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Easy chocolate mousse

August 28, 2015

easy chocolate mousse-2

Have you ever found yourself preparing for a dinner party at your house and you realise that you’re responsible for the dessert too and you want to make something that won’t keep you in the kitchen for hours? Then I have just the solution for you. I own Alida Ryder’s book Simple & Delicious and in it is a quick and easy recipe for good old fashioned Chocolate Mousse. Now some of you may be thinking that chocolate mousse is a boring dessert, but I beg to differ. Sometimes at the end of a meal all you need is a bit of a chocolate fix and what’s so nice about mousse is there is zero effort needed to consume it. Yup you can pretty much suck it down using nothing but your face, if you’re skilled enough in the art of crafty eating like I am.

I have made this particular mousse a couple of times and it has never failed. It comes out smooth, rich and delicious. I haven’t made it the original way with white chocolate, but I’m definitely going to try it next time around. In the version below I use half dark chocolate and half milk chocolate and I’ve upped the chocolate content by 50 grams (what can I say I love chocolate).

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The Alphen Boutique Hotel

August 24, 2015

angie and shane

The Alphen-9

Over the weekend Shane and I travelled to Cape Town to attend our friends Matthew and Jess’ wedding. It was held on the beautiful grounds of Babylonstoren, a word I finally have learnt how to pronounce properly! This has been the first time that both Shane and I have been away from Nina and I must say I handled it a lot better that I thought I would. I was a bit teary in the beginning on the way to the airport and I thought about her the entire time we were in Cape Town, but Shane’s parents who were babysitting were so good at sending photos and updates all weekend long that I actually did ok being away from her. She got loads of kisses though when I saw her on Sunday evening!

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August 17, 2015



Anna-Belle and I were invited to hang out in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch for a few days thanks to the lovely people over at Stellenbosch Wine Routes. I’ve never stayed in this area before and I’m really glad I got to because it’s so pretty to look at, I like being surrounded by wine lands and vast mountain vistas.

Whilst there we got together to shoot some looks that we have just recently added to our wardrobes. So to kick off this series I’m starting with this navy jumpsuit I found at Zara. I really like it, it’s light and easy to wear, so easy in fact that I accidentally wore it backwards and I only realised after we had shot and the rain had started pouring down. I laughed so hard at myself afterwards, but hey I think it works both ways so it’s all good hehe. My hat is from Simon and Mary, luckily I managed to wear that right way round.

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The Commune

August 16, 2015



I absolutely love it when my friends do really awesome things, it makes me so happy to see them succeed and start ventures that they are really passionate about. Two such friends of mine are Amy Venter a.k.a Jane Sews and her husband Zak Venter a.k.a Sergeant Pepper Clothing. These two are not only talented clothing designers but they’re also the very clever minds behind Durban’s latest shared retail workspace called The Commune. I haven’t been yet in person, but I can only imagine that it’s a really cool space because everything these two do is always amazing and I’m not exaggerating when I say that.

– The Commune is a gathering of makers and brands offering a collection of apparel, home goods and design. We are collaborative inspired by slow living, taking design back to the foundation of comfort and utility. In the Commune tools, space and ideas are shared. 

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Topshop personal shopper

August 10, 2015



A little while back I thought I would spoil myself for my birthday with some new clothes and I so I booked a session with Topshop’s personal shopper Nadine. When I arrived I was offered a cold glass of champagne in the personal changing room/suite (that is booked out especially for these sessions) and then we had a chat about what I was looking for before we walked around and Nadine helped me find some bits and pieces. Some items suited me more than others, but it was fun to just try a few things on that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked myself.

I must admit I must be one of the hardest people to choose things for because I’m so fussy,  I don’t wear any shorts or short dresses and I don’t wear anything super tight or cropped, which means I like a lot of things shaped like pants, but Nadine was really cool and we found some nice stuff.

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Bounce Inc.

August 9, 2015

Bounce inc-10

When I was a kid I was constantly moving if I wasn’t riding my bike, I was rollerskating or swimming or climbing trees. When I was a teenager we moved into a house that had a trampoline and I used to go nuts on that thing every afternoon, it was so much fun to just jump as high and as long as possible and then afterwards just lie on it in the sun and eat a polony and cheese sandwich. So when I heard that a there was literally a massive warehouse opening up with wall to wall trampolines in it, I got so excited! And that is exactly what Bounce Inc. is a massive room filled with trampolines, they’re on the floor the walls and I’m sure if they could have figured it out, they would of put them on the ceiling too.

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