Chadwick Tyler

June 1, 2015


Chadwick Tyler takes amazing photos of small town America. He captures such mundane moments in the most poetic way. This shoot from the hip, documentative type of photography is one of my favourite styles and I think Chadwick Tyler gets it spot on.

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Johannesburg street fashion

May 31, 2015


If you go down town these days you will see some of the coolest kids around, sporting some of the most awesome Johannesburg street fashion. Guys who look like they have effortlessly put together their looks and then wear them like Kings.

I went into the city with my Canon PowerShot SX600 HS and took some photographs of people out and about. I thought this would be an awesome end to my 3-part series that I’m doing with ‘Create With Canon’. I love people watching and I love taking photos of individuals. I’ve always wanted to one day collect all of them and put them into a book, so that I can page through it and enjoy them as a whole collection. I have so many photos of so many strangers, so I definitely think I’m going to make it happen one day.

But for now take a look at all this guys that I snapped. Yes, there are no girls in this post, but that is because I feel like the boys rule the fashion scene in town. Hands down.


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Dark interiors

May 28, 2015

dark space-19

I appreciate both light and dark interiors and this morning this beautiful home caught my eye and had me swooning. This is the space of Alketas Pazis who is a true collector of all things design, ranging from the styles of the 1900‘s – 1950’s. I spotted this space on this blog this morning and new I had to share it with you guys. It’s just up my alley, it has enough interesting pieces to make it look full, but not cluttered and I love all the dark walls.

I think I could look at interiors blogs all day, everyday. There are just some people out there that have the best eyes for detail and space. It’s so inspiring.

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Photo shoot with Anna-Belle soon to be Durrant

May 27, 2015


Anna-Belle and I have been doing a few shoots together lately and we’ve had so much fun in the process. A couple of weeks ago I played photographer whilst Anna-Belle walked around the top of Constitution Hill. I like being on the clicker side of the camera, I used to do it so much, so it’s nice to get back into it. I like seeing a moment and then getting to freeze it in time for our kids to one day find and say, “hey mom, Aunty Anna-Belle used to be so young!”. Heheh.

For this shoot we went into Mango and picked up a few cool pieces to wear and below is the end result.

We are really wanting to do more impromptu slash planned shoots, so if any of you have a cool fashion label or product that you want to punt, drop us a mail and we’ll try set something up –

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#PUMAgram – Braamfontein

May 26, 2015


Sunday marked the last day of our #PUMAgram Instawalks. A bunch of us met in Braamfontein and then took a stroll down to Constitution Hill where overlooked Hilbrow and all it’s mystery while the sun went down.

These walks have been so much fun, I have met so many cool people who take really cool photos and I have gotten to explore my city in the raddest way. Thanks PUMA for making these happen and for making my wardrobe that much cooler! And thanks Anna-Belle, Gareth and Lebo for being such champs.

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Fisherman’s Plate

May 21, 2015



If any of you are fans of Chinatown in Cyrildene then you will be familiar with the next place I’m going to write about, Fisherman’s Plate. This is one of Cyrildene’s gems, but let me warn you from now you’re not going their for the decor, you’re going for the food.

What it lacks in interiors, which come in the form of mismatched office furniture chairs, fluorescent lighting and a very bright orange mural on the wall, it makes up for in it’s food. I suggest you don’t eat anything before you go, so you can stuff your soon-to-be fat round face with lots of different things off their menu. Continue Reading…