D.I.Y. Heart shaped elbow patches. Swoon.

I came across this tutorial on how to make elbow pacthes for your plain old jersey, but not just any elbow patches, heart shaped ones. They are so so sweet and if you click here you can go through the process step by step.

Listen, if you do manage to pull this off and feel like attempting a second sweater, because you’re awesome like that, I’ll give it a new home, with pleasure hee.

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13. March 2012 by angie
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Comments (12)

  1. so cute – love this!

  2. I am not sure what the orange stuff is or how the “pins” make the orange stuff become unfluffy…can you email me and let me know? Otherwise, key-ute idea!

  3. ooooh…definitely going to try this!

  4. Wow! that is just awesome! and looks so easy<3

  5. Monique – it is wool roving and the needles are felting needles. You jab the wool into the clothing with the needles and it becomes felt. Very fun to do : )

  6. (sorry the response was to Tracie’s question : )

  7. I LOVE THIS! easy/simple/perfect — thanks for the tutorial!

  8. What a great idea~ I never thought of dressing up shirts with felting! Thanks for the groovy idea!

  9. Wow nice work! I really loved the color as well. That is very very creative :)

  10. So adorable! How would you wash this? I’ve never done any felting before, so I’m afraid it would come right off when washed…

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