i choose you.

Seeing as Winter is slowly creeping in like a hungry wolf, I thought I would wear something floral-like today. So I chose this dress that I bought on my trip to Sweden a while back. It’s one of  my most favourite things that I acquired, this and the photo down below of me and my friends in a very tall building in Sweden. Anyway, a lot of you might not know this, but all my friends call me Pants because, well, I like wearing pants. yes. but every now and thenI  like to confuse the bejeezers out of them and wear a dress, yes. So today i’m wearing my Swedish dress and i’m having happy tea, not misery tea. So happy Thursday everyone x





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08. April 2010 by angie
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Comments (6)

  1. This has NOTHING to do with this post (although that dress is so lovely and nice and pretty too) but …

  2. That is the smallest dress i did ever see!!!

  3. pant i have to show one part of one part of something i’m making for the expo – i made it about a week ago. i will send it to you and you will say “no way!”. wait just wait.

  4. yes send send! i’m imagining a miniature chanel bag that i can love and hold and keep forever. man, i hope i’m right.

  5. hahahaha ..apropos ‘pants’ here’s a funny little anecdote about ME wearing pants:
    so i went to londontown over easter and i was wearing coral coloured pants with a grey oversized tshirt one night when we went to this awesome irish pub with live music..so i was standing in the crowd listening to this band who was manhandling the bejeesus out of whatever awesome solo red hot chili peppers or guns and roses intended to have in their song and this drunk boy comes up to me and asks me: aren’t you cold? (pointing to my thighs-in my coral coloured Pants-) so very firmly i answer: NO! i am wearing PANTS (pointing yet again at my coral colored pants) and he nodds to me in the sick ‘yeah you are’-way that only drunk londoners have and my london based friend is DYING of laughter behind me because in proper british english (this is important angie) you call them trousers..pants are actually what you would call panties/underpants in our english..AHAHAHA..so think about it..i’m like: no no i’m not cold..why would i be? i AM wearing panties and that is usually enough to ward off frosty night time london winds..ahhahaha…i am still laughing and this little (HUGE) comment is so weird..don’t tell anyone that i write anecdotes to you as if i knew you..i had to though, bye bye

  6. haha that is a funny story!
    thanks for sharing it with me x x