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My Personal Stylist experience at Topshop

February 5, 2015



Last week Topshop invited me to try out their complimentary Personal Stylist Service and to check out their awesome denim range that Hailey Baldwin is now the new face of. I have often wondered what having a personal stylist must be like and seeing as I will probably never have a permanent one of my own because I’m not a Kardashian i.e. super rich for no reason, I was eager to try theirs out.

I think the best part about it is that it’s really easy to set up and it’s free, all you have to do is give Topshop a call and book a time slot with Juanita (that’s the personal shoppers name), which is exactly what I did and is exactly what you guys can do too. At the end of my visit I got to keep a pair of denims of my choice and I got given a R500 Topshop voucher to give to one of you guys so that you can also go try them out for yourself. Cool hey?

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2015 hello and welcome.

January 5, 2015


Happy new year everyone, I’m sure a lot of you are back at work today and ready to start new things, start some things over, forget some things, find new things, learn new things (well you know where I’m going with this thought). I know I am.

I’m happy to be back posting on Lucky Pony, which this year will be 7 years old! Wow even typing that is making me feel a little nostalgic, so much time has passed, so many words and photos and thoughts and they’re all bundled up in this blog of mine, this site that I have loved since the first day I started it.

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Etali Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve

December 5, 2014


A couple of weeks ago Shane, Nina James and I decided to take a couple of days off to spend in the bush. We wanted to go somewhere that was private and a tad luxurious, we had never been to Madikwe before and I have been told by quite a few of my friends that it is such a nice reserve to visit, so I started my search there. Let’s just say there is not a shortage of awesome looking places to stay in, but we settled on Etali Safari Lodge, not only because it sounded amazing, but also because it welcomed kids, which quite a few places don’t.

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Welcome to Jobest

December 2, 2014


Anna-Belle and I have some very exciting news. We are starting a brand new blog together called Jobest. We have been going around lately finding all the cool spots in Joburg to hang out in because we really love our city and we want you to love it too.

So if you check in every week, we’ll have new places for you to visit, some old, some new and some you didn’t even know existed.

Today will be the last day you say: “There’s nothing to do in Joburg”.

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November 24, 2014


Hello everyone and happy Monday, today I’m starting a new #lucky_wins giveaway with the lovely ladies from Mungo & Jemima, which I’m so excited to share with you guys.

Last week I got to go on a bit of a shop via their brand new, very cool online store. Their newly designed site has been beautifully curated and so there are lots of super pretty pieces to choose from. I had a look around and then settled on this sweet Selfi Horizon Dress, because I really loved the confetti-like print on top and the light pink bottom half, it reminded me of a glass of ice cold pink lemonade.

And so just like that I went shopping on their online store, and now so can you guys….

All you have to do to enter and win is:

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The Truth Booth

November 17, 2014


Last Thursday Anna-Belle and I got flown out to Cape Town with Montblanc for the international premier of The Power of Words, an initiative which involves world-renowned filmmakers and young storytellers to interpret the words of a visionary leader. In its inaugural year, the 2014 program honoured Nelson Mandela.

We got to watch 4 very awesome films, made by 4 very awesome groups of people. One of my favourites was one called The Truth Booth – Jim Ricks and Hank Willis Thomas were part of the team that made it. Using this Mandela quote as inspiration: “The truth is that we are not yet free; we have merely achieved the freedom to be free, the right not to be oppressed.” They set up a giant inflatable speech bubble (The Truth Booth) in a few different places of the world and left it for people to enter at their own will and express their idea of what the truth is… 

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