Jane Sews thanks for sending me fun things to play with.

My beautiful friend Amy is the talented hand behind Jane Sews and the other day I asked her to please send me a few pieces from her new collection so that I could do a small shoot with them.

She sent me all blues and those together with my friend Leigh and my small obsession with cats I staged a shoot.

Thanks Leigh for letting me use your face and your amazing cats and thank you Adi for assisting me and thank you Amy for making such pretty clothing (which you can buy from Mememe in Parkhurst, incase you were liking something below).

I had so much fun shooting these, I think I want to do a few more.



















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26. February 2013 by angie
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Comments (16)

  1. that navy blouse with the pearls…been coveting it since I saw the white one like it at the collective. think I may just have to go and get one at mememe then. love the cats!

  2. Oh man, this is so damn pretty! Nice one :)

  3. You guys are too flipping cool! xxx

  4. Leigh and her cats are so pretty!

    I’d also love to do some fashion shoots sometime!

  5. Really cool shoot! Love that second shot.

  6. Leigh has such an amazing body!

    And you have such an amazing talent Angie. Joh!

  7. Just love it all!!!! Want it all!

  8. That is a pretty fantastic shoot!! Much better than mopey girls in the forest – ok I actually like those kind of ‘mopey girl in the forest’ shoots but this is really awesome! Great job!

  9. WOW you did such a beautiful and fun job :) :)

  10. Beautiful clothes, beautiful shoot. LOVE it ALL :D

  11. You can now add Lookbook stylist and photographer to your ever growing and impressive repetoire :)

  12. thanks for all the lovely comments guys xx

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  14. Les photos sont super ! J’A-D-O-R-E :)


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  16. This is the best photo shoot ever! How fun and playful!