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Gap Kids – Series one

September 11, 2015


I love buying clothes for Nina and dressing her up in fact it’s one of my most favourite things to do because everything in baby size is just so cute and adorable. Sometimes I wish I could just roll stuff up dip it in mayonnaise and eat it, obviously I wouldn’t do that but it’s just how I feel because they’re just so small and cutesy.

GAP has some super cute things for babies and kids and the other day I went and picked a couple of things up to dress Nina James in for a quick shoot. I also got a few pieces for myself because shopping is always more fun when you come home with something for yourself too.

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Stellenbosch your streets are so pretty, but what’s with the rain?

August 31, 2015

Oudewerf Hotel


I’m such a sucker for denim, I pretty much wear it every single day of my life. So when I found myself doing a street style shoot in Stellenbosch I of course was dressed head to toe in denim.

Anna-Belle and I were invited to spend a couple of days in Stellenbosch so we stopped off in town to have a cup of tea at the beautiful Oudewerf Hotel. We actually relaxed inside while we watched the rain fall and then nipped out quickly when it stopped every now and then to shoot some photos. I think the front of house staff thought we were a bit bonkers the way we kept running in and out. I’m surprised my hair didn’t crowd all the photos because when it catches a bit of rain the fizz right on top of my head is fierce. It’s not pretty. But regardless we had fun shooting these even though the weather wasn’t on our side.

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August 17, 2015



Anna-Belle and I were invited to hang out in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch for a few days thanks to the lovely people over at Stellenbosch Wine Routes. I’ve never stayed in this area before and I’m really glad I got to because it’s so pretty to look at, I like being surrounded by wine lands and vast mountain vistas.

Whilst there we got together to shoot some looks that we have just recently added to our wardrobes. So to kick off this series I’m starting with this navy jumpsuit I found at Zara. I really like it, it’s light and easy to wear, so easy in fact that I accidentally wore it backwards and I only realised after we had shot and the rain had started pouring down. I laughed so hard at myself afterwards, but hey I think it works both ways so it’s all good hehe. My hat is from Simon and Mary, luckily I managed to wear that right way round.

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Mango Winter 2015

May 19, 2015

Angie Mango  (14 of 46)

The other day I got to go into Mango to check out their latest trends and I got to take home a couple of items for myself. They have such awesome pieces to choose from that I found myself going round and round in circles looking at everything twice, because I couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted.

They have all the latest trends from 70’s inspired garments, to tartan, to military, to oversized coats and more. I picked a few things and then Anna-Belle and I staged a shoot in a small pine forrest on Sloan Street in Fourways. I thought it would be cool to show you guys what I got and then ask you if you want any of them? Yip, I have a R1000 Mango gift voucher to GIVEAWAY to one of you guys, so you too can go in-store and buy something that takes your fancy.

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#PUMAgram – Maboneng

April 13, 2015


Yesterday we went on yet another PUMAgram Instawalk. A bunch of us gathered in Maboneng and ventured in around the area. There are such cool buildings and wide, empty (it was a Sunday) streets, so shooting was so much fun.

I have included some of the photos I took yesterday on the Instawalk walk, I have also included some new pics of my brand new Brooklyn We Go Hard PUMA, which I think I may or may not have a crush on (I do). I have been eyeing these puppies out for ages and I finally got a pair. Baby peach and white is the future.

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My Personal Stylist experience at Topshop

February 5, 2015



Last week Topshop invited me to try out their complimentary Personal Stylist Service and to check out their awesome denim range that Hailey Baldwin is now the new face of. I have often wondered what having a personal stylist must be like and seeing as I will probably never have a permanent one of my own because I’m not a Kardashian i.e. super rich for no reason, I was eager to try theirs out.

I think the best part about it is that it’s really easy to set up and it’s free, all you have to do is give Topshop a call and book a time slot with Juanita (that’s the personal shoppers name), which is exactly what I did and is exactly what you guys can do too. At the end of my visit I got to keep a pair of denims of my choice and I got given a R500 Topshop voucher to give to one of you guys so that you can also go try them out for yourself. Cool hey?

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