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October 21, 2012

Here are some things that I think are really cool.

These colourful hand molded, hand decorated brooches are made by Vanessa Gong from Norway. She actually calls them Geometric Boobs and you can buy them in different sizes. Every pair is unique and only one of each set is available.

The name of these make me laugh ha.


I have to give credit to Cath for this one, she’s the one that found it. If I had R7500, yes that is seven thousand and five hundred rand lying around I would buy this Julien David ‘KNIFE’ WOOL CARDIGAN

I also like this poster, wouldn’t mind it for our house.

This pink cutout blouse is super cool. Couldn’t find where to buy it from, but I thought I would post it anyway.

These super simple and nice light sconces are from ISM Objects in Sydney and Melbourne.

Look at this wonderful wool covered chair by designer Hans Sapperlot. 

I want all these foxy things. Fox sweater and fox skirt. 

Love love love this Fish Scale Knit Sweater by Maison Martin Margiela

Hello you beautiful glass. WANT.

These watercolor painting prints are by Amber Alexander and they can be snapped up right here.

The Soft collection tables are designed by Curtis Popp.

Gold heart ring from Anthropologie

Wooden button board


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Sometimes having beady little eyes helps.

July 17, 2012

Sometimes having beady little eyes helps. Thought I would show you the 2 items I found at the recent antique fair I went to. They were well hidden but I managed to sniff them out and get them at a nice price too. I really love the silver flower one, I don’t have anything like it in my collection of shiny things – it reminds me of a photo corner that people used in albums back in the day.

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Pretty things.

July 13, 2012

Oh the lovely internet, it’s so full of magical things that you want to spend your paper wealth on. I was thnking back to the days when I didn’t really explore the internet that much, when I used it to Yahoo something here and there ha! Now I can’t live without it, it’s like my best friend who I don’t have to share my chocolates with because it doesn’t have a mouth or feelings. Yes.

Anyway, here are some pretty things that I have bought in my imagination. Enjoy xx

Cups by Fine Little Day

Scarf by Carré Cervin

Necklaces from Old Gold Boutique

D.I.Y. crochet patch – not sure where I found this…

Porcelain Jewel Brooch

lovely bowls from Pigeon Toe ceramics

Cat greeting card

Pyramid necklace

Denim lace jacket

Cat collar –  WANT cat and collar

Porcelian cactus

Necklace from A little Dot

Awesoem chairs by Shane Schneck

Floral Embroidered Shirt Dress From Asos

COOL STUFF, FASHION, handmade stuff, jewellery, other cool bloggers

Hidden Memories

June 28, 2012

Hidden Memories is a collection by Puur Anders, I stumbled across her yesterday and went at had a look at her Etsy shop. These pieces are so delicate in structure and I like the idea of wearing a lost memory on something as pretty as a leaf made of cotton. Very nice Puur.

– In my shop you find necklaces and brooches made of fabric printed with an old photograph. They are all part of the collection Hidden Memories. Everything is handmade by me. I’m always working on new pieces and do not work with seasonal collections. All items are one of a kind or in a limited edition.