Kitchen inspiration

May 19, 2016

Kitchen inspiration-17

Lately, Shane and I have been discussing making some changes in our house, more specifically kitchen design changes. We are toying with the idea of moving it into our living room, so that we have a big open plan living space and then closing up the kitchen and making it into a fourth bedroom or a playroom for Nina James.

We love sitting around and coming up with ideas to on how to make our home better, in fact, Shane is so amped he’s even created a 3D digital model of our flat that includes all our thoughts so we can have a better idea of how it’s going to look. I think we speak more about this project than anything else, every time we come up with a new idea we get so excited! I just wish we could click our fingers and things would change because I must be honest I’m not a huge fan of the process involved in renovating.

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Country Road Winter

May 19, 2016

Country Road Winter  -3

Winter, she is a coming and I for one couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong I love Summer time and the beautiful weather that comes along with it, but I also absolutely love Winter. Dressing up in layers and beanies, boots and coats and there is nothing better than finding a patch of Winter sun in the house and then lazing it in like a fat spoilt cat while you sip on a cup of sweet tea. What’s your favourite part about Winter?

I just recently partnered up with Country Road to showcase some of their awesome Winter knits for kids, which means I got to do one of my favourite things and dress Nina James up for a shoot. I was drawn to the greys and burnt yellows in-store and so stuck to that palette because I really liked it. I think my favourite pieces are the ones I wish came in my size which is the grey polka-dot cape jersey, too cute and the sparkly black socks.

I’m still enjoying getting to dress NJ up, she hasn’t gotten to the point where she’s insisting she chooses what to wear, I’m hoping this phase will never come haha.

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Skinny laMinx – Brise Soleil

May 18, 2016

Skinny laMinx - Brise Soleil-1

I’m so excited to share this next post with you guys, one because it has to do with Skinny laMinx’s new fabric range called Brise Soleil which is absolutely awesome and two because I’m giving away a R1000 voucher (scroll down for competition details) to one of you so you can pop online and shop the range for your home.

For those of you who don’t know Heather Moore is the brainchild behind Skinny laMinx, she’s the one that imagines, creates and designs these beautiful fabrics and I always get so excited when I hear that there is a new range out because I know that it won’t disappoint.

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Travel & Restaurants

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar

May 12, 2016



I’m the kind of person who loves breakfast, but I’m also the kind of person who doesn’t have to have it every single day of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sweet sweet smell of frying bacon and eggs, but it’s not something that I would make for myself every morning. That is until I visited Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar in Melville (thanks Leigh face for the recommendation), which just so happens to be a restaurant that is all about, you guessed it breakfast, well eggs to be exact and all the glorious ways one can eat them.

The space itself is beautifully designed and feels really light and Pinteresty, you just want to take photos of everything. I loved all the hanging plants, the pressed ceilings and the steel A-frame house which is located smack bang in the middle of the room. It was my favourite part.

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Jumpsuit love

May 11, 2016


I have a lot of love for the jumpsuit, I think it’s because they are so damn comfortable and they often have pockets for things like snacks and cellphones, perhaps a mini hamburger for later in the day.

I recently partnered up with YDE to create a style post. YDE has been around for ages and they have a lot of cool local designers that make really pretty stuff. Admittingly so some of it is not my style, but there are definitely some pieces that I really like, like this green drop crotch jumpsuit, which is made out of the most comfortable tracksuit like material. In fact, I think it may be one of the comfiest onesies I own.

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bands/music, photography

Josh Kempen

May 9, 2016


If you haven’t heard the sweet voice of Josh Kempen, then you need to change that as soon as possible. This young man is a talented songwriter and musician and an all round nice guy who we got the opportunity to shoot a couple of weeks back.

Churche together with Josh and his absolutely beautiful girlfriend Bella Pinto spent an afternoon together taking photos, eating apples and just shooting the breeze. This is the second band shoot that Adi and I have done under our Churche label, you can check out the first one here if you’d like.

We really like how these photos came out, hope you like them too. I have included the whole shoot below as well as one of Josh’s music videos because I seriously think that everyone needs to become a fan asap.

Happy Monday!

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