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Our kitchen

September 23, 2014


A couple of people have been asking me to do a post on our kitchen and this morning whilst I was in there slurping down some ice-tea, I decided to whip out the old camera and do just that.

As you can see from all the photo evidence below I like kitchen stuff, glasses, jugs, jars, teacups, cookbooks, mixing bowls etc etc and luckily for us slash me, not Shane, I have lots of nice open shelves to display some of the stuff I have been collecting over the years.

So I hope you enjoy my kitchen tour, while I head on back to my baby bear who is in search of her own version of ice-tea.

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Evie Cahir part 2

September 23, 2014


I recently went to look at Evie Cahir’s site again. I did a post on her incredible illustrations last year and I was blown away by the sheer volume of good work that she had up on her site, there were a lot of pieces that I thought were really interesting and eery and I spent a long time going through her stuff.

When I went to go have a look a second time around, I was once again surprised by the sheer volume and the awesomeness of her drawings, which are like bizarre little snippets into her life.

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Paper Paintings by Geoff Mcfetridge

June 4, 2014


Saw a couple of paintings by LA based artist Geoff Mcfetridge on Pinterest today and went on a search for more. This guy is super talented and has done a lot of amazing work for loads of different shows, galleries and clients. I really like this series of his called ‘Paper Paintings by Geoff Mcfetridge’

- LA-based artist Geoff Mcfetridge works across a great variety of media including graphic design, illustration and animation for clients such as OK GO, spike jonze, the new york times, the walker art center and NIKE among others.

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Tomás Alonso

May 26, 2014

These furniture designs are by Spanish designer Tomás Alonso. I was taking a wonder through his site today and landed up finding quite a few pieces which I thought were pretty damn cool. His asthetic is clean and simple from the actual design, to the materials he uses to his colour palette. I really think he has some amazing work in his portfolio.

-  His method, which might be described as “à la Castiglioni” due to its ideological simplicity, can be summed up as an intelligent morphological synthesis of a technicist type, which focuses on functionality as an absolute value and turns it into an idea for products which are quick and easily understandable into their constitutive elements. The very simple aesthetic qualities of his objects reveal the expressive potential of each specific material, which is also his main source of inspiration, conveying an expressive immediacy which makes his products universal and transgenerational. He uses both wood and metal in a sober, soft and practical manner, skilfully inverting the usual way in which these two materials are perceived: wood is reduced to very slender, squared, vectorial sticks, iron is curved, warm and coloured.


Tomás Alonso-14

Tomás Alonso-15

Tomás Alonso-4

Tomás Alonso-17

Tomás Alonso-19

Tomás Alonso-13

Tomás Alonso-12

Tomás Alonso-18

Tomás Alonso-10

Tomás Alonso-1

Tomás Alonso-23

Tomás Alonso-20

Tomás Alonso-22

Tomás Alonso-7

Tomás Alonso-11

Tomás Alonso-5

Tomás Alonso-24


Tomás Alonso-6



Tomás Alonso-8

Tomás Alonso-9

Tomás Alonso-21


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The Wonders of the Universe Vol. 1 – exhibition

May 6, 2014

The Wonders of the Universe Vol. 1 exhibition, curated by Soft Serve is up at Wolves for the rest of the month. The work is very diverse and very cool, so I thought I would do another post to show you a few more examples of what these talented artists have come up with. There are 21 posters on display and they range from R500 to R2500, but the majority are R500 – R750. There are a limited run of 5 per print, so if you see something you like I suggest you snap it up, a couple have already sold out.

Happy looking….