GIVEAWAY – Win a Graeme Bettles lamp

The awesome Graeme Bettles Design company from Cape Town mailed me a couple of days ago to tell me that they are sending Shangie one of their amazing ‘Sitting Lamps’ (first lamp below) for her new bedroom, which I’m super excited about. Graeme Bettles is a talented local designer who left his career in advertising to explore his creativity in furniture and product design and who is definitely making some very cool things to lust over. His latest design in his character lamp series is ‘The Shy Lamp’, which I also think is very cool.

But I’ll tell you what’s even cooler, Greame is not only going to send me one lamp, but TWO. One for our home and one for 1 of yours. And not only is it super easy to enter, but we’re randomly choosing the winner in swift time too. Next Tuesday the 15th of July I’ll let you guys know whose taking home either ‘The Shy Lamp’ or a ‘Sitting Lamp’, the choice is all yours.

- His first design, The Sitting Lamp was exhibited at the 2012 Design Indaba and in 2014 took the title in the Décor and Design Category at Samsung’s Inspire Design Awards. The Sitting Lamp is stocked in 7 stores locally, including Weylandts and in London.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. Like Graeme Bettles Design on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

2. Leave me a comment telling me which one of these 2 lamps you would like, either  ‘The Shy Lamp’ or a ‘Sitting Lamp’.

3. If you Tweet/Instagram or blog about this giveaway, I’ll give you extra entries. Just remember to @miss_luckypony and add these #TheSittingLamp #TheShyLamp











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07. July 2014 by angie
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Comments (150)

  1. Shy Lamp please :)

  2. The Shy Lamp. These are so stunning. Im @JaxxLisa on twitter

  3. The Shy Lamp is my favourite! (Liked and followed on twitter!)

  4. That Shy Lamp is looking pretty fantastic. Would definitely love to win one of those bad boys. Although he’s probably to shy to be a bad boy. How en-light-ening. OK enough bad lamp/light jokes. On the real though would love to win one of the Shy Lamps. Fingers crossed

  5. The Shy Lamp. These are so stunning. Im @JaxxLisa on Twitter, and am a follower on FB and Twitter

  6. shy lamp

  7. Hey Miss Luckypony,

    Would be rad to win the “The Sitting Lamp”


  8. Awww it has to be #thesittinglamp! Awesome…. love his designs

  9. I’d LOVE a sitting lamp!!!

  10. Wonderful giveaway…. i’m drooling over the ‘Sitting Lamp’ which has so much character! I am following/Liked Graeme Bettles Design on Facebook and Twitter, and I have shared this giveaway on Twitter too(@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed! xx

  11. The Shy Lamp is stunning!!!

  12. I would love a sitting lamp :)

  13. The Shy Lamp is stunning!

  14. Goodness me, that sitting lamp is the loveliest thing that I ever did see. Love, love!

  15. so shyyyyyy.

  16. I would absolutely love to win the Sitting Lamp!
    I have liked both Facebook pages (including yours) and I have also sent you a mention on Facebook!
    I have tweeted as well and my Twitter handle is @Roxi_23

  17. I would absolutely love to win the Sitting Lamp!
    I have liked both Facebook pages (including yours) and I have also sent you a mention on Facebook!
    I have tweeted as well and my Twitter handle is @Roxi_23 #YAY

  18. Sitting lamp, fingers crossed!

  19. I like the sitting lamp. I think Frankie will like it too. Thank you very much.

  20. Love the sitting lamp

  21. The Shy Lamp is the loveliest thing I’ve seen in a very long time. Liked, followed and tweeted @AlexBlair.

  22. Would LOVE the Sitting Lamp

    Yes, please.

  23. i do like that shy lamp

  24. The sitting lamp is ridiculously awesome!

  25. I would love love love the sitting lamp for our new housie!

  26. shyness. yes. and please and thank you. x

  27. The Shy lamp pleeeease :-)

  28. Pants. I’ll take the sitting lamp thanks :) its beautiful.

  29. The sitting lamp is just divine! If I was lucky enough to win that would definitely be my pick :)

  30. I’ve wanted ons of these lamps for the longest time. I think know they’re fantastic. Except, I’m a student in CT, YE KNOW? And times are tough, ye know? I’d love that little seated guy to just make my place that much cuter.

  31. The Shy Lamp is so lovely

  32. I really like Sitting Lamp! Pick me please Pants!

  33. I would really like the Sitting Lamp as a surprise gift for my husband! :)

  34. The Sitting Lamp is most gorgeous… and I was just thinking that I need another lamp in the very dark corner of my lounge and this one is PERFECT! And they can prcatically be neighbours. :D

  35. I would really love the Sitting Lamp as a surprise gift for my husband!! :)

  36. I’d love the Sitting Lamp :)

  37. The Sitting lamp is too cute! I would love to add it to my desk :)

  38. I would love the sitting lamp. :D Beyond amazing!

  39. Definitely the sitting lamp! I love love love it! :)

  40. I’d love the sitting lamp.

  41. I’d love the Sitting Lamp. It’s lovely and quirky, and would be great for any reading nook!

  42. The Shy Lamp

  43. I’d love the Sitting Lamp. It’s such a cool design and would look amazing in any reading nook!

  44. LOVE the sitting lamp! Liked and followed and even tweeted!

  45. I love love love the Sitting lamp, would be so cool for my fiances desk…..if I decide to share ;) In fact I may just move it around the house when ever I go into another room.
    Retweeted @dandeliondust86

  46. Like the Shy Lamp.

  47. The stunning Shy Lamp!

  48. The Sitting Lamp is so cute. Would go perfectly in my little housie.

  49. The Sitting Lamp is adorable! :)

  50. Sitting Lamp please

  51. Sitting Lamp

  52. Wow! They are both amazing but I’ve got to go with the original ‘Sitting Lamp’. So full of whimsy and fun :)

    Liked and followed on twitter @TarahDarge

  53. I have been lusting over the Sitting Lamp since I first stumbled upon it on Facebook. It’s on my ‘Decor wish list’ and I already have the perfect spot for it in my home!

  54. Ralph would love the sitting lamp in his room too ;)

  55. Love both of them, but I think I would choose the Sitting Lamp if I won!
    Have followed on Twitter and Facebook and tweeted.

  56. The shy lamp please Miss Lucky Pony!

  57. The shy lamp please Miss Luck Pony!

  58. Defo the Sitting Lamp!

  59. The Shy Lamp please!!! (Tweeted about it too!)

  60. What gems! I would love to spoil my parents with the standing lamp.. They’re redoing their lounge and this would be perfecto.

  61. Liked and followed on fb and twitter and tweeted and shared on fb and twitter @cirstenvdh love the #ShyLamp

  62. That Sitting Lamp would look so great on my work desk :D

  63. Ohhhh :D the Sitting Lamp is absolutely snazzy!!! Would LOOOVE to own one!!! :)

  64. That *sitting lamp* is just too epic – I would definitely love one! Too epic!

  65. I love The Shy Lamp’

  66. Love the sitting lamp!

  67. #thesittinglamp is just adorable!

  68. The shy lamp is just too awesome! Lets just say it was love at first sight! This is the second time in a week that i have seen someone i follow talk about these lamps. Its awesome to see how supportive SA creatives are of other peoples work.

  69. shy lamp

  70. Love the sitting lamp very cool

  71. The sitting lamp is oh so sweet.

  72. sitting lamp! PLEASE. For my new house! Cute man! Good job Bettles!!!

  73. I’d loooooooove the sitting lamp please :)

  74. I love the shy lamp!

  75. I would LOVE the Shy lamp :)

  76. oh please, please pretty please with extra sprinkles on top could you choose me!!I’m a law student aka slave to my desk and it would definitely light up my desk if a Graeme Bettles sitting lamp was sitting on my desk. we could shed light with one another! it sure would be a wonderful gift : )

  77. Shy lamp! I promise I won’t treat it like this Ikea lamp either…
    Liked and followed.

  78. Shy lamp!
    Promise I won’t treat it like this Ikea guy either –
    Liked & followed (@scherminater).

  79. Shy lamp!
    Promise not to treat it like this Ikea one either –
    Liked & followed (@scherminater).

  80. Sitting lamp please.

  81. The Shy lamp is fabulous, I would love to rewire one of those for my wee american house.

  82. I have been obsessed with the Sitting Lamp for months so would LOVE to win it. Have been following G Bettles everywhere for a while so that’s done and have tweeted too :) @femmegypsy…

  83. Wow, I love these lamps! I’m so torn between the two! I’ve had my eye on the sitting lamp for a while now… However, if I would be very glad to win the shy lamp!!! Pretty please…?

  84. Liked, followed and tweeted! I love the shy lamp. So cute.

  85. I’d love a little sitting lamp!

  86. Wahahhaha! How cool is that Sitting Lamp!!?
    I’ll take one please :P


  87. Bless me with the SITTING LAMP please. Liked, followed and tweeted @XhosaCliqs :-D

  88. These lamps are SO Freakin cool!! I #NEED the Sitting Lamp! #LoveAtFirstSight

  89. They are both so cute and quirky, but i would love a sitting lamp to keep me company while i work. Liked and followed!

  90. I love sitting lamp

  91. The Shy Lamp <3

  92. @miss_luckypony I would ♥ to win #TheShyLamp

  93. The Sitting Lamp completes me

  94. Ah that little Shy Lamp is just too cute.
    Come here little lamp… Come on. I won’t hurt you.
    Gooooood boooooy!

  95. sitting lamp

  96. I love shy lamp!

  97. I haven’t sat down with a sitting lamp yet!!

  98. I’ve never sat down with sitting lamp before… :(

  99. Oh I love the shy lamp!

  100. I would LOVE to win The Shy Lamp!

  101. I would like the Sitting Lamp.

  102. Shy the lamp please x

  103. The shy lamp please x

  104. So hard to choose but I think it’ll have to be the #TheShyLamp!

  105. SHY SHY SHY SHY <3

  106. I would love #TheSittingLamp – it’s like a little creature hehe

    PS: I tweeted ;-)

  107. The Sitting Lamp! :)

  108. I love the shy lamp :) xx

  109. Love the Shy Lamp!

  110. Loving the Sitting lamp. I have followed them on FB and Twitter. Also tweeted.

  111. Love the sitting lamp. Added on FB & Twitter. Also tweeted.

  112. Following all and Tweeted (@seaforever87) Love “The Shy Lamp” so much personality <3

  113. The Shy Lamp. Following all and tweeted @rehanaseedat

  114. The Sitting lamp is just tooooo amazing!! would look awesome in my room :)

  115. I love both of these! Such a great idea! But to choose one, I’ll definitely go for the Shy Lamp – too adorable for words!

  116. This might have been the most difficult desicion in my life. But I’ll go for The Shy Lamp (although I LOVE the sitting lamp as well).

  117. yassis that sitting lamp though.

  118. I would LOVE to own the shy lamp. I moved out this past Monday and as a student decorating a house with beautiful items like this doesn’t work in my budget :( Please help me own one, I can already picture where I would put it!

    Following on Facebook and Twitter :)

  119. I love love love the sitting lamp. Want!

  120. I love both, but really want the Shy lamp!

  121. Love the Shy Lamp

  122. Sitting lamp is too sweet!

  123. I like the shy one… shampies


  125. I would love to win the sitting lamp. It’s so cool! Love the unique design. Have tweeted as @samiola_88 as well.

  126. The Sitting lamp would be sitting very pretty on my bedside. He looks like a great new furniture friend. I’d love to meet him :)

  127. The Sitting Lamp, oh my its cute little knees! √ Facebook, √ Twitter

  128. oh but the Shy lamp would look perfect in the one corner that desperately needs light in my apartment. also. I love lamp(s).
    and soozi was too excited to tell me how I could win a lamp.
    strange conversation opener but it seemed to be true :D


  129. What I would give to have The Sitting Lamp keep me company at my desk! So adorable!

  130. Aargh… how do you even decide!!? I think I’d go for the shy one.. he’s cute.

  131. I would looooove to win The Sitting Lamp although both designs are stunning!

  132. Done and done! #TheSittingLamp is the sweetest/ coolest thing I’ve seen a in ll my life! The lamps I’ve had to deal with don’t even come close :p we belong together, imagine all those hours just sitting around!

  133. Sitting Lamp, please!


  135. Sitting lamp please!

  136. Must. Have. The. Sitting. Lamp. Please.

  137. Sitting Lamp!! Woot!

  138. Oh that Shy Lamp!

  139. Loving the SHY lamp!

  140. The sitting lamp is uber cute!!

  141. My hubbi would kill for the sitting lamp!!! He’s been obsessed with similar concepts for ages! This design outshines them all! *heart eyes*

  142. Fabulous quirky design, love the Shy Lamp. liked, shared & tweeted (@cathybadcar)

  143. The Shy Lamp :) liked/shared/tweeted


  144. Aw please pick me. I love both! but the sitting guy is my favourite :D

  145. Woke up feeling hopefull today. Today could be my lucky day. I have already made a space in my lounge for the Shy Lamp.

  146. ooooh nooooo! How did I only see this now?! Please say that I’m not too late! I would laugh rainbows and giggle bubbles for a sitting lamp.

  147. I <3 the sitting lamp

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