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The Cosmopolitan Bar Maboneng

August 22, 2016


There is an old building in Maboneng called The Cosmopolitan which I have always looked at from the outside and thought what an amazing piece of old architecture, it’s so beautiful and it makes me so happy to know that it has now been restored and turned into a really awesome space that contains not one but two great restaurants. A few shops that sell very cool curated goods like Crystal Birch hats, Margot Molyneux clothing etc, as well as an impressive art collection that is all for sale.

The restaurants inside are the ever impressive Cube which has moved from Parktown North to this location and then The Cosmopolitan Bar, owned and run by the same people, so you know the food is going to look as good as it tastes.

Shane and I visited The Cosmopolitan Bar on Saturday and had such a nice afternoon. The restaurant is simply laid out and is surrounded by the building’s original exposed brick walls and big wooden framed windows which let in the most amazing light – great for photos not so great for Shane who had to wait for me to take pictures of his meal before he could tuck in.

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Boogieman by Desmond and The Tutus

August 15, 2016

Boogieman by Desmond and The Tutus


Whhhooo I’m so excited to share Boogieman by Desmond and The Tutus which is their latest music video and song off their album Enjoy Yourself. This dark and humorously creepy video is one that is very close to my heart because I got to co-art direct it with my dear friend and partner in ChurcheAdi Koen. This was such an awesome experience, we got to build the props and put together some of the masks and costumes that are in the video.

So many talented people worked on this project Shane co-directed it with the super talented Greg Rom from Gentlemen Films, Joel Janse Van Vuuren and Anmari Honiball made all the awesome once-off costumes and Devin Toselli was the DOP. I’m so proud of you guys and high-5 to the Jameson INDIE Channel for choosing the best music video concept and for help making this project happen, you guys rule!

The video references the budget horror films of Nollywood and traditional West African garb and the idea centers around Desmond and the Tutus getting kidnapped by the some of the coolest monsters you’ll ever see. I won’t say any more, watch the vide below and if you’re keen to see some behind the scene shots I took on the day, just keep scrolling.

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Maverick and Jane Gourmet Popcorn

August 9, 2016



I’m a sucker for popcorn, in fact, it’s something I make quite often at home because it’s so tasty and it’s so easy to eat, it requires literally no effort which is my kind of snack  and that’s why I’m so excited to tell you about Maverick and Jane a gourmet popcorn store that has just opened up in The Zone @ Rosebank. This beautifully branded little store sells a number of flavoured popcorns all made with top quality Nebraskan corn and fresh wholesome ingredients, so when you’re ordering a large box of Red Velvet Popcorn you know you’re getting the real thing and not something doused in artificial flavourings. Do you like how I mentioned the large box? You don’t want to go with anything smaller because you’re going to be sad when you hit the bottom, trust me! 

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Decorex Johannesburg 2016

August 6, 2016

 Decorex Johannesburg 2016-15

This weekend and up until next Tuesday the 9th of August is Deocrex Johannesburg 2016. Yesterday I paid this annual fair a visit, but purely to loose myself in the 100% Design South Africa section. Imagine an entire hall full of local designers showcasing their best and brightest goods and showcase they did! We saw so many beautiful things, some from well-known names like Dokter and Misses, Rialheim (previously known as the Ceramic Factory) and Tonic and then some equally amazing pieces from people I was only introduced to yesterday, such as Douglas & Company, David Krynauw, De Steyl, Fabrica and Notation just to mention a few.

Another amazing installation which I thought was probably one of the highlights of the show was Picture Africa which was presented in association with Southern Hospitality. The exhibition features large format fashion photographs from the likes of Chris Saunders, Adriaan Louw and many more, then below them are specially designed chairs inspired by the textiles, layers, colours and content of the photos. They were so beautiful and eye-catching and definitely worth a walk through or two! 

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My #ShieldItsYourMove Challenge

August 4, 2016


As some of you may or may not know I am actually pregnant with my second child, which I’m super excited about. My bundle of joy is due early in January and this time around I’m carrying a little boy, which is so awesome because I’m sure it’s going to be a whole different adventure in comparison to a little girl.

During my last pregnancy, I picked up a whopping 22kg which put a lot of strain on my body and my mental well being. I was literally waddling around like a giant bear who looked like they had eaten another giant bear. It was insane. I wasn’t happy with the amount of weight that I had gained but a lot of it had to do with the fact that I ate mountains of white bread all day long and I did absolutely no exercise unless you count lifting food to my mouth.

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