Cotton On Kids in the Mall of Africa

May 3, 2016


I’m not sure how many of you have been to the new Mall of Africa in Midrand, if you have you will know what I’m talking about when I say “Holy Moley!” It’s huge and it has so many stores you’re not sure which way to turn, which is amazing, a bit daunting, but still super cool as I think they probably have any store you can imagine in there.

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Travel & Restaurants

Say hi to the new Jobest team

April 28, 2016


Some of you may have noticed that Jobest has been a bit quiet the last couple of months. Nothing much has been happening on that front, but behind the scenes we have been working hard to make it more awesome and full of tons of new places for you to discover. If you’re wondering how we’ve done this then wonder no more, but instead say hello to our new team members…yip we’ve made Jobest bigger by asking some of our talented friends to be part of the gang. So without further a due will everyone please say hello to Melissa from The Truffle Journal and Nicole and Dani from The Kitchen Theif.

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FASHION, Travel & Restaurants

EB Social Kitchen and Bar

April 28, 2016

EB Social Kitchen and Bar


How long has it been since you’ve gone into a bookstore and gotten lost in a sea of titles and pretty pictures? When I used to work at Network I would walk across to Exclusive Books every third day or so to just sit in and amongst their collection and absorb as much awesomeness as possible. Their Design and Art section was one of the best around. Since becoming my own boss and being unhealthily obsessed with Pinterest I haven’t gone into one of these stores in a good couple of years, that was until I heard about the new EB Social Kitchen & Bar which is located at the back of the newly renovated Exclusive Books in Hyde Park.

So a couple of weekends back I decided to check this new eatery out, but before I did I got to pay Banana Republic a visit and stock my wardrobe up with a few new pieces from their latest collection, which is always fun. I then wore them to lunch and afterwards paraded around so Anna-Belle could help me shoot some photos of myself for my new style post – Banana Republic has a lot of really pretty things in store at the moment, lots of flowy blouses, which I love and tailored pants. For my shoot, I chose this cream blouse with the sweetest black bow-tie detail and these really awesome navy pants, which I find myself wanting to wear all the time because they’re so comfortable.

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Jump Maps jump

April 27, 2016

Maps Maponyane

Adi and I got together with our awesome friend Maps Maponyane the other day to shoot some photos of him. So what do you do when you get the chance to shoot one of the most handsome faces in South Africa? You make the owner of said face jump, high.

This is our latest project for our collective Churche, we played a bit with architecture and shadows and I’m really happy with the way they turned out. We even shot a few fun photos afterwards, because when you have a tripod and a self-timer you gotta do what you gotta do.

Let me know what you think of this project and once again if you’re wanting to work with Churche, all you have to do is drop us a mail for a chat –

Thanks Maps for being such a good sport.

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Pretty Swedish home

April 24, 2016

Pretty Swedish home-6

This super pretty Swedish home belongs to former model and interior designer Malin Persson and her family. The house is located in the seaside town of Malmö, Sweden and was originally built in 1908. The original facade was restored, lead windows were replaced, brick walls and wood floors were reinstated, crown moldings were reconstructed, and some plastered walls were left untouched, leaving all the original charm intact.

I think my favourite part is the beautiful antique cabinet in the kitchen, I’d love to have the space to have something like that in my house one day. I also really like the church benches in the dining room, I’ve always thought that was a cool idea.


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Marks Sign

April 19, 2016

Marks Sign


Shane has a friend called Mark who is the most amazing local artist who paints pretty much anything you can imagine. He was the talented hands behind Desmond and The Tutus’ second album cover and made us the best family portrait (before our Neens came along).

The thing about Mark is that you can show him absolutely anything, any photo, any typeface, any reference and he’ll make it for you in his crazy talented style. So Shane knowing just how talented this man is has made it his mission to help get Mark’s name out there by helping him start an online business, because more people need to see and OWN Mark’s work.

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