Edible place cards. Whoa now.

Edible place cards, now you’re speaking my language. This is when you wish you had 15 middle names, so your pie will need a XL serving platter not a dinner plate. Such a cool idea for a table setting.

- These mini pies pull double duty – place cards + dessert/appetizer/cause-for-excitement. Or am I the only one who gets visibly excited over pie? To make your own simply cut squares of pie dough, fill, fold, dust and bake. I freehanded the letters and baked separately.


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24. January 2012 by angie
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Comments (3)

  1. Cool, Love that these apple pies are multi-functional.

    Ps – I made some apple turnovers the other day and they were yum (here, if you interested: http://www.beingbrazen.com/2012/01/easy-peasy-apple-turnovers.html ) .

  2. What an awesome idea…
    I will use it as a brilliant excuse for hosting a party.