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Boyfriend jeans

January 20, 2015


So I may be a little late to hop onto the whole boyfriend jean train, but last weekend I went out and bought myself a pair. I’m so used to wearing skinny jeans that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to wear normal pants. When I first put them on I felt like I was almost transported back to 1998, I mean they’re not even that baggy, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but anyway heeee. They’re super comfy and I can eat as many of these Boston Cream Cakes as I like and not have to undo any buttons. Happiness.

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Mix and Match bikinis

January 3, 2015

high-waisted bikini

I may not be the biggest fan of parading around in my swimming costume, but it doesn’t stop me from appreciating nice swimwear. Urban Outfitters are big fans of the Mix and Match bikini and frankly so am I. The idea of buying different pieces and making up combinations is so much fun, here are a few styles that are available and they deliver to SA, whooo!

Mix and Match high-waisted bikinis are the best and the girl in all these photos is not. Elgh I hate her and her long limbs.

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December 15, 2014


The other day I got introduced to a lovely online kid’s store called Collerette, which is run and curated by a charming lady named Katia who has moved here from Paris. She thought it would be awesome to create a online space that she could stock with unique items from foreign places that she travels to and make them easily available to us here in South Africa.

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New things are always welcome in the Durrant house

December 1, 2014


Last weekend I got some new stuff for Nina, the house and myself. Thought I would share them with you in case anyone was in the market for shoes, a new rug, a light box or some cute baby things. Que photos…

In my room I had a really nice cream knotted rug, but I quickly learnt that the colour cream is not my friend and probably will never ever be. It was such a nice piece, but damn was it hard to keep clean and I’m one of those people that freak out when there are marks or scratches on stuff. So I went back to Mr P Home in search of a new one and lucky for me I found one I liked and it’s more black than any other colour, which is great. Hopefully it’ll last longer.

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Shop from your couch, bed, lilo, rooftop…

November 26, 2014


It finally feels like Summer is officially here and yesterday I felt like buying a few new things for my December holiday that’s coming up. And seeing as I had some Mr Price vouchers I thought I would have a bit of a shop on MrP online, plus I like it that you get to order stuff and then someone brings it straight to your front door, now if only that’d chuck some warm cookies in there too….

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