I went Topshopping.

Yesterday I went into Topshop to have a quick look around. I had to go to Sandton to buy birthday and house warming presents for friends and I couldn’t leave without buying a Angie present for me.


I found 2 nice things. I bought this awesome pair of tan leather sandals, that sure are similar to another pair I have but those won’t last forever and I really liked these. I saw them on Pinterest a while back so I was happy to see them hanging up in Topshop.

It’s weird when you covert something online and you look it up and you think oh man I can’t buy these shoes because for one how will I know if they fit me or not, or what if they make me look like a circus elephant (not sure how this makes sense, but anyway). So I was happy I got to try them on in real life before I bought them.



I also bought this very sweet black felt hat. I don’t really wear hats, in fact I think it’s safe to say that I never wear hats, but I thought I woud give this little guy a try.




I was inspired by some recents images I pinned to one of my boards. All links to the photos below can be found there.










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05. March 2013 by angie
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Comments (3)

  1. I love those sandals. I have a few really nice hats and I need to start wearing them.

  2. @Natasha i think this WInter is going to have to be a hat Winter :)

  3. You are totally rocking that hat. It looks natural on you like you have been wearing them for years. Good purchase.