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Steenberg Farm

October 7, 2015



In August Shane and I went to Cape Town for a friend’s wedding and we got to stay in not one awesome hotel, but two. We stayed at The Alphen Hotel and we go to spend a night at the Steenberg Farm which interestingly enough is The Cape’s first farm, established in 1682.

Sreenberg Farm has everything from luxury rooms to heritage suites to family rooms and every one is really really nice, in fact some of them even come with their own private pools and gardens, but one thing they all have in common is charm and a sense of history, not to mention amazing views of the surrounding mountains and landscapes, which includes their very own vineyard and golf course.

We took a walk through the grounds and everything is so well looked after and maintained and the the style in which the farm is built in is so beautiful, the original Manor House was my absolute favourite part.

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October 4, 2015



A couple of weeks back I started a new series with GAP on my blog called #LuckyGAP whereby I dress Nina James up in super cute clothing and then try to take photos of her while she darts off in every direction. I think if you had to see the behind the scenes of this project you would laugh a bit as it has me calling her name out over and over again, whilst I lie on the floor, squat this way and that, bribe her with my cellphone to come towards me and all so I can get some nice photos. But it’s fun and I like that I will have these pictures forever and a day.

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Dear Rae

September 30, 2015



Hello everyone I’m back from my epic three week adventure in the States and I have so much to share with you about our trip. I took loads of photos so expect some posts very very soon.

I have missed this Lucky Pony and so I’m very excited to come back with this particular post after a three week hiatus because I have something really pretty to giveaway to one of you from one of my all time favourite local jewellery designers Dear Rae. Whoo!

I often go on about this Cape Town based jewellery design company because I honestly think they make some of the nicest things out there and I personally think that everyone should own at least one Dear Rae piece because they’re so awesome, so if you don’t have one (or even if you do) then here is your opportunity to change that.

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GAP Kids #LuckyGAP

September 11, 2015


I love buying clothes for Nina and dressing her up in fact it’s one of my most favourite things to do because everything in baby size is just so cute and adorable. Sometimes I wish I could just roll stuff up dip it in mayonnaise and eat it, obviously I wouldn’t do that but it’s just how I feel because they’re just so small and cutesy.

GAP has some super cute things for babies and kids and the other day I went and picked a couple of things up to dress Nina James in for a quick shoot. I also got a few pieces for myself because shopping is always more fun when you come home with something for yourself too.

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Stellenbosch your streets are so pretty, but what’s with the rain?

August 31, 2015

Oudewerf Hotel


I’m such a sucker for denim, I pretty much wear it every single day of my life. So when I found myself doing a street style shoot in Stellenbosch I of course was dressed head to toe in denim.

Anna-Belle and I were invited to spend a couple of days in Stellenbosch so we stopped off in town to have a cup of tea at the beautiful Oudewerf Hotel. We actually relaxed inside while we watched the rain fall and then nipped out quickly when it stopped every now and then to shoot some photos. I think the front of house staff thought we were a bit bonkers the way we kept running in and out. I’m surprised my hair didn’t crowd all the photos because when it catches a bit of rain the fizz right on top of my head is fierce. It’s not pretty. But regardless we had fun shooting these even though the weather wasn’t on our side.

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Hello America

August 30, 2015



Hello America, we’ll be seeing you very soon…

For the last ten years Shane and I have been dreaming and talking about going to New York. It has been our dream destination and the one place that has always been at the top of our travel list. So last year for Shane’s 30th birthday I bought us plane tickets and plotted out our whole trip on a map of America for him. We start in New York then go to Portland Oregon, then to Long Beach for one day to watch one our favourite bands, Future Islands and then our trip ends in the neon city that is Las Vegas.

I was still pregnant when I was planning this and the whole time I was putting it together I was telling myself that by the time the day we were going to leave rolled around Nina would be over a year old and I would have convinced myself that I would be ok without her for a couple of weeks.

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