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Japan you are my favourite.16. April 2014

A few months a go Desmond and The Tutus went on their second tour of Japan and this time around Anna-Belle and I got to go with for the last couple of shows and then we spent a good while there exploring the city and basically falling in love with everything about it.

Whilst I was there one of the guys showing Desmond around introduced me to such a cool app called RoadMovies – how it works is, you film 1 second clips and it pieces them together for you to make a 24 second clip. So you can sum up a whole day in 24 seconds, it’s really awesome. I took a a whole bunch of videos like this and yesterday I spent pretty much my whole day chopping them up and editing them back together to form one long movie to one of my most favourite songs. I actually got quite emotional yesterday, because Japan has really been one of the best holidays and cities I have ever been on/to and I don’t think we’ll ever go back there and if we do it’ll never quite be the same…which is cool, that’s what’s memories are for I guess (insert smiley face here).

So here’s my video, hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. I also thought I would include some Instagram photos I took that I didn’t post here.

Ps: Japan I miss you.

Japan I love you from angie on Vimeo.











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Our living room01. April 2014

I realised that I haven’t really written many posts on our house and what we have done to it since moving in and renovating. I’ve posted about our bathroom revamp, but today I thought I would show you guys our living room and all it’s trinkets.

So here it is…





























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5 months…27. March 2014

I am now 5 months pregnant with mine and Shane’s first baby. We are so excited and so happy that this is happening, but this experience so far, for me especially, has been pretty wild and unexpected.

We went yesterday for our 20 week major scan and everything so far looks really good, the doctor was happy with what she saw. She said that the baby looked healthy and very well fed hahha, before she said that, she said I must’n take offence to that comment. I didn’t, I thought it was funny and so true, I don’t stop eating, luckily I’ve been craving cold fruit along with the mountains of bread. Bread, I never knew I would have such an undying love for it, but I do now, it’s like my best friend, especially if smeared in butter and Marmite.

But like I said, this pregnancy for me has been not only wonderful, but quite strange too. For about a month and half I had such bad ALL-day morning sickness, it just stayed with me from the second I woke up, to the moment I went to sleep. I literally stayed home for the entire time it lasted. It was such a strange time for me, because I was trying to be excited about the pregnancy (which I was), but I was also super sad and down a lot of the time. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed, sometimes I would stay there till 12 in the afternoon, I didn’t feel like washing my hair, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, I just felt ill and tired all the time, it was crazy. It felt like Groundhog Day every single day, until I hit about 3 and half months, then it got slightly better, I mean I was leaving the house at least, but I was still getting a bout of morning sickness every single morning and sometimes in the evening. Only now at 5 months has it seemed to have calmed down quite a bit. I still have spells but they are quite spaced out and when we get to see baby on the monitor, like the other day I’m literally like the happiest person on the planet and I couldn’t care less if I was feeling sick or not. I suppose for first time moms, like myself, you have no idea what to expect, what pain is normal, what emotion is normal etc etc It’s a whole different world and you just have to see what each day brings.

I guess this post is just about 2 things for me – One is about all the women out there that deal or have dealt with probably exactly what I have just described – I was lucky in that I didn’t have to be at the shops all the time thanks to Shane (who has been so wonderful) and the great team that we have working for us. But to all those ladies who go through this and then head out to work every day with a brave face on, you guys are amazing and I take my hat off to you, I really really do…

And the second reason for this post, is just for me to document my time up to this point, sorry if I’ve bored any of you. Just wanted to write down what I was feeling because it was all so new to me and a bit confusing at times and maybe some of you can relate, but now, nothing is confusing about how I’m feeling. I’m happy and excited and a bit scared, obviously, but I can’t wait to meet our little girl and all her loveliness.

Thought I would include some of the pictures from our scan the other day. The first 2 are profile pics of her, the third one is her pulling a ‘rock and roll’ sign for her dad no doubt, definitely a Desmond and The Tutu fan and the 4th is of her little foot. She was all over the place when they were scanning her, hands and feet everywhere, it was so so cute.








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New jacket, new wolf14. March 2014

The weather lately has been a little crazy, rainy and grey everyday, but I have really been loving it. I wish our Winters were really like this everyday, grey and wet. I don’t like it when the sky is blue and clear and then when you go outside it’s super cold, makes me feel a bit funny. Annnnnyway, this post is about a new jacket I bought. I thought as seeing as Winter is coming up I would splurge on a new everyday jacket. I looked around a bit, but eventually I found this army green guy at Topshop. It was a bit pricy, but I liked it, so I thought what the hell.

And even though we’re not 100% sure what baby Shangie is yet, I couldn’t help not buying this little wolf print baby grow, which can go either way. It was like it was made just for her/him. I bought it from Cotton On, who has some very very sweet baby stuff. Luckily now I look pregnant, so me walking around the baby section smiling and literally talking to myself whilst handling the merchandise doesn’t look that strange. This baby is going to have so much clothing shoo!









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Some big small news…28. February 2014

Soooooo… Shane and I have some pretty big small news to tell you guys, that I have been so excited to just scream from the rooftops, but have been waiting till the right amount of time has past…..BUT  we are so super happy to announce that we are now 4 months pregnant with a baby Shangie hee.

We are both really happy and excited for what’s to come, it’s been a bit of a bumpy (nauseous) ride so far, but every time we see baby on the monitor I burst into tears, it’s just the sweetest thing.







Baby Shangie is going to be a little small for these guys for a while, but I couldn’t help myself, how flipping cute are they?


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A yellow bowl, a ceramic wolf and an embroidered portrait walk into a room…13. January 2014

Hey guys, happy Monday! Just wanted to apologise for being a bit scare around here, I have had a few things going on and because of it my blog has suffered a bit, but I’m going to try my hardest to get back on track and start blogging every day again. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll get back into a routine. So again, I’m sorry for the lack of posts, but I’m going to try change that sooooon.

This morning I thought I would show you guys some of the cool loot we got in December for our house from some of our friends. Shane’s sister lovingly embroidered this portrait of us that I love so much, it makes me laugh every time I look at it. She made one for everyone in the family and I wish I had taken photos of all of them because they were pretty damn amazing.

My friend Gina bought us these bright yellow Country Road bowls, they are really pretty and prefect for desserts. Country Road at the moment has some of the nicest home stuff out there, I have banned myself from going in. Before we left on holiday I bought such cool bedding and polka-dot glasses, I must actually show you those.

And last but not least, how cool is this ceramic wolf head? My friend Jenna got it for us and it’s going straight into our dinning room, which Shane is nicknaming The Jungle. He wants to go all crazy in there, decor wise, he has some wild ideas, but hey I’m game.











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