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Pretty ceramics from Koromiko

January 28, 2015


Came across this online store called Koromiko that stocks the prettiest ceramic pieces made by all different designers. I pulled off all the ones I would buy in a heartbeat. They have a bunch of other really nice things for sale too, so check them out if you feel like a bit of a shop.

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Sandra Lemmer – Antique Shop

January 27, 2015

antique shop-30

antique shop-12

When Shane and I went to The Midlands a couple of weeks ago we drove through Winterton where we came across an amazing antique shop called Sandra Lemmer. It’s located in an old house, which is packed to the rafters full of all sorts of vintage goods from all eras and it has been laid out so nicely. They have a section that looks just like an old general dealership and it has all sorts of vintage products on shelves, on the walls, in draws. I love how things were designed and considered back in the day, everything came in such beautiful packaging from hairnets to medication, wish we could go back to that.

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KIEKIES – NO. 6 – Kirsten Rickert

January 26, 2015


This is the Instagram account of Kirsten Rickert. She has two daughters that are probably 2 of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. This lady takes such amazing photos of them and they are always so beautifully dressed, like characters straight out of a fairytale book. I’m so intrigued by this little family and I just can’t get over how truly magical this ladies work is. I have only just recently started following her, but already she is one of my favourites in my feed.

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Pancakes. Yes please.

January 26, 2015



I’m always looking for quick and easy recipes for things that I love shoving into my face and pancakes/crepes is one of them. Shane’s family came over for a quick brunch and a visit the other day and I thought I would try make a quick batch of pancakes. I found a really short and easy recipe online that I used and liked, so here it is in case any of you feel like smashing a stack of pancakes this morning.

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