Cool spaces: Desk, light, action.

Nick and I needed a big desk for the Instant Grass office we are designing that could accommodate up to 12 people, so we had one made. We sat down and spoke to our friend Chris and this is what we landed up with. It reminds me of a huge grey ping pong table and I love it.

The actual piece is over 5 meters long and it still has 2 flaps that are going to be added to either end that will extended the table and make it even bigger if need be. Cool hey?

We also made a cool bike light that hangs above the table, just for fun. It came out so well. How rad would it be to ride this sucker around at night all lit up like this? E.T. would be amped.

*Here are some pictures of a coffee table/seating arrangement we made for them too.


Our bike light.

04. December 2012 by angie
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  1. That’s amazing friend… I don’t know about you but it is like myself and nobody else is in the mood to be productive anymore! It’s almost like I just want to sit back and munch on way too many mince pies and read magazines. Have you been to Honey Badger Bistro yet?

    You’ll love it.

  2. That bike light is amazing! Design them and sell them? K cool.

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