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Milk Bar

July 7, 2015



The other day just before sunset I found myself walking into a quaint, cozy coffee shop called Milk Bar, which is located just on the doorstep of Amatuli Artefacts and just below Katy’s Palace Bar in Kramerville, Johannesburg. Whilst there I had a really nice hot chocolate that came with a soft centred chocolate that you drop into the milk, it was so nice I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing in one go. I then grabbed a takeaway Flat White (they use Bean There beans), which was also really good.

What’s cool about this spot is that it opens at 6:30am during the week and then after hours it turns into a bar till 20:00pm. As the sun started going down they lit candles which really made the place look warm and festive. Food wise they serve cakes, flat breads, pastries, sandwiches, pot pies and more. I didn’t get to eat because I was just passing through, but I’m definitely going back. I took a little sneak peak at their cakes and I liked what I saw. Here’s another cool thing about it, if you’re in a hurry and just driving by you can grab a coffee from their takeaway window, which opens at 6.30am. I’ve always loved that idea, like a little hole in the wall.

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July 7, 2015


The guys at Unilever contacted me the other day and asked if I would help spread the word about their new #brightFuture campaign. I watched the short film they have out called “the way kids see it South Africa” on YouTube, which is all about how, when confronted with a problem, kids try their best to fix it in their own little way. I thought it was quite sweet and it made me think about when I was younger how I used to be so independent and anything that I wanted to do, I did, whether it was building a makeshift fort or helping my gran bake. I didn’t stress about how I would do it, I just did it, that’s what’s cool about being a kid, you just find a way to make things happen. I think that’s one of the things I miss the most about being a mini-Angie anymore, when you’re younger you jump into things with eyes wide open and full of excitement, you kind of lose that a bit the older you get. It also made me think about Nina’s future and what sort of dreams and hopes she’s going to have for her life. I know I could make more of an effort to make our world better, not only for her but for me too and the guys at Unilever are trying to help people do just that.

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Peach muffins

July 6, 2015


How does a tasty Peach Muffin sound to you right about now? I made these peachy suckers a few weeks back when I had some friends coming over for tea and I needed to make something that didn’t require 7 hours prep time and a million ingredients. This recipe called for fresh sliced peaches, but I didn’t have any so I used the canned variety and they turned out just fine, in fact I’m guessing that they probably helped with the moistness of them because of the syrup that they come in. I also added pecan nuts because I love the flavour they give cake.

I don’t know about you guys, but if I could bake all day long slash eat cake all day long I think I would. There is something so therapeutic and rewarding about baking and I guess it doesn’t hurt that at the end of the process you get to smash whatever you’ve made into your face. Maybe one day I’ll open a Lucky Pony cake shop where everything inside is edible, including the furniture (how this would work is beyond me, but this is my dream so what the hell) oooooooh that would be nice.

If peaches don’t take your fancy, then why not try these Rosewater Cupcakes or these Chocolate Cupcakes out, they were also nice and easy to make.

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COOL STUFF, home stuff

NetFlorist and Lucky Pony

July 3, 2015


A couple of months ago I got invited along with a few friends of mine, Misha from Brandslut and Anna-Belle from She Said to the NetFlorist headquarters to basically spend a whole morning designing and putting together flower arrangements. Our brief was to come up with whatever our hearts desired, anything that would make our faces happy if they got delivered to our front doors. We had so much fun picking flowers and succulents, vases and wooden crates to make our little creations come to life.

I love succulents which means that they pretty much landed up in all my arrangements, except one. I actually decided to create a wreath made up of succulents, penny gum and safari, which I think landed up being my favourite piece because it was so out of the ordinary and fun. I thought it would be perfect in the middle of a dinning room table or hanging above your bed. I always see wreaths on Pinterest and wish I could have some in my house, so I’m happy now that I can. My other arrangements vary in size from a generous bunch of awesome penny gum, lisianthus, safari, premium roses and proteas to succulents and proteas in a wooden crate, right down to a just a single succulent in a sweet little tin bucket.

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art, DESIGN, illustration

Imile Wepener

July 1, 2015


Imile Wepener is a young illustrator who is putting on a solo exhibition called Oh Shoot at Wolves Cafe, which starts this Friday (3rd July) at 18:00pm. There are going to be prints and original gouache paintings for sale and from what I’ve seen of Imile’s work so far it’s going to be a great show. I have attached some examples of the pieces going up, but there will be more and I urge you to come see them for yourself.

Yay for local artists!

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Industrial space

June 30, 2015


I always dream about the day that Shane and I will happen across a curious looking building for sale, like a rundown Scout hall, a church or an old garage like the glorious Industrial space below. Yip you’re looking at an old garage that has been converted into a home with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dressing room and a large open-plan living space and it’s located in central Amsterdam.

The genius behind this beautifully decorated home is interior architect James van der Velden. This is the space he gets to call home every single day in possibly one of the most picturesque places on the planet. Bet you his life doesn’t suck.

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