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December 12, 2014


A little while back I ordered some brass string lights from an online store called Onefortythree. This site has a number of very cool light fixtures, furniture and home accessories all designed and made by the very talented Logan Hendrickson. I stumbled across his site one day and was excited by his designs and then when I saw that he actually delivered to South Africa, I literally fist punched the air like a star-struck teenager in the 90’s.

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home stuff, interiors

Cool spaces: The home of Remo Giuffré

November 20, 2014

Remo Giuffre-2

This is the very eclectic home of Remo Giuffré and his family. I came across this space on Design Files and loved every photo they took of it, wish there were more because there is just so much to look at – my favourite kind of space.

- There is something positively museum-like about this space… it is layered with nostalgic mementoes of family life, and love, and a lifetime of artefacts.  Every family should (and probably does?) have this stuff… but.. somehow, the way it has been lovingly collected and displayed here takes things to another level!

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Our kitchen

September 23, 2014


A couple of people have been asking me to do a post on our kitchen and this morning whilst I was in there slurping down some ice-tea, I decided to whip out the old camera and do just that.

As you can see from all the photo evidence below I like kitchen stuff, glasses, jugs, jars, teacups, cookbooks, mixing bowls etc etc and luckily for us slash me, not Shane, I have lots of nice open shelves to display some of the stuff I have been collecting over the years.

So I hope you enjoy my kitchen tour, while I head on back to my baby bear who is in search of her own version of ice-tea.

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Cool spaces

September 10, 2014


Was looking around this blog today and I came across 2 homes that I think are just too cool. The first one is in Amsterdam and is filled with all sorts of souvenirs brought back from the owner’s worldwide travels. This little place is right up my alley, I love homes that are filled with memories and trinkets, a space that looks like it’s been lived in and enjoyed.

The 2nd one is located in Sweeden and it’s slightly less quirky, but still so nicely decorated with bits of modern and vintage touches. The kitchen is my most favourite part of this space. Nice nice nice.

I need to do another post on our home, haven’t showed you guys our bedroom yet. Yes, I will do that room next!

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