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Desmond and The Tutus

February 10, 2016

desmond and the tutus 2016

I have taken loads of photos of Desmond and The Tutus in the past, in fact I probably have some of the funniest shots of them because I have stuff from when they first started playing together just over 10 years ago! They were all so young and sweet and small, Dougie you were so small! I mean Craig was still in high school for crying in a bucket.

I haven’t shot them in ages because I don’t go to as many gigs anymore, yip I was that girlfriend back in the day that used to go to every single show with my camera attached to my face. So I thought that seeing as I hadn’t photographed them in the while I’d organise a shoot with Adi.

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Eyelash extensions

February 7, 2016

Eyelash extensions-4

I am one of those people that have never had long eyelashes. I have never had someone marvel at them while uttering these words “Holy crap your lashes are long. I’m so jealous!”. Nope never heard that phrase or any variant of it and that’s probably because my eyelashes are pretty normal in length and thickness, I guess you would call them the Danny DeVitos of the eyelash world. So when Sarah, my wonderful sister-in-law who owns her own on-the-go beauty salon called Serenity at Work came round to my house to give myself and Anna-Belle eyelash extensions I was beyond excited.

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Cube Tasting Kitchen

February 4, 2016

Cube Tasting Kitchen

You know when you have been dying to eat somewhere for ages but have never found yourself at this particular restaurant. Well I have been wanting to go to Cube Tasting Kitchen for years and finally at the end of December I got to visit this innovative fine dining restaurant and experience the amazingness that makes up this place and all it’s culinary wonders.

Now I’m not a huge fan of molecular gastronomy, I always worry that by the end of the meal which is more than likely made up of a dusting of this and a foam version of that I’m still going to be hungry and slightly confused, but this wasn’t the case at Cube, all the food every last crumb and deconstructed molecule was delicious. What’s even better is that their menu is ever changing and is worked on by all the chefs in the kitchen so it’s a combination of their talents, which means that the menu is compiled and deliberated over for days before the final result is achieved. Continue Reading…

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Maxi dress, maxi delicious monster

January 31, 2016

angie-batis durrant

Are any of you suckers for maxi dresses like I am? I like them mostly because I hate short things that parade my white legies, so when I find one that I like I don’t hesitate to pull out the old credit card and swipe. I was in Rosebank over the weekend where I found this very pretty delicious monster print dress from I Love Leroy. It’s long, it has a nice print and it has pockets. I think all dresses should come with pockets for snacks and things of that nature and I think that when you buy a dress with pockets it should come with prepackaged snacks, like chocolate covered raisons mmmmmm.

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Choc Chip Pancakes

January 25, 2016

Choc Chip Flapjacks


Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you just feel like choc chip pancakes and you hope that you have all the ingredients in your cupboard so that you can stuff your face with a stack of sugar and chocolate.

These pancakes (flapjacks) are some of the easiest ones I have ever made and they never ever fail. You know how sometimes you make a batch of batter and then you try to make pancakes and 85% of them fail because either the mixture isn’t right, or the pan isn’t hot enough, or they look like something you found under the couch. Well this recipe will have you and your stretchy pants smiling from one drawstring to the next.

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January 21, 2016


After shooting a campaign for Skagen I’ve really felt drawn back to my photographic and art direction roots and my goal for this year is to shoot as many cool stories as I can and seeing as I’m a big fan of local labels I’m aiming for the majority of them to all be local products. So out of this wanting to do more creative stuff my friend Adi (who is a stylist) and I have formed a collective and under this label we hope to create and share loads of projects with you really soon.

Starting with this one…A little while back I came across this label called Ilundi based in Cape Town who make the most beautiful hand cut, hand stitched and hand woven clutches. These bags are truly a labour of love and can take up to 14 hours to make by hand because every hole is hand punched and every stitch hand sewn, so you know that your bag is in a way one of a kind.

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