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Bistro Michel

July 22, 2015

Bistro Michel

The other night I went out for dinner with some friends of mine, we went to Bistro Michel in the Blu Bird Centre. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of this restaurant, I only discovered it a couple of months back, but I really like it so I thought I would share it with you here.

Bistro Michel is a French style bistro owned, by you guessed it a gentleman named Michel, who has been a chef for over 33 years and is actually a former owner of the first restaurant in South Africa to be awarded a Five Star rating by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa. So if you were wondering if the food is good, wonder no more.

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GIVEAWAYS, home stuff


July 20, 2015



Yesterday was my birthday and I got to spend it with 2 of my favourite people in the whole world, my Nina James and my Shane. I got so spoilt by Shane and Nina (I’ll save that gift for another post), but I also got such a cool package from the guys at SodaStream. They sent me one of their new metal and wood veneer machines, which is absolutely beautiful and goes so perfectly in my kitchen, it’s like it was made just for it. I set it up over the weekend and every time I pop in there I shoot it a little smile because it looks so damn good. It’s like a mini trophy wife that can add fizz to water. Amazing.

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Zara coat

July 17, 2015


I love buying stuff and I’m not just talking about one thing in particular, I love buying clothes, kitchenware, art, plants, you name it and I probably have a slight obsession in one way or another. I really like coats, but I try not to buy too many because they take up a lot of space and we don’t exactly live in a climate that justifies owning tons of them. But sometimes when you find something that you like, you just have to buy it right? Right. This is how I felt about this brown/green coat I found at Zara a few weeks back. Well I call it a coat, Shane doesn’t seem to think it’s one because of it’s lack of arm coverage. His first question to me was “where are the sleeves?” I guess he has a point.

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COOL STUFF, packaging

Melissa’s Food Shop

July 15, 2015



I am such a sucker for things that are nicely packaged and that contain nice things to eat. I could literally spend a small fortune on stuff like that and then feel a bit sad when I’m tearing open the wrapper to get to the goods inside. But there is something so nostalgic about things that come in considered packaging. Back in the day everything you bought came in something that you probably wanted to hang onto afterwards, which was so clever of the manufactures if you think about it because then their logo was always in site and in mind. Now days sweet wrappers or boxes are normally the worst thing about chocolate.

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Old French apartment

July 13, 2015


We went to Paris a couple of years ago on holiday, it was my second time in this beautiful city and I did the same thing I did the last time I was there, I would look up at all the buildings and apartment blocks and imagine who lived in them and what those places looked like inside. I always wish I had a special license that allowed me to just go onto people’s houses to see what they look like, I’m such a quizzy Lizzy that way. But how cool would that be? Then you would be able to see places like this beautiful 19th-century apartment, which is located in the historic centre of Bordeaux, France. Just imagine waking up in front of those windows everyday.

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July 10, 2015


Superbalist sent me a mail the other day and asked if I would like to contribute to their #FollowFriday segment on their blog. These posts are all about Instagram accounts that are worth following and seeing as I know of quite a few that I think are definitely worth following, I jumped on the opportunity to participate.

So if you’re on Instagram and you feel like adding a couple of damn cool Instagram accounts to your feed, then check my Top 5 out.

And if you’re keen to follow me too, just click here.

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