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October 4, 2015



A couple of weeks back I started a new series with GAP on my blog called #LuckyGAP whereby I dress Nina James up in super cute clothing and then try to take photos of her while she darts off in every direction. I think if you had to see the behind the scenes of this project you would laugh a bit as it has me calling her name out over and over again, whilst I lie on the floor, squat this way and that, bribe her with my cellphone to come towards me and all so I can get some nice photos. But it’s fun and I like that I will have these pictures forever and a day.

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GAP Kids #LuckyGAP

September 11, 2015


I love buying clothes for Nina and dressing her up in fact it’s one of my most favourite things to do because everything in baby size is just so cute and adorable. Sometimes I wish I could just roll stuff up dip it in mayonnaise and eat it, obviously I wouldn’t do that but it’s just how I feel because they’re just so small and cutesy.

GAP has some super cute things for babies and kids and the other day I went and picked a couple of things up to dress Nina James in for a quick shoot. I also got a few pieces for myself because shopping is always more fun when you come home with something for yourself too.

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August 17, 2015



Anna-Belle and I were invited to hang out in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch for a few days thanks to the lovely people over at Stellenbosch Wine Routes. I’ve never stayed in this area before and I’m really glad I got to because it’s so pretty to look at, I like being surrounded by wine lands and vast mountain vistas.

Whilst there we got together to shoot some looks that we have just recently added to our wardrobes. So to kick off this series I’m starting with this navy jumpsuit I found at Zara. I really like it, it’s light and easy to wear, so easy in fact that I accidentally wore it backwards and I only realised after we had shot and the rain had started pouring down. I laughed so hard at myself afterwards, but hey I think it works both ways so it’s all good hehe. My hat is from Simon and Mary, luckily I managed to wear that right way round.

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Topshop personal shopper

August 10, 2015



A little while back I thought I would spoil myself for my birthday with some new clothes and I so I booked a session with Topshop’s personal shopper Nadine. When I arrived I was offered a cold glass of champagne in the personal changing room/suite (that is booked out especially for these sessions) and then we had a chat about what I was looking for before we walked around and Nadine helped me find some bits and pieces. Some items suited me more than others, but it was fun to just try a few things on that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked myself.

I must admit I must be one of the hardest people to choose things for because I’m so fussy,  I don’t wear any shorts or short dresses and I don’t wear anything super tight or cropped, which means I like a lot of things shaped like pants, but Nadine was really cool and we found some nice stuff.

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July 17, 2015


I love buying stuff and I’m not just talking about one thing in particular, I love buying clothes, kitchenware, art, plants, you name it and I probably have a slight obsession in one way or another. I really like coats, but I try not to buy too many because they take up a lot of space and we don’t exactly live in a climate that justifies owning tons of them. But sometimes when you find something that you like, you just have to buy it right? Right. This is how I felt about this brown/green coat I found at Zara a few weeks back. Well I call it a coat, Shane doesn’t seem to think it’s one because of it’s lack of arm coverage. His first question to me was “where are the sleeves?” I guess he has a point.

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June 29, 2015


I just recently discovered Mi-Pac, which is a UK brand that makes really cool backpacks and duffel bags in all sorts of colours and custom patterns and designs. I checked out their look book and have already spotted one or two that I wouldn’t mind getting my dirty little paws on. My poor handbag these days can barely keep up with the amount of stuff I try cram into it.

These bags are now available in South Africa, which is pretty cool!

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