50/50 by Simon and Mary

July 27, 2016


50/50 is the title of the new range by Simon and Mary, a local company that makes beautifully crafted and manufactured hats. This family-run family business which has been around for years and years was made into one of Africa’s most renowned wool felt hat manufacturers by Simon and his wife Mary Pozniak and today a fourth generation Pozniak, Dean heads the brand & factory with the aim of continuing the legacy created by Simon.

You can spot a Simon and Mary hat a mile away and that’s because it shines like a felt beacon of light. Yesterday Dean sent me their new lookbook, which I thought I would share with you. There are some great pieces and I think any head would be super happy wearing one of these gems. The new look book pays tribute to photographer Malick Sidibé. Nice work guys!

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Travel & Restaurants

Jobest Greensleeves Edition

July 26, 2016

Jobest Greensleeves Edition

We are so excited to announce that we have yet another Jobest event on the horizon, but this time around we thought we would do something a little different, something that will take you back to a land before cordless phones, dye-die and Kanye West, to a land that resembles a timid episode of Game of Thrones and all its wondrous characters. Sound good? Then say hello to our Jobest Greensleeves Edition.

This event is taking place amongst the misty hills of Sterkfontein at Greensleeves, Joburg’s very own medieval kingdom. On the night we will dress up in medieval costume, eat as much as we like from the Greensleeves four course meal and find ourselves elbow-deep in raucous fun accompanied by singing, audience participation with the Baron and his Troubadours and dancing until midnight.

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Travel & Restaurants

The Cookery by the secret Jozi Chef

July 20, 2016

The Cookery by the secret Jozi Chef-10

The Cookery by the secret Jozi Chef-1

So you’re sitting at your desk, in the bath, in your kitchen thinking about what you’re going to make for supper. You could make spaghetti bolognese again, I mean everyone loves your spaghetti bolognese or what about roast chicken, that’s easy enough or perhaps everyone can fend for themselves tonight in your house and have Marmite sandwiches! What if I told you about a place that not only will have you chowing down on a delicious meal by the end of the night but will also have you learning how to make it too, so that spaghetti bolognese doesn’t have to be your only go-to recipe. Sound good?

Just recently I went to a new establishment in Johannesburg called The Cookery by the secret Jozi Chef owned by Paul, one of the same people who own and run Pronto, one of the best Italian restaurants in Joburg, so you know you’re in good hands.

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bands/music, COOL STUFF

Josh Kempen – The River

July 18, 2016


Josh Kempen - The River

I love the fact that I’m surrounded by super talented people all the time, I always think to myself that I’m so lucky to know and get to feed off so many cool people that are always in the process of making cool stuff. One such person is my very talented friend Josh Kempen has just recently joined Warner Music South Africa team and on Friday released his debut single The River, which is such an awesome song!

Josh is one of many local musicians that I think need and deserves all the support in the world, so support him now and download his song here. You and your ears won’t be sorry.

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FASHION, photography

Gypsey Rose – Churche

July 11, 2016

Gypsey Rose - Churche-13

A while back Churche was asked by local label Gypsey Rose to shoot their look book for them and seeing as Adi and I love creating and shooting stuff just as much as we love eating Super C’s and Nik-Naks (we LOVE eating Super C’s and Nik-Naks), we jumped at the opportunity and photographed an array of clothing that is very different to the stuff that we have shot in the past.

Gypsey Rose makes very girly, pretty clothing that is loose fitting and super comfortable to wear, it’s made up of loads of patterns and so we wanted to shoot in an environment that was beautiful, by stark enough so that the clothing would stand out. We also wanted to create a couple of bold headpieces for our model to wear, to add a bit of fanciness to the shoot. These headpieces scratched the living daylights out of our hands whilst we were making them, but I they were worth it.

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My Recipes

Thai Green Coconut Chicken Curry

July 7, 2016


Ooooh but I love Thai food, it’s always so beautifully balanced with its sweets and sours, it spices and curries. I don’t cook a lot of Thai dishes at home, but I’m on a mission to change that because it really is one of my favourite cuisines and I’d love to learn more about it.

I decided to start off with a recipe that isn’t too complicated, a Thai Green Coconut Chicken Curry. I think the hardest part about this was going to the shops and placing all the ingredients into the trolley. Making the curry paste from scratch was so satisfying, in fact whilst I was making it I was talking out loud to myself like I was presenting my own show, I sounded like a slightly confused and out of touch Nigella Lawson but I was having fun and that is all that counts.

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