BIC Love Your SA

June 22, 2016


Every now and then I quite enjoy exploring Johannesburg town, I don’t do it often but when I get the opportunity to go with a group of talented photographers I take it. Last Saturday I joined BIC for an Instawalk in the city to highlight their brand new Love Your SA campaign, which is all about celebrating the uniqueness that is South Africa and involves asking the public to upload their favourite photos of South Africa onto the microsite for a chance to win R5000 and get their photo and IG handle printed on a BIC Lighter. How cool is that? Imagine walking into a corner shop to buy a lighter and then getting to quietly or not so quietly brag that it’s your photo adorning the outside of it.

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High Tea – Four Seasons Westcliff

June 18, 2016

High Tea - Four Seasons Westcliff-1


A few days ago my friend Gina and I went for High Tea at The Four Season Westcliff. We were shown upstairs to The View restaurant and seated at a table on their balcony which offers you a view of Johannesburg like no other, it’s uninterrupted, vast and it’s accompanied by a cake stand full of sweet and savoury goodies that will have you smiling like someone who’s had way to much happy gas.

The menu for High Tea is set, you get five sweet and five savoury items per person and on this particular day we were treated to an Apple and Pear Afternoon Tea, which included Raspberry Poached Pear and Chocolate Tarts, Homemade Pecan Praline Scones, Apple and Pomegranate Verrine, Mascarpone and Pear Cheesecake and Apple Cinnamon Palmiers, which were all really delicious. My favourite were the Palmiers and the Pecan Praline Scones, which I scoffed down with honey whipped butter. Holy Moley.

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Apple Streusel cake

June 10, 2016


I am not the hugest fan of desserts and cakes that contain cooked apples, or cooked fruit in general – there’s just something about the texture that makes my face shake and not in a good way. But then I tried out this Apple Streusel cake recipe and my opinion on cooked apple pie changed overnight.

This cake is not too sweet, the filling is not too mushy (which is probably why I like it) and the cake bottom is nice and spongy which adds a nice overall texture. Plus this is not the hardest recipe to follow and in the end, you land up with a very flavoursome cake/pie that goes awesomely with something else that I absolutely love and that is vanilla flavoured cream. On a side note, I think vanilla flavoured cream should be sold in handsfree packaging that you can just strap to your face and suck on all day long. Anyone with me?

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Work Shop New Town

June 8, 2016



If any of you have gone down to the woods lately, the woods being the Johannesburg CBD you will have come across a relatively new venture called Work Shop New Town, which if summed up in one sentence, is a really awesomely designed warehouse space that houses over 100 local designers showcasing and selling their products.

The actual building that Work Shop New Town exists in a massive potato shed that was built in 1911, photos of what this place looked like before are so interesting . The architects have used the space beautifully filling it with pockets of interest here and there and creating architectural pieces that are very pleasing to the eye.

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Margot Molyneux – Hinterland

June 2, 2016

Margot Molyneux - Hinterland-3

My dear friend Margot Molyneux has just recently launched her Hinterland AW 2016 collection that pays homage to Africa through soft, hand drawn lines and textured forms and reflects the richness of autumn in its distinctive colour palette –navy, chartreuse, ochre and fern green. The silhouettes are bold and simple and remain true to the brand’s philosophy of effortless clothing that makes the wearer feel elegant and sophisticated.

I love the rich colours used in this range and the beautiful loose pattern. These pieces make me think of winter in the 70’s.

So Margot, being the awesome person that she is has given me TWO gift vouchers to giveaway to one person so that you and a friend can go on a bit of an online shop.

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Jobest Club – Bloggers Edition

May 29, 2016

Jobest Club -  Bloggers Edition-1

Anna-Belle and I are so excited to announce our second Jobest Club event taking place on the 9th of July. We are hosting a Jobest Club –  Bloggers Edition and it’s aimed at everyone who has a blog, want’s to start a blog or doesn’t even know what the word ‘blog’ means. 

We have some very cool speakers, starting with Anthony Bila from The Expressionist. This very talented individual is going to cover his journey as a photographer and his lessons learnt along the way, this will be followed by a talk by Anna-Belle and me as Golden about how you can make money from your blog. Cha-ching cha-ching! 

Our good friend Dylan Meadon from IXD will also be there on the day showing people how to actually start a WordPress Blog from scratch and Lizette Watts’ from Nomads & Co. is going to cover Creative Writing For Your Blog.

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