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Jamie’s Italian

March 3, 2017


There is a new kid on the block in Melrose Arch and it goes by the name of Jamie’s Italian, Jamie being Jamie Oliver. This family bistro setup on the High Street is welcoming and serves up some seriously good Italian style food which I’m a huge fan. On arrival, I was curious as to how involved Jamie Oliver was with the set-up of this restaurant and being the nosey parker that I am I asked one of the managers. Turns out that Jamie Oliver himself and his team personally approved every single thing on the menu as well how the restaurant looks and feels. It’s all him, even down to the type of tomatoes they use in their sauces and the plates that they are served on.

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Sneaker Lab

March 3, 2017



So a few days ago I got to try out a Sneaker Lab shoe care kit on some of my sneakers. Have you ever scuffed a pair of sneakers that you absolutely love and think that there is no way you can bring them back to their former glory? Well, think again. This brand has a few cool elements like a Sneaker Cleaner, a Sneaker Protector, Sneaker Wipes, a Leather Care Spray and even an Odour Protector. What’s even better is it’s locally made, really nicely designed and it does exactly what it claims to do, which is keep your shoes looking fresher for longer.

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DESIGN, illustration

Bat Butt Zine

February 26, 2017


My very talented friend Shaun Hill can draw like no one’s business! This kid is so talented that he makes me want to cry. You know those people who are able to just pick up a pen and draw anything you ask them to? Well, he is one of them which means I love him and hate him all at the same time. Jealousy will do that to you.

Shaun runs a site called Bat Butt Supermarket where you can buy all sorts of awesomely designed things from t-shirts to patches to zines and he has just brought out edition 4 of his Bat Butt zine which features over 90 artists from around the world, including amazing illustrators who are some of my all-time favourites like Nina Torr, Hannah Shone, Maaike Bakker, Amber Smith, Jackfox, Megan Bird-Steyn, Imile Wepener and Shaun himself, just to name a few. This zine also comes with a CD made up of 12 local bands, some stickers, a few foldout posters, a couple of matchbooks and not one, but two books that hold all the amazing drawings.

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Tiny Humans Clothing

February 22, 2017

Tiny Humans Clothing

When I went through NJ’s cupboard near the end of last year I had a huge pile of clothes that she hadn’t worn or had only worn once and I’m experiencing the same thing now with Rex. He’s quite the little eater so I have a stack of things already that just do not fit his wonderful fat little body anymore. He’s so cute!

Now there are a few things that one can do with these clothes, you can obviously donate them, which is amazing, or you can hand them down to relatives/friend’s babies, or you can make them into little bronze statues (I’m not judging if you if that’s your thing), or you can check out this nifty local company called Tiny Humans clothing.

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My Recipes

Valentine’s Day cupcakes

February 14, 2017


Today is Valentine’s Day, so I thought I would do a quick post showing you how to make some special Valentines Day cupcakes because you know how everyone loves biting into a cupcake only to find a hidden heart, unless you’re anything like me and you miss the heart altogether because you’re too busy stuffing your face.

These little suckers require a bit more time and effort than normal vanilla cupcakes, but they’re totally worth it just to see the person you love, or the person you’re trying to tell you love be surprised by what’s inside.

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My Recipes

coffee panna cotta

February 3, 2017


A few weeks back I stumbled across this coffee panna cotta recipe and decided to make it for our family Christmas lunch. I love panna cotta, I love the texture, the consistency, and the way your spoon effortlessly slices through it like magic. I also love the fact that it can be made into an array of different flavours from vanilla to earl gray, to chocolate and the list goes on and on.

Imagine if there was a restaurant in Joburg that only served panna cotta, I’d be their best customer! I’d also probably be as big as a house, but I’d be willing to live with that just to have this sweet sweet pudding served to me every single day! Anyone keen to open such an establishment? I really think it would work! 

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