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Pop-up shop with Jane sews, Paul’s Homemade Ice-cream, Matthew Mole, Super Eyewear and Tea Hunters19. September 2014

If you are looking to do something fun next Wednesday, which involves you spoiling yourself with pretty clothes from Jane Sews’ new Summer collection, sunglasses, tea, ice-cream and the sights of Matthew Mole’s face, then I suggest you head on over to Wolves for a super cool pop-up shop organised by lovely Amy from Jane Sews. There is going to be lots of nice things for you to get your little paws on, so I really hope to see you all there.

Below are some beautiful images from Jane Sews new Summer look book – just a few sneak peaks of the some of the loveliness you can expect to find at Wolves next week. Can’t wait!
















Photographer: Thea Cogil
Hair and Make-Up: Candice Mac Nicol
Models: Gillian Gregory and Renè Nagel


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The Whitepepper 215. September 2014

Went and checked out if the The Whitepepper had new stock, which they do. I blogged about some of their awesome stuff a while back and this time around they don’t disappoint again. Such nice tones and patterns mixed with laid back cuts and styles. So very very cool.


the whitepepper-16

the whitepepper-15

the whitepepper-10

the whitepepper-5

the whitepepper-2

the whitepepper-4

the whitepepper-11

the whitepepper-12

the whitepepper-8

the whitepepper-14

the whitepepper-17


the whitepepper

the whitepepper-13

the whitepepper-9




the whitepepper-7


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Say hello to a new ‘Live in Levi’s series and a cool new Levi’s competition13. August 2014

Hello everyone, We-Are-Awesome and I are amped to announce that we will be starting a new Levis series called ‘Live in Levi’s’ on both our blogs and this time around not only will we be showcasing some of South Africa’s coolest, talented individuals, where they live and what they do, but every month we will also be giving away Levi’s vouchers and all we want to see is your interpretation of the theme ‘Live in Levi’s’ –  just post a picture of yourself on Instagram in any Levi’s item of clothing and then tag myself @miss_luckypony and @weareawesomedotcom and add this #LiveInLevis. We’re making it super easy for you guys to enter and who wouldn’t want some free Levi’s awesomeness? So get posting and good luck.

We’re also going to be showcasing some of Levi’s new in store product and I’m starting with this very cool ladies denim and white collared shirt that I spotted and snapped up immediately. I love denim shirts, in fact I think I own close to 6 of them, but I don’t have one like this. Love the collar detail and how it highlights whatever you choose to wear around your neck.

I’ve taken photos of some of my favourite accessories with this awesome piece, I also saw a very cool short black denim jacket that I think may have my name on it next time I go shopping.















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Sergeant Pepper Working Class heroes video Campaign Spring/ Summer 201416. July 2014

So my friend Zak who is behind the awesome men’s label Sergeant Pepper launch their new Working Class heroes video Campaign Spring/ Summer 2014 today. Check it out, not only is it an interesting campaign that celebrates local artisans and their similar outlook on life to that of the Sergeant Pepper brand, but it’s also showcases some great clothes from the label itself and a very cool guy from the Congo named Ollie.

Can’t wait to see more instalments….

“‘Working Class Heroes’ is a Sergeant Pepper Campaign celebrating specific local artisans that we believe share a very similar brand ethos and outlook on life. They are heroes pouring everything they have into this one single passion and pursuit, and are pioneers in their respective industries. We wanted to document a day in the life of these artisans and reveal a bit of the process behind the amazing product that their community engages with, hence the phrase: ‘Work hard, stay inspired.'”

~ Zak Venter (Brand Executive, Sergeant Pepper Clothing )

SERGEANT PEPPER #workingclassheroes SPRING / SUMMER 2014 – Ollie from Willem Grobler on Vimeo.

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Jarapa Jarapa clothing07. July 2014

These very crazy, but cool pieces are made by Barcelona based label Jarapa Jarapa. From what I can gather via their Facebook page and a very helpful Spanish to English online translator, I’ve learnt that each piece that this label makes is unique and never repeated, once made ​​the pattern for that specific item is destroyed, so that the buyer is the only one that owns it. How cool is that?

I really like all the mad patterns they use to spruce up a shirt or a denim jacket, I mean who would say no to a bacon shirt? What about a dinosaur or a banana one, not me, that’s for sure.


Jarapa Jarapa-14

Jarapa Jarapa-2

Jarapa Jarapa-13

Jarapa Jarapa-17

Jarapa Jarapa-8

Jarapa Jarapa-11

Jarapa Jarapa-21

Jarapa Jarapa-19

Jarapa Jarapa-20

Jarapa Jarapa-9

Jarapa Jarapa-18


Jarapa Jarapa-22

Jarapa Jarapa-10

Jarapa Jarapa-5

Jarapa Jarapa-12

Jarapa Jarapa-3

Jarapa Jarapa-23

Jarapa Jarapa-6





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Oh Dear Megan and Margot Molyneux clothing Pop-up shop25. June 2014

YAY my friend Margot who runs Margot Molyneux clothing is hosting a pop-up shop at Wolves on the 4th of July with Oh Dear Megan. Both these lables have such nice stuff up for offer, I have included some product shots below. There will be treats and champagne so come say hi and pick up something to fend off the winter blues.

So excited for this! Whoohoo.

















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