is a tough one….I like following other illustrators, some of my favourites are Carla Fuentes (@littleisdrawing), Rui Tenreiro (@tenreirui), Ping Zhu (@pingszoo) and Katrin Coetzer (@trini_prins). National Geographic’s (@natgeo) Instagram feed is also phenomenal.

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Tomás Alonso26. May 2014

These furniture designs are by Spanish designer Tomás Alonso. I was taking a wonder through his site today and landed up finding quite a few pieces which I thought were pretty damn cool. His asthetic is clean and simple from the actual design, to the materials he uses to his colour palette. I really think he has some amazing work in his portfolio.

-  His method, which might be described as “à la Castiglioni” due to its ideological simplicity, can be summed up as an intelligent morphological synthesis of a technicist type, which focuses on functionality as an absolute value and turns it into an idea for products which are quick and easily understandable into their constitutive elements. The very simple aesthetic qualities of his objects reveal the expressive potential of each specific material, which is also his main source of inspiration, conveying an expressive immediacy which makes his products universal and transgenerational. He uses both wood and metal in a sober, soft and practical manner, skilfully inverting the usual way in which these two materials are perceived: wood is reduced to very slender, squared, vectorial sticks, iron is curved, warm and coloured.


Tomás Alonso-14

Tomás Alonso-15

Tomás Alonso-4

Tomás Alonso-17

Tomás Alonso-19

Tomás Alonso-13

Tomás Alonso-12

Tomás Alonso-18

Tomás Alonso-10

Tomás Alonso-1

Tomás Alonso-23

Tomás Alonso-20

Tomás Alonso-22

Tomás Alonso-7

Tomás Alonso-11

Tomás Alonso-5

Tomás Alonso-24


Tomás Alonso-6



Tomás Alonso-8

Tomás Alonso-9

Tomás Alonso-21


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Sibella Court’s Incredible studio and living space20. May 2014

Design Files have just featured Sibella Court’s workspace/studio and separate living quarters on their site and I must say that even though there is a lot of clutter going on, I really really like these spaces, they feel so interesting and lived in. There are so many cool layers and interior textures that this lady has created and there are so many little pieces that I would house-nap in an instance. It’s one of the most eclectic places I’ve seen in a while and I wish I could explore them in real life.

I think I like the bathroom and kitchen the most, so awesome.


Sibella Court house-15

Stairs leading up to the studio from Sibella’s shop

Sibella Court house-3

Library in the studio

Sibella Court house-14

Sibella Court house-2

Sibella Court house-7

Sibella Court house-9


Sibella Court house-12

Sibella Court house-8

Studio wall

Sibella Court house-1


Sibella Court house-11

Master bedroom

Sibella Court house-13

Sibella Court house-5

Part of her wardrobe

Sibella Court house-6

Sibella Court house-10

Outdoor room off the master bedroom

Sibella Court house-4

Sibella Court house-16

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Enrico Nagel19. May 2014

A young gentleman by the name of Enrico Nagel mailed me and asked if I would check out his work, which I did. Enrico was born in Berlin, German and his work, from what I can see is appreciated by all sorts of publications, he’s works have adorned a bunch of different well known magazine covers as well as exhibitions and showings.

I really like his work and hope you guys will too.






















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Marsi van de Heuvel13. May 2014

This Thursday my friend Marsi van Heuvel is opening her show at Tonic at No. 3 Desmond Road, Kramerville. Marsi is one of the most skilled artists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in real life. Her work is so fine and detailed that it makes you go crazy looking at it, because you just can’t comprehend the amount of work and patience that has gone into every piece. Below I have included only a few of the amazing pieces that are going up, there is still lots more that forms part of this show and believe me when I tell you, that this work will only be properly appreciated when seen in person.

All Marsi’s pieces are ink of paper, so all the little dots, lines and textures you see below are made up by hand, bit by bit over a period of time. I cannot wait to see this show and I think if you’re in Johannesburg you must make a plan to go see it too. I have no doubt that you will be blown away.

All work up, bar a few limited prints will be original pieces, ranging from 50 x 50mm to 1335 x 1090mm.

- I feel compelled to make work that contributes, and search to find relevant subject matter that does not exclude; that speaks in the language of Everyman. I love that art has the power to convey something complex in a simple way.
This work is a demonstration of my dedication, a practice of discipline and patience. The process is slow and meditative, consuming of time and self. The deliberate use of millions of minute pen marks  represents the likeness of our universe. The intention is to broaden perspectives of Who we are, and Where we are. The subject of Space in all its complexity and vastness calls me to explore the unknown.

“We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.” – Carl Sagan, astronomer, 1980 














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