GIVEAWAY: 2-nights break at Cordelle in Simon’s Town.

Hey there guys, I haven’t had one of these in a while so I’m excited about this one. Nicole & Bruce Johnston got hold of me the other day about their new little guest house in Simon’s Town, Cape Town called Cordelle. This sweet little place is nestled at the base of Mt. Pleasant in Simon’s Town with amazing views of the harbour and surrounding beaches.

- A pathway leads guests to the historical Victorian town, whereby a myriad of shops, restaurants & museums can be enjoyed. Cordelle is a stones-throw away from the legendary Boulders beach which is host to a large Jackass Penguin colony & other marine life.

This unique self-catering unit has been beautifully designed to suite the contemporary traveler & small family. With eloquent decor & stylish nuances, the space exudes a luxurious but homely atmosphere.

I think this spot looks and sounds amazing and from the photos you can see that they have really made such a cool effort to make it something special – I would live there nevermind just visit. Nicole, Bruce you keen to adopt? I bake and I can brush my own hair.

Anyway this couple has been kind enough to offer one of you guys 2-free nights (subject to availability) at their pretty Cordelle Guest House and all you have to do is:

1: Leave me a comment on my site to enter

2: Reblog or tweet (using the hashtag #CordellGuestHouse) about this giveaway and leave those links in your comment to gain you extra entries.

3: This competition will end on the 31st of January 2013 and I will randomly be picking a winner

4: Flights are not included in the prize















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18. January 2013 by angie
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Comments (114)

  1. hi, this is the most beautiful place!!!would really love to go as we haven’t been away as a couple since the birth of our daughter 20 months ago…about time! love your blog! x

    I would love love love this. And need it even more.


    me me me me me me me

  4. Oh my gosh, yes please!

  5. OH HARRRRO!!!

    I love this side of Cape Town!! Almost feels like a holiday in my home town.

    This would be just delightful to stay at this sweet little spot!

  6. Me please! *fingers crossed*

  7. looks like the perfect place for a little escape! pick me x

  8. me please :)

  9. Such a cute little gem and so gorgeously decorated – it will make a perfect weekend getaway (especially for us Cape Town folk)
    (Tweeted about it too:

  10. I just love everything about this place and would much love to win, however, either way, I aim to make an appointment for a visit to take pics for my blog early in February. WIll be in touch with Nicole and Bruce. What a spot, decor, setting, details. Love love all round. Fingers crossed. x.

  11. This place looks stunning, well done to the owners

  12. Is this a dream? It looks like the most amazing place to relax at, perfect for a little romantic get-away which we need so much. Holding thumbs behind my back!

  13. What a beautiful place for a much needed weekend away :)
    (Tweeted: @alexlitkie)

  14. Please universe, pick me randomly! xxx

  15. pick me, pick me!

  16. Woweeeee what a rad space! Would love to go! Tweeting right now!

  17. Ooh yes please! They have decorated this so beautifully!

  18. Hi,

    I would love to win this little getaway for my parents. They love the idea of getting away, but never like going very far. I think a weekend away here would do them wonders (plus it would serve as an excellent belated anniversary gift from me ;) )

    Don’t pick me, pick them :)

  19. wow the place looks amazing!

  20. It just so happens that I’m flying to Cape Town soon so fingers crossed

  21. This is awesome.
    Dear fate,
    Please make me and my plus one will be the happiest humans alive.

  22. ooooooooooooh! This place is amazing! Have tweeted here:

  23. If this is the guest house I can only imagine how super cool this couples actual house must be!

  24. oops, I just realised that the hashtag i used is spelled “#CordelleGuestHouse” like the title is spelled and not “#CordellGuestHouse”. like in the example hashtag – hope it still counts!

  25. Oh I forgot to add, I tweeted too (@alexjanebrito)

  26. Cordell hits the spot when it comes to best picturesque and trendy guesthouse. Would be an absolute dream to go there for a getaway with a very special someone.
    (Here is my tweet:

  27. Me please.

  28. WOW!! I would luurrveeee to win this 2 night getaway for my husband and I :)
    Just beautiful :) pretty pretty prettyplease with a cherry on top

  29. Absolutely gorgeous – never seen such a beautifully style holiday spot!

  30. seaside bliss.
    entered. tweeted. dreaming.

  31. I tweeted! I can just see myself on that couch, with a book – having cheese and wine at that table with my husband. Such a beautiful place – will share with friends for a quick getaway x

  32. Such a perfect little nest!

  33. Please pick me!

  34. WOW, that looks like a little piece of heaven right there. I would love to win it.

    I have tweeted :)


    I wouldn’t “like” to win this, I “need” to win it.
    Too much work, no holiday, brain melting, losing my mind – this would make it all ok.


  36. Love Simon’s Town. Love getaways. Love pretty places.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would absolutely love to win.




    For now.


  37. And here’s my proof that I would really really like to win:

  38. Oh, and I have tweeted on: @KayliVee


  39. This is THE MOST beautiful guesthouse I have EVER seen. Honestly. I don’t think I would leave the guesthouse the whole time :P It’s SO homey. @nikki_viola xxxxxxx

  40. Looks incredible.

    I tweeted.

  41. Hi I would love to win this as my husband and I never had a honeymoon. This would be just perfect. Plus I tweeted

  42. Looks so lovely. Retweeted.

  43. Cordelle Guest House looks beautiful! Fingers crossed and tweet sent :)

  44. Yes please! That sounds lovely.

  45. um. me please. I never win. I think it’s time. Holy crap, this prize is amaze-balls. me. that’s all I’m saying. love you xxx.

  46. Ah-mazing – I’d love to win.
    Holding thumbs :-)

  47. I’m not entering the competition, but I’m so glad to see Wolves and Lucky Pony up and running for 2013! Are there any more of your great Wolves events to look forward to this year? I’d love to be able to attend something like the fashion swap, the gift exchange or the scrabble tournament as I’ve always managed to miss most of those in spectacular moron-mode before. Something like the Light Grey Art Lab’s all-night art sit-in would be a great thing to see happen at Wolves- I can just imagine the kind of awesome things that might come out of an evening of creative people just hanging out and making multi-media art until the wee hours.

  48. this looks beyond incredible! please, please?

  49. Ah can I please be the winner!!! This looks so amazing! I would give my left toe but im sure you dont want it but still I totally would :)

  50. i have tweeted, but i can’t link it here :( it’s there, under miss_banwell, I promise!

  51. Hell yeah I’d like to to win this giveaway! Cordelle Guest House looks like such a magical place. Thanks for the awesome giveaways Angie! You never disappoint.

  52. OOOOOH. I haven’t visited Simons Town in a while.
    If I win this I will make a point to go on the ‘just nuisance’ hike.. the views promise to be spectacular!

  53. SO rad! I need this mini break spot in my life…
    I don’t have a blog or twitter, but I did like it and share it on Facebook and linked it to you Facebook page too – hope that’s okay? *holding thumbs*

  54. Pick meeeeee!

  55. Holding thumbs it’s me, one of the best competitions I’ve seen in a while!

  56. Oh dear, i forgot to link my tweet!

  57. Have liked their facebook page and tweeted this giveaway. Twittername: @online61524

  58. Sorry forgot to add Link to my tweet: Twittername: @online61524

  59. This would be an amazing respite from a busy work life! Work, work, work. I need to fit in some “play” too. Pick me!!

  60. The hash tag you used does not have an “e” at the end. Should we use the same hash tag or a new one, ie, #CordelleHouse ? Thanks.

  61. What a dreamy little gem, would make the most idyllic weekend escape and a girl like me very happy :)

    Here’s my twitter link:

  62. HI Angie

    Pick me pick me!

    My boyfriend and I have never had a weekend away together at a BnB or hotel or anything like that!
    I will love you forever if you pick me!

    I also entered on twitter!

  63. OOOH this place makes me think of all my favourite Wes Anderson films! I need it in my life right now

    twitter linky link:

    Kthanksbye! :)

  64. Yes please. Looks wonderful!

  65. What a beautiful spot, in a beautiful place

  66. whoa! great giveaway, pick me pleeeaaasse!

  67. The House of Sea and Sky, at the foot of Mt. Pleasant…could it sound more idyllic?! What a beautiful place!

  68. Looks awesome!

  69. Pick me, pick me!


  70. Wow, what an amazing giveaway!

    Would be a wonderful way to celebrate our third wedding anniversary… fingers crossed…!

  71. #want #covet #wishingandhoping #ohmygiddyaunt

  72. This looks amazing! Don’t have a twitter and have retired my blog for a while, so i’m pinning all my hopes on this one little entry :)

  73. heck yess.

  74. Hello

    we would love to visit this amazing place

    please pick us :)

    thank you


  75. I want two nights in Simonstown pleeeease!

    Tweeted at:

    Yes sir!

  76. I would love to see this place up close, love the blue wall and the natural wooden tones. A weekend with my husband and kids would be a dream!

  77. The design of this place is so inviting, I went on holiday just by looking at the pics.


  78. Oooooooh I’m moving to Cape Town this weekend and a weekend away in Simonstown would totally help me get through this roller coaster of I-can’t-believe-I’m-really-leaving-Jozi emotions…

  79. Lekkers!

    Just tweeted it!

    I’ve never been to Simons Town!

    But I think Misha would love it…and she would blog blog blog about it…which means that they’ll get more bang for there prize buck!


    So pick us! Ok! Do it!

    Do it!

  80. Yes, please. I’ll have one entry please!

  81. Just what I need – a chance to escape the kidlets for a weekend and spend some time with their dad ;)

  82. oh my! i want to go there just to steal all their furniture.

  83. I want to live here!

    Retweeted here:

  84. I tweeted and I would truly love to win this – my guy has been away far too long and when he eventually gets back I think we wil need a romantic getaway to a place like this….

    ps have retweeted, reblogged and faebooked :) yay!

  85. I would love this getaway and looks like a place you want to live in and freelance design there… (well thats my plan anyways )

  86. And here is the link to my blog about you and the giveaway! –

  87. This place is absolutely beautiful! My boyfriend and I have just moved to Cape Town and so this lovely give away would be the perfect way to be introduced to this wonderful place and find out more about it.

    I have also entered on twitter (@KerriPeake1)
    Holding thumbs :)

  88. I tweeted!

    I am commenting!

    I want to go to pretty pretty Simonstown!

    [My husband's name is Simon, too.]

  89. What a stunning place!!! A good excuse to visit CT

  90. yes please !!!! how will i win with all these comments – im tweeting too!!!!

  91. It looks beautiful, I’d love to win. I tweeted about it here:

  92. Not quite sure, but as I understand it this offer is for one person, yes?
    Id really love to go with my girlfriend, she’s been pushing me to plan a weekend for Simonstown and the place sounds and looks absolutely awesome. Id obviously pay the difference for a second person xD

  93. This is a perfect 1st year anniversary present. So pretty!
    My tweet :)

  94. My boyfriend isn’t from SA and I’d love to show him that part of the Cape. Unfortunately, though, I live on student budget so would not be able to make that possible on my own. And with V-day around the corner& all, I can’t think of a better gift than this awesome opportunity. (Plus, I’m a total sucker for museums, and Simons Town has AWESOME ones!)

  95. i am still laughing that anyone else entered. Can’t you all see I am already there. I am in the photos opening up the locker in my moody grey linen dress and darke green head scarf. yes! hv tweeted too.

  96. Ooooh la la , I do love me a good staycation & having done much of our wooing round that area I’d love to surprise my man with this for our 2 year anniversary :)

  97. Sounds wonderful. I would love to go!

  98. Wait! Don’t close the competition yet! I just saw this. My toddler son (15 months of deliciousness), my fiace (newly engaged) and I would all so desperately love to get out of the city for a weekend away in gorgeous Simonstown. (Our favourite beach is the little one next to Seaforth). Pick us! Pah-leeza? (as my child would say)

  99. This looks so beautiful! I would love to win!

    Tweeted about it tooooooo!

  100. I’d love to win a stay here. Woohoo!

  101. How breathtaking – can i move in permanently??
    THanks for sharing!