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Nina James – my heart15. September 2014

My little human is going to be a whole 7 weeks old tomorrow. So far everyday with her has been wonderful, she makes me so happy that I can’t even think straight. Everyday I see a difference in her, the way she interacts with us, the way she looks, can’t believe how quickly she grows and changes. My Miss James is just the sweetest little thing and she’s started smiling now, which gets me every time, it’s like seeing the greatest magic trick ever over and over again.

Thought I would share some photos of her with you guys…

















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My Nina James Durrant.20. August 2014

Wowzers ok so 3 weeks ago yesterday I was writing about how excited I was to meet our baby girl and now she is 3 weeks and 1 day old. It’s nuts how fast time goes and how quickly things happen.

I’m going to start at the beginning, I did land up having a cry the night before at home (as anticipated) when Shane and I went to bed, but after that I felt calm and at ease and I actually landed up having one of the best nights sleeps in ages. In the morning we had to be at the hospital at 11:30, which was a bit torturous because we were ready to go by 8 and then we had to wait around and pretty much have the same conversation over and over again for the next couple of hours about how we can’t believe the time has come, is it time yet to take the bags down to the car etc etc. But eventually we left for the hospital and soon enough they were getting me ready to go into theatre.

I was a bit teary before we went in, but then this amazing man named Dr. Sischy, who was my anaesthetist came to chat to me and between him and Shane they made me feel so calm and ready. Now being wheeled into an operating theatre for the first time ever is quite a thing, there are loads of machines around and bright lights and a team of people waiting for you, but the doctors were all so wonderful that the whole experience felt like I was on some strange reality show. They were making jokes with each other and Shane and I, they were chatting and laughing. Dr. Sischy was keeping me up to date on everything that was happening behind the little screen in front of me and telling Shane where to stand to get the best camera angle for when they pulled baby out. And then just like that, I went from being wheeled in as Angie, to being wheeled out as Angie New Mom Durrant. It was surreal and amazing at the same time. I know some women are dead set against caesareans, but I would honestly do it again. it was quick and precise and baby came out with no complications and was perfectly fine.

But I’m not going to lie and say that it wasn’t sore afterwards, obviously it was. Day 2 and 3 were the worst, pain wise, but just like everything, things fade and all those feelings and memories were replaced with images of the awesome face below. I can’t believe how in love I fell in literally no time, so totally and utterly head over heels in minutes.

And so it’s been 3 weeks of getting to know our Nina James, who is the sweetest little thing on this planet. My days are all about having little chats with her and then having her sleeping on my chest (best feeling in the world), getting up every ±3 hours to feed her, which has been tough especially when she’s sleeping so peacefully at 2:30 in the morning and then our fat faces come to wake her up (again). She’s gone from being super sleepy all the time to slightly more aware now, we get small smiles every now and then and her little cheeks are getting rounder and rounder by the day, I think it’s her Greek eating gene coming out in her hehe. We’re taking everyday as it comes, getting to know her, as she gets to know us and I’m so excited for everything that is still to come. Super excited.

So here is to my beautiful Nina James, who I will love until my hearts stops beating. Fullstop.


















The picture on the left is of me and the one on the right is of Nina, you can see who she gets her chubba-chuck cheeks from. I’m sure she’s saying “thanks mom, you’re awesome”.


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1 more sleep…28. July 2014

Ok so the time has nearly come for Shane and I to meet our little love. Tomorrow is her big day and today I can’t seem to properly grasp that the time has finally arrived. I suspect that later tonight when we go to bed I’m going to have a bit of a moment and more than likely a cry (a good one), then tomorrow when we arrive at the hospital, I think that’s when it’s finally going to hit me in the face like giant hand or preferably something more pleasant, like a giant ice-cream sandwich. I’ve lived with her for the last 9 months, felt every single one of her movements for the last few months and imagined every single day what she’s going to look like and in less than 24 hours I’m going to meet her and touch her for the very first time and that is the craziest, most wonderful thought ever.

So we are all packed and ready to go and baby Durrant’s room is 98% ready for her, although I have no doubt she’s going to be sleeping right next to me in her new cam-cot so that I can monitor her every move for the first couple of months. but before I sign off for the next little while, for obvious reasons, I thought I would share her room with you.

Shane (during his down time recording Desmond and the Tutus new album) and I sat and thought about what we wanted it to look like for a while and then started doing up plans and once again my awesome husband decided that he was going to make her furniture, so just like that he handmade her crib, which can be converted into a toddler’s bed, as well as her changing table and shelves and once again I was flipping amazed at how he just put his mind to it and off he blady well went. He’s found a real passion for stuff like this and I’m so amped he’s amped to make as many things as we need.

Quite a few of the items in her room are local (the best), so I’m going to let you know where they come from, in case something tickles your fancy and you want to get your hands on them… all links are below the photos.

*The crib is missing it’s front bars, those are still getting made, don’t worry we weren’t just going to leave her in there and hope for the best.





triangular wallpaper





rocking horse



jean de wet









 This was my most favourite book when I was little Batis, I still have it.


The triangular vinyls and the awesome black and white cloud and leather baby mobile come from Jessica Barnard

Cat pillow is made by Cecile Blake who owns Ménagerie

The Sitting Lamp is from Graeme Bettles Design

The awesome Bokkie Rocker comes from ilovebokkie

The hand drawn little houses are by Jean de Wet (one of the best local illustrators around)

The drawing of the ‘girl with bird on her head’ is by my friend Leigh Reilly, who is also a super talented illustrator – leigh@designpartnership.co.za

The knitted white bunny is from an organisation called The Bear Hug Project. They raise money for aids orphans and the elderly – great organisation

The ‘Yay’ banner is from Zana products 

The rug is from Mr Price Home and the fox pillow is from Country Road


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2 weeks to go. Shoo.11. July 2014


2 weeks to go from angie on Vimeo.

As of today, Shane and I have exactly 2 weeks to go before we meet the beautiful little creature that is sitting in my giant belly. As I have said before my whole pregnancy has been so strange and wonderful. There have been parts that I have really not enjoyed, but then their have been moments where it’s been amazing, like watching her boot the living daylights out of me. It’s bizarre to watch, but so flipping awesome and let me tell you something this child of mine likes to bop around, I definitely think she’s going to be a lover of dance like her mom and dad. Family music videos here we come.

It’s funny because even though my pregnancy has had it’s ups and downs, it has surprisingly gone super fast. It feels like I told Shane that we were pregnant like a month ago, that was in November. And when I think back to last year, my life feels completely different now, even though all that’s changed (for now that is) is I’m bigger and I waddle around literally looking like an oversized penguin, in tights with long hair, who no longer has the ability to tie their own shoelaces. Being a different size to what you’re used to is nuts, I’m not going to lie, these last few weeks have been challenging, I’m not sleeping well, mainly because I have to pretty much sit up in bed to sleep because lying on my sides hurts after a while and lying flat on my back is absolutely out of the question, I literally can’t breath. It’s actually pretty funny when I think about how loud I am when I’m trying to get out of bed to pee for the 7th time during the night, or just to re-adjust myself. Shane literally gets up, whilst still sleeping (he has this down) and then gently pulls me up by my arms to I can get on with things. It doesn’t help, that unfortunately at this late stage I’ve pulled something on the lower right side of my back, so walking and things like turning or getting out of bed, or just getting off the couch hurts like crazy. Sigh. But as my mom keeps saying “You’re nearly there honey”.

I think I have come to realise that pregnancy as we all know is an amazing thing, but some ladies are slightly better than others at handling all that comes with it in the 9 months leading up to your new adventure. Some ladies get pregnant and love it and actually miss being pregnant when it’s all said and done. I unfortunately am not one of those gals. I have loved carrying our baby for Shane and I and I seriously can’t wait to hold her in my real arms, but man alive I’m going to be honest and say that it has been hard. And I don’t want to sound like I’m not grateful for our child, because that I am!! I’m just saying that there’s a lot that happens over the few months that this all goes down, to your body and your mind, your emotions and your ankles. But it still doesn’t dispute the fact that I love that I’m carrying our baby, I love that in a few weeks she will be with us and although I have said how tough and unexpected this has all been, I’d do it all over again because already, even though I haven’t seen her or held her, she is one of the most important people in my life and for her I know, I would literally do anything.

So here’s to 2 weeks and here’s to everyone that has been so kind to me, with their pats on my belly, good wishes and mails, gifts and all round happiness for Shane and I, we really really appreciate it xx



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MasterCard Winter Sculpture Fair – Sunday = Niceday13. May 2014

Yesterday I went to the Winter Sculpture Fair with my friends Anna-Belle and Stubs, for an afternoon of sculpture viewing and stuffing of ones faces with amazing food. We had such a lovely time, I went the year before and I loved it, but I think this year was even better, Nirox is such a perfect spot for this event, it’s like it was built just for it. The girls and I had very delicious food from all different vendors and then we proceeded to try make our way through the biggest, most solid block of fudge I have ever laid my fat hands on. It was so good, in fact if I was to win the lotto or a semi-large sum of money in the future I would get the maker of that fudge to build me a 10 foot sculpture out of it so I could die (probably of a sugar-overdose) a very happy person.

Thanks again Artlogic and MasterCard for the tickets and the lovely afternoon.

And thanks Anna-Ballas for letting me photonap some of your shots.











These were my most favourite pieces by Carla Busutti, these and the giant Frances Van Reenen sculpture, which I loved!











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6 months and 1 week…08. May 2014

So I’m 6 months and 1 week into my pregnancy, yesterday I went to see my doctor for another scan and he was happy with everything that he saw. Our little Shangie weighs 887 grams and she was busy scratching her ear when we were checking her out for the first time. I know it’s only a blurred black and white figure on the screen, but to me she is just so damn cute. If I see a hand or a foot or her scratch her ear I feel like I’m looking at the most amazing thing in the world.

We are going to start on the babies room soon, so I thought I would use this post to show you a picture of baby Shangie, a few snaps of my ever-growing belly, wowzers this thing just gets bigger and bigger by the day in my eyes. Im getting to the stage now where Shane has to help me tie my shoelaces or buckles if I’m wearing jeans and I sleep with a mountain of pillows around me and tucked under my belly. Again, this stage is all so new to me, so everyday is different and the same, if you know what I mean? I’m still having good days and a couple of bad ones, yip I’m still suffering from morning sickness every few days, which I’ve heard is not uncommon, it’s just not cool. But Shangie kind of makes up for it with all the company she keeps me, she moves like a crazy person in my stomach sometimes, I feel her moving quite a bit and it makes me happy that we’re connecting in that way, I always imagine that she’s so bored in there, with nothing to do and so she just Footloose dances up and down my stomach a few times a day to keep herself entertained.

Anyway, soon enough she will be here and all the nausea, the backache, the swelling, the not fitting into any of my clothes ( I miss my clothes), the sudden love of all thing elasticated and loose, the constant craving for super rare biltong (this one has been a favourite of mine my whole life, so I don’t see it going anywhere, it’s just that I can’t have it now, so the craving is bigger) will fade and we will be on a new crazy adventure. Looking forward to seeing if she’s going to be as feisty in real life.





This is where I’m at now – 6 months and a week

Shane and I were thinking about going black, white and light wood in the babies room, with pops of colour here and there through toys, art, wallpaper, bedding etc. Shane is actually going to build the babies crib, which I’m super excited about – I didn’t realise that he was so damn handy with power tools, he’s nearly done (just has to paint) with the spare room/office/bed device he has built us, which I will definitely do a post on when complete.

Below are some references of the kind of thing we are thinking of doing….

Sources for all the pics below can be found on my ‘baby’ Pinterest board.























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