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Where to find nice dresses

November 20, 2015


I don’t know about you guys but I often struggle to find really nice slightly fancy dresses to wear to things. I mean there are lots of them out there but I’m so particular about the type of dresses that I wear that I land up limiting my choices quite a lot. For starters I don’t like anything short which basically cancels out like 3/4 of the options adorning the rails. I get so frustrated sometimes that I land up going to buy a Cinnabon instead and stuffing my face with that. If only I could wear a Cinnabon.

Thank goodness when I needed an outfit the other day for a party I stumbled across this pleated beauty which I instantly fell in love with.  Luckily we were also on balloon duty that day, so before we went out I thought I’d get Shane to snap some photos of me for fun, you know how you do when you have a balloons, a blue dress and a cacti background. It’s a completely normal thing to do right? Right.

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Dear Rae – Shashe collection

November 19, 2015

Dear Rae - Shashe collection

I’m so excited to share with you guys Dear Rae’s new Jewellery Spring/Summer 2016 collection entitled “Shashe,” in collaboration with Cape Town illustrator and childhood friend, Katrin Coetzer.

Karin Rae the force behind Dear Rae has such a unique way of translating her ideas into pieces that are clean, simple and always beyond beautiful. I really and truly love her work, it makes me happy and this new collection in particular I really love. I like how she uses unusual shapes to create symmetry that is fresh and fun. Go Karin go!

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Win with Lucky Pony and Venus

November 19, 2015


A little while back I did a post on a cool giveaway that I’m still running with Venus and their new Snap Razor where you can win yourself a shopping spree at Topshop worth R20 000.

Venus asked me to think about what my perfect mom’s breakaway would be and after a bit of thought I broke it down into two parts and in this post I’m going to tell you about part one, which would be a day out by myself doing things that I like when I have a bit of free time. Being a mom is the most amazing thing on the planet, but every now and then a little alone time is just what the imaginary doctor ordered and so below I’m going to include some of my favourite places to visit and what I would pack in my bag for a perfect one day mom’s breakaway right in my backyard. I’m then going to encourage you guys to shoot and upload what you would pack in your bag for a mini-break or even a long-break away, so that you can put yourself in line to win this awesome shopping trip.

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Waffle Cupcakes with bitter Chocolate Tabasco Syrup

November 15, 2015

waffle cupcakes

Waffle Cupcakes with bitter Chocolate Tabasco Syrup-5
I’m always keen to try new things when I bake and sometimes I’m a little more experimental than others, so when Jo sent me a recipe for Waffle Cupcakes I knew I had to try them. Now I hear you saying what the blazers is a Waffle Cupcake and how can I get my belly some? I thought the exact same thing and so watched the link, paused for a bit and then bolted for the pantry to get the ingredients that I needed to make me some of these beauties, but I thought I would put a bit of a twist on them and add a bitter Chocolate Tabasco Syrup for fun. After our Jobest Club dinner with Tabasco I landed up with a few extra bottles, so I thought I would experiment. Why not right?

Now I know it sounds a little weird, but actually the sauce turned out really nicely and worked so well on top of these cupcakes because the cake itself is pretty sweet and the syrup is nice and bitter with an awesome bite that goes with them perfectly.

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Jane Sews Girls

November 9, 2015



So I have bragged numerous times about how awesome my friend Amy from Jane Sews is, I can’t help myself because if you have ever met her or are friends with her you will know what a wonderful, kind, caring and talented individual she is. She has done so well with her label Jane Sews and is constantly producing awesome collections that just get better and better.

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Gap Kids – Series four

November 8, 2015

little red riding hood

Gap Kids - Series four

It’s time for another #LuckyGAP session with Nina James, but this time around we decided that Sammy Sam should join her in a little stroll through nature while both wearing matching red raincoats. Don’t you think they look like modern day versions of Little Red Riding Hood? These two kids make me so happy and it’s so awesome they’re only 2 months apart in age, Leigh (Sam’s mom) and I are so hoping they’re going to grow up to be best buds – hehe!

How cute do these two look, I could just squeeze them. All the items Sam and Nina James are wearing, except for their shoes are from GAP Kids in Stuttafords. The headband NJ has on is from the lovely Ruth and her line RuthJ Baby Accessories ( I wish Sam’s parrot shorts came in a adult size, that print is just too awesome.

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