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Where to find nice dresses

November 20, 2015


I don’t know about you guys but I often struggle to find really nice slightly fancy dresses to wear to things. I mean there are lots of them out there but I’m so particular about the type of dresses that I wear that I land up limiting my choices quite a lot. For starters I don’t like anything short which basically cancels out like 3/4 of the options adorning the rails. I get so frustrated sometimes that I land up going to buy a Cinnabon instead and stuffing my face with that. If only I could wear a Cinnabon.

Thank goodness when I needed an outfit the other day for a party I stumbled across this pleated beauty which I instantly fell in love with.  Luckily we were also on balloon duty that day, so before we went out I thought I’d get Shane to snap some photos of me for fun, you know how you do when you have a balloons, a blue dress and a cacti background. It’s a completely normal thing to do right? Right.

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clothes, FASHION, photography

Gap Kids – Series four

November 8, 2015

little red riding hood

Gap Kids - Series four

It’s time for another #LuckyGAP session with Nina James, but this time around we decided that Sammy Sam should join her in a little stroll through nature while both wearing matching red raincoats. Don’t you think they look like modern day versions of Little Red Riding Hood? These two kids make me so happy and it’s so awesome they’re only 2 months apart in age, Leigh (Sam’s mom) and I are so hoping they’re going to grow up to be best buds – hehe!

How cute do these two look, I could just squeeze them. All the items Sam and Nina James are wearing, except for their shoes are from GAP Kids in Stuttafords. The headband NJ has on is from the lovely Ruth and her line RuthJ Baby Accessories ( I wish Sam’s parrot shorts came in a adult size, that print is just too awesome.

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Gap Kids – Series three

October 19, 2015

Nina James

Gap Kids - Series three

I’ve decided that Summer time is definitely an funner season to dress kids up in. Bloomers, rompers, dresses, shorts and bare feet…Man I envy babies because when it’s hot they literally get to run around in their diapers and it isn’t considered weird, not even for one second. When we were in the middle of that heat wave the other day that’s exactly what NJ did, she diapered it with a strawberry in one hand and fake singing cellphone in the other. Good times.

But I digress, what I actually should be saying is that it’s time for yet another addition to my Gap Kids Series. This time I took Nina James down to the garden to run around for a bit, she even go to try out her new swimming costume which comes complete with lemons and a frill. Why can’t adult swimming costumes be as cute?!

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New Levi’s Denim Collection

October 18, 2015


levis jeans

I’ve always liked Levi’s ever since I was a youngin, so I’m super excited about their new women’s denim collection and Spring 2015 campaign which features multi-Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Alicia Keys.

I went in store to check out the new collection and took my friend Leigh face with me so we could each get ourselves some new jeans. We both went for a pair of 710 Super Skinnies from the new 700 series, which come in varying shades. The denim they’re made out of is so nice and soft and they sit just right on the hip and the ankle, which is always a hard balance to find in a pair of jeans. We then went up to the roof parking for a bit of a shoot which lasted all of 10 minutes before security chased us away like naughty children, but before we drove off into the Illovo sunset I managed to get some photos of Leigh and her Super Skinnies.

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Forever 21 in Sandton City

October 16, 2015


Last night I got to go have a sneak peak and a wonder around the brand new Forever 21 in Sandton City that is having it’s grand opening this Saturday.

Guys this store is huge, in fact it’s two floors full of stuff that I think you’re really going to like. The clothes are made up of all sorts of different styles for all sorts of different people and not just things that you can only wear if you look like Taylor Swift or anyone that is as tall, skinny or genetically well structured in the face as her and here’s the best part, stuff is not badly priced. I saw really nice pieces for between R400-R550, but then I also saw awesome things that were only a couple of hundred rand. I must say I was very surprised price wise and I think you’re going to be too.

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Gap Kids – Series Two

October 4, 2015



A couple of weeks back I started a new series with GAP on my blog called Gap Kids whereby I dress Nina James up in super cute clothing and then try to take photos of her while she darts off in every direction. I think if you had to see the behind the scenes of this project you would laugh a bit as it has me calling her name out over and over again, whilst I lie on the floor, squat this way and that, bribe her with my cellphone to come towards me and all so I can get some nice photos. But it’s fun and I like that I will have these pictures forever and a day.

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