Jersey Ice Cream Company18. July 2014

Came across this site called Jersey Ice Cream Company, who do the complete opposite of what their name suggests (already I like them). Now at first glance you would think that I was going to show you drool-worthy pictures of creamy, creamy ice-cream, but instead I’m going to show you the cool transformations that the 2 ladies who run this interior design studio have come up with. Yip, they take boring looking rooms and make them into something special and pretty damn awesome, according to me. Below are before and after shots of some of the spaces they have worked on. Love all the reclaimed wood and the idea of keeping some of the original textures in the room, like the exposed wallpaper, flooring, concrete walls and ceiling beams. Also love the black and white kitchen, if you’re looking for design inspiration for a non-traditional revamp, you’re going to like this post, but if beige tiles, off-white walls and anything tinged Tuscan is your thing, then rather give it a skip-a-roo.

- We are Tara Mangini and Percy Bright, a full-service interior design duo who love to travel wherever there’s a space begging for a transformation. Every space holds its own unique opportunities. Old houses are filled with secrets, little clues that lie hidden for years. The only thing better than rescuing them from layers of wallpaper, paint, and carpet is weaving those stories together with fresh ideas, creating spaces that feel new but instantly familiar. Though empty white boxes lack similar stories, they carry with them a certain sense of freedom. When a history doesn’t already exist, it’s ours to create.”































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Portland loft23. June 2014

This amazing loft is at the top of a one-story, nondescript industrial building located in Southeast, Portland. It’s an energy-efficient space and even though it’s very modern and clean, which is nothing like our home that we live in, I would move into this space in a heartbeat. It occupies the top floor, so it has a wraparound rooftop garden and windows for days. Sigh. So beautiful.



loft in portland-6

loft in portland-8

loft in portland-9

loft in portland-11

loft in portland-4

loft in portland-12

loft in portland-3

loft in portland-2

loft in portland-7

loft in portland-1

loft in portland-5

loft in portland-10

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Yet another home in a church that I don’t live in. Sigh.17. June 2014

Here is yet another amazing amazing space that used to be a church, but is now someone’s awesome home. This weatherboard church in Lower Portland, NSW belongs to Elise Pioch Balzac and her husband Pablo Chappell and it’s been done up so simply, but it’s still so homely and inviting.

It’s mine and Shane’s dream to stumble across a piece of property like this and transform it into a an amazing space to live, think we may have to move to Australia to do it because whenever I come across places like this, they are never anywhere near us, ever!

-The church dates back to 1880, and was operational until 10 years ago. ‘It has seen many floods and bush fires, and we hope it will brave Australia’s hazards for a few more centuries’ says Elise.  



church house-13

church house-1

church house-2

church house-10

church house-4

church house-9

church house-6

church house-5

church house-3

church house-14

church house-7

church house-8

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D.I.Y. Guest room/ study11. June 2014

Now that we have a little one on her way, Shane and I needed to transform our study into the babies room and our spare room into the study, but we still wanted to have the option of using the study as a guest bedroom. So I went looking for some reference on how we could do exactly that in a compact and clever way.

My very clever husband then had a look at all the reference I gave him, adapted one of the ideas and then drew up the plans for the device below. He then set out to build it by himself, which I was a bit apprehensive about, but now that it’s complete and flipping awesome, I will never ever question his ability to wield a hammer and saw again.

So without further a due, here is our 3rd bedroom, which we have made into a spare room/study. If anyone is interested in Shane’s step by step guide on how he did this, you can just click here. He did a post explaining the whole process bit by bit. Next project, is the babies crib, which he is also making himself, building commences on Friday and I’ll be sure to show you guys the end result.


before hidden-bed-18 AFTER hidden-bed-10




hidden-bed-25   hidden-bed-11













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Black & white things02. June 2014

Hello everybody, hope you all had a wonderful weekend… and are having a lovely Monday morning.

This weekend I went on a bit of a shop, I was looking for new cushions for our couch and a black and white rug for Shangie’s room. Lucky for me, those are the exact things that I found, I literally walked into a few stores and came out with the stuff I needed. I also scored a few other very cool things this weekend, that fit nicely into my monochrome colour scheme, so I thought I would do a black and white post showcasing them all.

I found this very awesome rug at Mr Price Home, you can’t see it in the picture, but it’s a good size and they had a few others that were really nice too, so if you’re looking for rugs, go check them out.





I also found very cool cushions at Country Road, thought I would get mismatched ones, instead of 2 of the same. They are looking very smart on our grey couch.




Then a very nice young lady by the name of Cecile who owns a local home ware label called Ménagerie sent me a mail asking me if I would like one of her cat cushions for Shangie’s room as a gift. She had me at ‘cat’, I went and had a look at her fun, sweet designs and decided on the fat one below, named Mr Pusskins. How rad is he? He is going to be so happy in the babies room.





My friend Amy also hosted a Jane Sews pop-up shop at Wolves on Friday night, which was a huge success. She had so many nice things to choose from, but I decided on the this grid patterned jersey, which I absolutely love. Nice one Amy Amz.




And the last things are these 2 very pretty sweaters that I bought on my ‘Woolworths Winter shop’ that I was invited to a few weeks back. Their new collection of Winter wear is super impressive and they have all sorts of amazing things to choose from. These textured sweaters were my favourite.








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Sibella Court’s Incredible studio and living space20. May 2014

Design Files have just featured Sibella Court’s workspace/studio and separate living quarters on their site and I must say that even though there is a lot of clutter going on, I really really like these spaces, they feel so interesting and lived in. There are so many cool layers and interior textures that this lady has created and there are so many little pieces that I would house-nap in an instance. It’s one of the most eclectic places I’ve seen in a while and I wish I could explore them in real life.

I think I like the bathroom and kitchen the most, so awesome.


Sibella Court house-15

Stairs leading up to the studio from Sibella’s shop

Sibella Court house-3

Library in the studio

Sibella Court house-14

Sibella Court house-2

Sibella Court house-7

Sibella Court house-9


Sibella Court house-12

Sibella Court house-8

Studio wall

Sibella Court house-1


Sibella Court house-11

Master bedroom

Sibella Court house-13

Sibella Court house-5

Part of her wardrobe

Sibella Court house-6

Sibella Court house-10

Outdoor room off the master bedroom

Sibella Court house-4

Sibella Court house-16

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