How to spend a Saturday. Get 2 friends, eat cake then buy some motherfing stuff.

On Saturday I went shopping with 2 of my friends, we were high on chocolate cupcakes and thought we would go spend some cash monies. We all did alright, we came back with a few bags of things and I thought I would share some of the stuff with you guys, just in case you were on the lookout for say some socks that have wolves on them.

I bought some socks – yes I have a small obsession with socks amongst lots of other things (below is only a third of my sock collection).

I went into Topshop to have a look at their socks. They have such fun pairs to choose from, the patterns and colours are all over the place it’s so awesome. I picked up 2 pairs whilst I was in there, one that reminds me of the kid from About A Boy (one of my most favourite movies) he would definitely wear them and one that reminds me of one of my kids – Wolves. I wanted to buy like 7 other pairs too, but I held back.






I also picked up this sweet little gold and cream ‘A’ ring.



Bought this pretty navy blue jersey. I really like the knit and the colour and I personally don’t think one can have enough navy things in their wardrobe.



Another purchase I made, which I’m now having second thoughts about is this handbag. I thought I liked it, but I think I can live without it.

Don’t you hate it when that happens – you buy something, convinced that you like it but when you get home and you see in it your ‘home light’ you don’t want it anymore. It’s like it had a different feeling in the shop. Well anyway I have no doubt that I will be changing it and probably walking out with something in it’s place.


I also lugged home this pretty off-white jersey from Country Road – ok so I guess its’s safe to say that I have a mild obsession with jerseys too. Oh well I am who I am.



The last thing I bought was a Amber Jones t-shirt from Mr P. I met Amber quite a while ago and she is one of the nicest people ever, just such a sweetheart. I love the work she does for Mr P and I’m super looking forward to wearing this design of hers.


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11. February 2013 by angie
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Comments (6)

  1. Oh man, I hate it when buyer’s remorse sets in. I really, really like that bag though – been looking for a biggish bag that’ll hold all my crap (and a laptop).

  2. Please please tell me where you bought the flamingo socks from!?!?!

  3. Please please tell me they have the whole alphabet in those rings!

  4. Ah! My marketing lectures at university actually taught me what that feeling is when you buy something and then have second thoughts about it! It’s called cognitive dissonance. Here’s the chappie wrapper version:

  5. @Liezl Veiga Hey there, I bought them from Mr P, but a while ago.
    @lauren, curious constellation They only had A’s and S’s when I bought mine…sorry friend

  6. I love About A Boy too. I have socks very similar to these. I love the ring and the navy jersey, it’s such a cool texture.