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1954:Grace Kelly takes a nap on the set of “Green Fire”

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Amazing old photos

September 5, 2013


Skeleton riders, 1920s.

A friend of mine called Verushka pinned the image below of the skeleton riders, which I thought was just so cool, so I went in search of the site that it came from. It wasn’t too hard to find, but that is besides the point. What I did find is a plethora of amazing photos like this one, some with famous people in them, some not, some of well known moments in time, some just random shots of super cool things, spaces and places.

So I guess in a way this is what Instagram would of looked like back in the day, complete with cool filters and crops. This site has all sorts of shots of all sorts of weird and wonderful things and it just goes on and on. I picked some of my favourites to add to this post, but if you have time I would suggest wondering around, you won’t be sorry you did.

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