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July 17, 2015


I love buying stuff and I’m not just talking about one thing in particular, I love buying clothes, kitchenware, art, plants, you name it and I probably have a slight obsession in one way or another. I really like coats, but I try not to buy too many because they take up a lot of space and we don’t exactly live in a climate that justifies owning tons of them. But sometimes when you find something that you like, you just have to buy it right? Right. This is how I felt about this brown/green coat I found at Zara a few weeks back. Well I call it a coat, Shane doesn’t seem to think it’s one because of it’s lack of arm coverage. His first question to me was “where are the sleeves?” I guess he has a point.

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June 29, 2015


I just recently discovered Mi-Pac, which is a UK brand that makes really cool backpacks and duffel bags in all sorts of colours and custom patterns and designs. I checked out their look book and have already spotted one or two that I wouldn’t mind getting my dirty little paws on. My poor handbag these days can barely keep up with the amount of stuff I try cram into it.

These bags are now available in South Africa, which is pretty cool!

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clothes, FASHION

Winter time with Forever New

June 18, 2015

SS & LP Forever New-48

SS & LP Forever New-11

It has been so cold the last little while, every time I step out of my flat I want to gingerly step back in and shut the door before anyone even notices I’ve came out. It’s definitely coat and beanie weather, which I love but only if I’m dressed like a bear going to the Winter Olympics – this sentence makes complete sense so I’m not going to change it.

Last weekend my friend Anna-Belle from Shesaid and I teamed up and did a shoot together with some items from Forever New. I had fun going in store and trying stuff on like a really short, stumpy brunette version of Pretty Woman and I came out with some really nice pieces. I don’t have very many pairs if pants, I have jeans coming out my wazoo, but pants not so much, so I’m really happy with the navy tartan slacks I picked up. The material is so nice and soft and they’re so comfy! I also got myself a cool denim shirt, a beanie with enough pom-poms to last me till next Winter and a really nice, really warm fur lined jacket. So all in all I think I scored.

Now here comes the best part about this post. I have a R1000 Forever New gift voucher to give to one of you guys so you too can go get yourself something nice and I’m making it really easy to enter.

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Jane Sews 2015 Lookbook

June 9, 2015


It’s that time of the year again. The time to gaze upon the new Jane Sews 2015 lookbook and sigh because you wish you had every piece in her new collection. I’m not just saying this because it’s my friend who owns and runs this awesome local label, I say it because she really does make awesome clothes and she deserves all the success that comes her way.

Jane Sews is holding a little shindig for their new brick and mortar store opening on the 25th of June in Durban and to celebrate they’re giving away a spending voucher to the value of R1500 on the night, so if you’re in the area and you’re feel like spoiling yourself or maybe even being spoilt, head on down and show them some support.

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Johannesburg street fashion

May 31, 2015


If you go down town these days you will see some of the coolest kids around, sporting some of the most awesome Johannesburg street fashion. Guys who look like they have effortlessly put together their looks and then wear them like Kings.

I went into the city with my Canon PowerShot SX600 HS and took some photographs of people out and about. I thought this would be an awesome end to my 3-part series that I’m doing with ‘Create With Canon’. I love people watching and I love taking photos of individuals. I’ve always wanted to one day collect all of them and put them into a book, so that I can page through it and enjoy them as a whole collection. I have so many photos of so many strangers, so I definitely think I’m going to make it happen one day.

But for now take a look at all this guys that I snapped. Yes, there are no girls in this post, but that is because I feel like the boys rule the fashion scene in town. Hands down.


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Photo shoot with Anna-Belle soon to be Durrant

May 27, 2015


Anna-Belle and I have been doing a few shoots together lately and we’ve had so much fun in the process. A couple of weeks ago I played photographer whilst Anna-Belle walked around the top of Constitution Hill. I like being on the clicker side of the camera, I used to do it so much, so it’s nice to get back into it. I like seeing a moment and then getting to freeze it in time for our kids to one day find and say, “hey mom, Aunty Anna-Belle used to be so young!”. Heheh.

For this shoot we went into Mango and picked up a few cool pieces to wear and below is the end result.

We are really wanting to do more impromptu slash planned shoots, so if any of you have a cool fashion label or product that you want to punt, drop us a mail and we’ll try set something up –

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