Lucky Song Friday – Bad Kids – Black Lips15. September 2014

I know it’s Monday, but I didn’t get a chance to post a song up for Lucky Song Friday, so I’m doing it now. This is not a new song, but it’s still a good one by Black Lips called Bad Kids. Enjoy.

Last week’s Lucky Song Friday – Go Barefoot – Stand Up Saul


black lips

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Nina James – my heart15. September 2014

My little human is going to be a whole 7 weeks old tomorrow. So far everyday with her has been wonderful, she makes me so happy that I can’t even think straight. Everyday I see a difference in her, the way she interacts with us, the way she looks, can’t believe how quickly she grows and changes. My Miss James is just the sweetest little thing and she’s started smiling now, which gets me every time, it’s like seeing the greatest magic trick ever over and over again.

Thought I would share some photos of her with you guys…

















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The Whitepepper 215. September 2014

Went and checked out if the The Whitepepper had new stock, which they do. I blogged about some of their awesome stuff a while back and this time around they don’t disappoint again. Such nice tones and patterns mixed with laid back cuts and styles. So very very cool.


the whitepepper-16

the whitepepper-15

the whitepepper-10

the whitepepper-5

the whitepepper-2

the whitepepper-4

the whitepepper-11

the whitepepper-12

the whitepepper-8

the whitepepper-14

the whitepepper-17


the whitepepper

the whitepepper-13

the whitepepper-9




the whitepepper-7


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Live in Levi’s with Makosha Maja11. September 2014

We-are-awesome and I have started a brand new Levi’s series called ‘Live in Levi’s’ and first up is the lovely Makosha Maja. We gave Maja some Levi’s loot to buy herself some new things and then we asked her some questions about denim and things of that nature.

As part of this series we will also be giving away Levi’s vouchers and all we want to see is your interpretation of the theme ‘Live in Levi’s’ –  just post a picture of yourself on Instagram in any Levi’s item of clothing and then tag myself @miss_luckypony and @weareawesomedotcom and add this #LiveInLevis. We’re making it super easy for you guys to enter and who wouldn’t want some free Levi’s awesomeness? So get posting and good luck.

Check out Makosha’s boyfriend Lebo on we-are-awesome

1. How does denim and more specifically jeans fit into your style? Jeans are simple, versatile and if you find the right pair extremely flattering. For me I generally struggle finding jeans that do all three things but when I do they become a staple for everyday casual wear or creating something a little edgier.
2. What are some key features on a good pair of jeans? I love a high waist and a super skinny leg. Dark denim is definitely my favourite so a key feature would be something that’s colourfast.
3. What does Levi’s as a brand represent to you? Levi’s is a classic and icon brand. To me it represents durability and an ever-evolving nature that is still very much rooted in itself, it’s authenticity at its best!










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Baked magic that I wish I could sink my face into.11. September 2014

Here are some of the flipping delicious looking things that I have pinned lately and drooled over. I’m so happy to have my sweet teeth back, whilst I was pregnant I craved salty things more that sweet, which is really not like me, but I’m happy to say that that has all changed. I could take any of these cakes out right now with my bare hands and face, no fork needed.

All the recipes are below each photo.



Pistachio cream cake


 Chocolate cupcakes with fresh mint buttercream


Funfetti cake – this cake makes me happy 


Peppermint Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups with Panna Cotta Milk


Almond and White Nectarine Financiers


Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache


Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake with Cookie Dough Filling


Apple pie biscuits


Lemon Raspberry cake


Salted caramel ‘ding dong ‘cake


Rhubarb and strawberry shortcake with almond browned butter & dulce de leche cream


Mini chocolate olive oil cake 


Milk Tart layer cake


Apricot Custard Pie with Cardamom Crumble Crust

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Desmond and the Tutus – Slumber Party10. September 2014

My boys in Desmond and the Tutus have made a bunch of very funny promo videos for their new album Enjoy Yourself. Last week they were a troop of boy scouts telling scary stories and this week they’re just a bunch of innocent school girls having a slumber party, you know nothing out of the ordinary, just a bunch of semi-bearded men dressed like 15 year olds.

I helped on this shoot and I think I may have ruined some takes with my laughing in the background. It was so funny to watch this lot behave like love-struck teenagers, especially Doug, who to me was like a real life South Park character that has been home schooled for way too long. Plus how much do Shane and Craig look like girls?! Girls with facial hair problems, but girls non the less.

Anyway, enough preempting, have a watch and no doubt a laugh. Oh and parental guidance is advised ha!

*Hanro Havenga shot all these videos.



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