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Cool spaces: Holiday home in Sweden

January 15, 2015

Jochen Specht-4

How rad is this Summer house located in northern Sweden, built by Mats Fahlander Architects? Love all the wood and glass and it’s unusual shape.

Do you have a “holiday home” folder? I do, I add to it all the time and dream about what it’s going to look like, I would love for it to be located somewhere absolutely crazy beautiful like Santorini or Italy, so when we wake up every morning it literally feels like we’re in heaven. One day… sigh…

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Cool spaces: Apartments in Sweden

January 8, 2015


Found these two amazing Swedish apartments on this blog. The first one is available to buy, if you have R19 000 000 lying around, yip you read right, crazy right? And the second one is probably not as much, it’s a small, charming space, but it didn’t have a price tag attached to it, I just liked the way it looked so included it in this post.

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December 12, 2014


A little while back I ordered some brass string lights from an online store called Onefortythree. This site has a number of very cool light fixtures, furniture and home accessories all designed and made by the very talented Logan Hendrickson. I stumbled across his site one day and was excited by his designs and then when I saw that he actually delivered to South Africa, I literally fist punched the air like a star-struck teenager in the 90’s.

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home stuff, interiors

Cool spaces: The home of Remo Giuffré

November 20, 2014

Remo Giuffre-2

This is the very eclectic home of Remo Giuffré and his family. I came across this space on Design Files and loved every photo they took of it, wish there were more because there is just so much to look at – my favourite kind of space.

- There is something positively museum-like about this space… it is layered with nostalgic mementoes of family life, and love, and a lifetime of artefacts.  Every family should (and probably does?) have this stuff… but.. somehow, the way it has been lovingly collected and displayed here takes things to another level!

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