Luckyboysunday28. August 2014

I came across this brand, Luckyboysunday quite a while back on someones site, there 6-finger pillow had me at first sight and then I went to look at all the other quirky and flipping awesome things that these ladies make. I would love one of their finger pillows and one of their strange, but oh so amazing knitted dolls for Nina James.

- Luckyboysunday is a brand of modern luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings for the home, inspired by an artistic take on the world of children. The brand’s danish designers, Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup, are highly creative textile designers with backgrounds in fashion and art, who founded their studio in 2007. Their work magically straddles the worlds of adults and children, the everyday and the unusual, bringing a poetic, artistic sensibility to both the living room and the children’s room.



























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Swain Hoogervorst28. August 2014

The other day I went to an art exhibition at the Turbine Hall in town. I saw some really nice pieces of art there and some of them I would of really liked to have taken home with me, especially this one painting of a swimming pool by an artist named Swain Hoogervorst. I really like his work, it reminds me of being a kid and coming home after school for a swim and a white bread and polony sandwich. 

- Swain Hoogervorst has been painting full-time since 2012. He has exhibited on various group shows, locally and abroad, and held his first solo exhibition at the AVA gallery in Cape Town in May 2014. Hoogervorst was a collaborator with Andrew Putter in the 2010 Sketch Assembly, and was selected to show on the 2013 Absa Atelier exhibition in Johannesburg. Hoogervorst currently lives in Cape Town, where he works from Eastside Studios.














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Good Ol’ Freda27. August 2014

The other day I sat down to watch a documentary called Good Ol’ Freda by director Ryan White. Shane had read about it and decided to to get it for me to watch because the story sounded interesting.

It’s more than interesting, it’s a beautiful film about a young girl named Freda Kelly, who at the age of 17 was hired to be the Beatles’ fan-club secretary, a job that was eventually coveted by pretty much every living, breathing girl on the planet at the time. A big part of her job was to answer fan letters that came in for the boys, she would always make the utmost effort to do whatever was asked for in the letters, sending girls things from signatures, to clippings of the Beatles hair and even their chewing gum, if she could get it, she would send it, because she knew exactly what it felt like to be a fan. She filled this roll for 11 years of her life, forming strong friendships with all of the Beatles as well as their families. Today she isn’t rich or famous (although I think she’s a little more well known now), she gave away most of her highly collectable Beatles memorabilia that she had collected over the years to fans who asked for it, because she knew they were going to people who would truly cherish them.

What’s so rad about this film is that it takes you on a journey from the very beginning, when the Beatles were playing to small crowds in a dingy, dark hangout called The Cavern, to crowds of hundreds and thousands, but all seen from the perspective of good ol’ Freda (that’s what they used to call her). In the beginning, when they weren’t known she used to go everyday during her lunch breaks to watch them play at The Cavern, just a regular band playing to regular people, she said that sometimes they would even take song requests from the crowd.

This film was awesome to watch because Freda was and still is such an amazing person. She was loyal from the beginning to the end and this is the first time in 50 years that she has decided to tell her story about her time with the infamous Beatles, but what’s more amazing is that she doesn’t dish out any dirt or boast about how close she was to them, she doesn’t divulged any nasty stories or give out any secrets about their personal lives, she remains as loyal today as she was 50 years ago, leaving us with a beautiful account of her time with the biggest and most famous band in the world.

Do yourselves a favour and watch this film, watch it and enjoy one of the coolest documentaries I have seen in a while.



frida kelly-4


frida kelly-6

frida kelly-7

frida kelly-2

frida kelly

the beatles fan club-2

beatles fan club

 Below are photos of The Beatles playing at The Cavern

the cavern

the beatles-the cavern-2



the cavern-2

the beatles


 Just some cool photos of The Beatles

the beatles-4

the beatles-3


the beatles-1

the beatles-5

the beatles-6





the beatles-2



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Northcote warehouse27. August 2014

I absolutely love this big open Northcote warehouse, which has been converted into a home. It’s filled with wonderful art, colour and amazingness.

These images comes off one of my most favourite interior blogs – The Design Files














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Desmond and the Tutus – Enjoy Yourself25. August 2014

I’m sooooooooo excited to share with you guys this morning some of Desmond and The Tutus’ new songs off their BRAND NEW album Enjoy Yourself. I have been listening to this album non-stop for days and have been so amped to share some of it with you. Below I have included their first release called Tearing Up (Big Guns), which is a damn awesome song to dance too.

The boys also wrote some flipping funny and more than slightly out there skits to accompany Enjoy Yourself, which I think came out super cool. There are a bunch of them that exist, which are going to be released in stages, but for now why not go on a scout trip of amazingness with Desmond and The Tutus.

Enjoy Yourself Part 1 is live for preorder on iTunes now, go download it and preview the first four songs!

Enjoy xxx



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My Nina James Durrant.20. August 2014

Wowzers ok so 3 weeks ago yesterday I was writing about how excited I was to meet our baby girl and now she is 3 weeks and 1 day old. It’s nuts how fast time goes and how quickly things happen.

I’m going to start at the beginning, I did land up having a cry the night before at home (as anticipated) when Shane and I went to bed, but after that I felt calm and at ease and I actually landed up having one of the best nights sleeps in ages. In the morning we had to be at the hospital at 11:30, which was a bit torturous because we were ready to go by 8 and then we had to wait around and pretty much have the same conversation over and over again for the next couple of hours about how we can’t believe the time has come, is it time yet to take the bags down to the car etc etc. But eventually we left for the hospital and soon enough they were getting me ready to go into theatre.

I was a bit teary before we went in, but then this amazing man named Dr. Sischy, who was my anaesthetist came to chat to me and between him and Shane they made me feel so calm and ready. Now being wheeled into an operating theatre for the first time ever is quite a thing, there are loads of machines around and bright lights and a team of people waiting for you, but the doctors were all so wonderful that the whole experience felt like I was on some strange reality show. They were making jokes with each other and Shane and I, they were chatting and laughing. Dr. Sischy was keeping me up to date on everything that was happening behind the little screen in front of me and telling Shane where to stand to get the best camera angle for when they pulled baby out. And then just like that, I went from being wheeled in as Angie, to being wheeled out as Angie New Mom Durrant. It was surreal and amazing at the same time. I know some women are dead set against caesareans, but I would honestly do it again. it was quick and precise and baby came out with no complications and was perfectly fine.

But I’m not going to lie and say that it wasn’t sore afterwards, obviously it was. Day 2 and 3 were the worst, pain wise, but just like everything, things fade and all those feelings and memories were replaced with images of the awesome face below. I can’t believe how in love I fell in literally no time, so totally and utterly head over heels in minutes.

And so it’s been 3 weeks of getting to know our Nina James, who is the sweetest little thing on this planet. My days are all about having little chats with her and then having her sleeping on my chest (best feeling in the world), getting up every ±3 hours to feed her, which has been tough especially when she’s sleeping so peacefully at 2:30 in the morning and then our fat faces come to wake her up (again). She’s gone from being super sleepy all the time to slightly more aware now, we get small smiles every now and then and her little cheeks are getting rounder and rounder by the day, I think it’s her Greek eating gene coming out in her hehe. We’re taking everyday as it comes, getting to know her, as she gets to know us and I’m so excited for everything that is still to come. Super excited.

So here is to my beautiful Nina James, who I will love until my hearts stops beating. Fullstop.


















The picture on the left is of me and the one on the right is of Nina, you can see who she gets her chubba-chuck cheeks from. I’m sure she’s saying “thanks mom, you’re awesome”.


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